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  1. That's actually an DE40LFR Lansing doesn't have any CNG buses.
  2. Update: Metro is set to receive 12 XN40's and 2 40ft Proterra electric buses in September. The New Flyers well replace 12eldorado Ez riders the 2 Proterra buses will replace the 2 ex Rockford Illinois Gilligs phantoms.
  3. Reading the Board meeting minutes from feburary, MetroLINK is purchasing 10 XN40's, these will replace the 8-2003 D40LF's and 2-1999 Ex Rockford IL Gillig Phantoms.
  4. They also ran a couple Ex. Duluth MN 1999 Gillig LF's. One is for sale on govdeals as we speak.
  5. Burlington NC is getting Arboc cutaways, Greensboro has 5 XDE40's.
  6. Has recently taken delivery of 3 New Flyer XD40's. Fleet consists of Gillig LF's/ Gillig BRT's and Cutaways. Photo Courtesy Island Transit.
  7. Island Transit/Island Connect has taken delivery of 3 New Flyer XD40's. Fleet consists of GilligLF's, Gillig BRT's, and a vast array of cutaways. Photo Courtesy Island Transit.
  8. Bettendorf (IA)Transit runs the streamline buses on the LOOP route and occassionally runs them on the fixed route when one of their buses breaks down.
  9. System is basically made up of Eldorado National Transmarks, XHF's, and now EZ Rider BRT's. Photo Courtesy Huntsville Shuttle Bus.
  10. Bay City still has Orion IIs but they are in the process of being replaced by Gilligs. Saginaw has Orion II's and V's but are being replaced by Gilligs s. They also run VII's. Flint recently disposed of all their RTS buses. They do have a VanHool fuel cell and Eldorado Axess fuel cell bus along with the vast array of New Flyers.
  11. DART commission has approved the purchase of 20 New Flyer Xcelsiors. ACTION ITEMS 8A – Heavy Duty Bus Purchase It was moved by Ms. Connolly and seconded by Ms. Hensley to approve the purchase of twenty (20) Heavy Duty Buses from New Flyer of America at a cost NOT to exceed $9,050,000. The motion carried unanimously.
  12. Metro actually operates Bettendorf Transit, they handle customer service calls and radio communications and day to day operations. They are working with the City of Bettendorf to get funding to purchase midis.
  13. Actually Rock Island Metro is looking to New Flyer for CNG Midis to replace their ez rider CNG fleet.
  14. The first shot is Missoula MT Gillig its a dedicated bus for their bolt routes that have frequency every 15 minutes. The second shot is a Flagstaff AZ Gillig Hybrid.
  15. Here is a pic of the Austin Gillig. Photo by Fred Reutzel. Austin has gillig low floors from the early 2000's that are up for replacement.