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  1. https://www.americanseating.com/product/model-kc548 https://www.americanseating.com/product/model-6566 Can't tell the difference between those 2, but its one of those.
  2. So when Link and Sound Transit was proposed and in it's early stage. There was a plan to have a Link AND Sounder station at Boeing Access Road. The original plan Link segment was to run from U District to the Airport with a goal of Northgate if funding was available. Cost overruns and I-695, which massively cut car tab funds for public transportation in 1999, which resulted in the initial segment be cut down to Westlake to Tukwila International Blvd, with the airport section opening later the same year. The station was deferred, and now is planned to open in 2031 as an infill station. ht
  3. In March 540 & 541 are being cancelled and being reorganized into 544. 540 and 541 are currently being operated by Pierce Transit. Not sure who is operating 544, it might be Metro, which is why the 5 40ft Gilligs are staying which Metro.
  4. Metro changed some fleet numbers after the wiki pages were made. XE40s 1252-1253 was changed to 1752-1753 XE60s 1250-1251 was changed to 1754-1755
  5. https://www.flickr.com/photos/atomictaco/albums/72157709178487466
  6. Video of the new S70s https://youtu.be/0Sro37XDrIk https://youtu.be/Ps4672Yk7gY
  7. But I don't think they actually show up on the tracker, at least I haven't seen them. Some of the Arboc Libertys have standard plates thou as seen on Trailhead and 630. I think some layover at 14812 Main St, Bellevue, WA 98007 during the day at least they used to. Hopelink Kent Base: 8011 S 222nd St, Kent, WA 98032. looked around on google maps might have better sightlines and see more from the back.
  8. I believe DART, Community Shuttle, Community Ride, and Trailhead Direct are all operated by Hopelink. They use the same equipment.
  9. I think it's the opposite, 204 and 224 went DART and these were bought to run those "new" routes, and are used for Trailhead when not running community routes on the weekends.
  10. Before this shakeup, i believe C,D & E drivers mostly came from Central, but all the fleet RapidRide and most non-RapidRide replacements were Atlantic buses. I either read it here or on the facebook group page. 43,44,48,124 I believe only the OWL trips are from Central in the PM 167 the first few trips are out of NB, when they get to Renton they become 342 to head back north. I imagine it is the opposite in the morning. if a bus runs 167 and 342 it is from north, a 167 that only runs 167 is from Ryerson, a 342 that only runes 342 is from Bellevue 246 i believe only th
  11. Just saw 10125, 10126 and 10126 on tracker, are these the same order as 10101-10123 or are they a separate 2019 batch?
  12. Got an answer from a metro supervisor. 9090-9091 and 9124-9126 the remaining 40ft buses at East at staying at East and not moving to First Transit. "When the 550 moves out of the tunnel, it will need to add buses at peak, with the longer travel times. This allows Metro to add the needed service with the same current equipment we have."
  13. Does anyone know why CT is taking over 540 from KCM in March?
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