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  1. To whomever is editing the GRT wiki, all the 2017's have the Cummins L9 engine, not the ISL9. All buses that are ordered from 2017 on have the new engine. Just thought I would put that out there!
  2. I am in Ottawa at the moment for school, I have only encountered a few buses that have overheated in the 3 months that I have been here. I find that GRT's busses tend to break down more often than OC Transpo's. Also, most of Ottawa's routes are centered around the Transitway and Highway 417, so you'd think that there would be more problems with OC's busses, but that is not the case for the most part.
  3. This confirms that! Goodbye to all of the 2300's and some of the 2400's. http://kitchener.ctvnews.ca/mobile/video?clipId=936005&binId=1.1147261&playlistPageNum=1
  4. All routes now have the stops in capital letters, it makes it easier to read!
  5. How is that possible? We still have a certain number of buses that we will have to receive from New Flyer for this year under the existing contract..
  6. Something I noticed this morning while I was on 21301 was that the seating inserts for the two passenger side wheelchair bay seats have been switched to a dark blue pattern design, and new yellow handles have been installed on those seats as well. I am wondering if they are thinking of changing it up from the solid blue seat inserts to something like that for all the buses...
  7. I just updated the wiki to include 21601-21610!
  8. Grand River Transit 2200, which is a 2002 New Flyer D40LF is our oldest
  9. Even when 2605 went up in flames, they were able to get the bus fixed and returned to service, and they had to pretty much replace the entire rear end of it. So I definitely don't think they will retire it. Like Chris said, it will be away for an extended period of time, but we will see it in service again sometime.
  10. I was on 21315 on the 1 today, so I don't think that it is still in Cambridge. Also, I have never understood why Cambridge only has Nova's, did they boycott any other bus or something along that line? I just find it to be ridiculous how the last time they got new buses was in 2010...
  11. I was just on the 7C to Conestoga Mall, and as we approached Victoria/Joseph, a new announcement was put over the stop announcements that said, "Any Customers on Route 20, transfer here for buses to Charles Street Terminal and Downtown" or something along that line, I probably messed the wording up a tad. I hope they apply this to other routes for transfer points and terminals!
  12. Apparently Mobility Plus Buses now have a new numbering scheme! I saw a new one numbered 11507 that was in service today over by Forest Glen
  13. Seriously... This is a *TRANSIT* discussion board of all things, and you guys are fighting over something like this? Grow up guys, you are grown men, set an example for everyone else.
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