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  1. Janesville received their newest bus. 2019 Gillig LF 35'. Photo courtesy Janesvilles transit system.
  2. Go West recently took delivery of 5 New Flyer XD35 buses. Fleet numbers 10-14. Photo courtesy KHQA-TV
  3. Got a reply from the manager of CR Transit. Those 4 RTS buses were replaced by 4 35ft gillig buses. The remaining 4 will be replaced soon by gilligs.
  4. Only 4 remain. 2921,2925,2926,2928
  5. The D35LF is ex Oshkosh Wisconsin
  6. Sioux Area Metro 1825 departing the newly renovated Transit Center in Downtown Sioux Falls South Dakota.
  7. So in 2016 JATRAN ran some ex COTA D40LF's. Unknown fleet numbers and quantity.
  8. Just wondering if anyone has seen this for the update?
  9. Addition to roster. 1823-1826 2018 Gillig LF 35ft
  10. New Flyer to provide 16 XN60's for the new Laker Line BRT route. https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/grand-rapids-expands-mobility-with-brt-buses-from-new-flyer-697621841.html
  11. Due to a drop in ridership, Bettendorf cut services, and the transit budget, so they operate plain white cutaways.
  12. Due to the I-74 Bridge construction, Davenport is hanging on to the 5 29ft gillig buses. They purchased 2 35ft gillig from Duluth and are rehabbing the 6 2004 gilligs original to them. Through a joint venture with rock island metro they will be purchasing used buses to be rehabbed and used as the 1-74 express. More to come as details are released.
  13. 0524 0525 ex CUMTD Eldorado EZ Riders 1801-1803 Proterra 40' Catalyst 1804-1810 New Flyer XN35
  14. Add Eldorados 0556-0557 to Rock Island MetroLINK they purchased both units.
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