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  1. Lord Mercy, Mr. Desmond must think he's back at NYCMTA.. Those BC Foamers are something else entirely from our well-behaved group... Meanwhile, our poor transit district is being managed by a novice who should be running Twin Transit, not Metro. Let us all hope that some of Prothman's candidates for Ben Franklin decide to apply when King County opens up the GM position.
  2. In the late 70's to early 80's, GMC and Flxible introduced glazed polycarbonate windows without integrated frames. they got scratched, spidered, couldn't support sliding sash... And barely could accommodate tip-in or tip-out (Flx) windows. Flx Metro switched to framed glass with polycarb option which had been available since the early 70's on New Looks and AMG coaches. GMC did the switch when the RTS 03, AKA RTS II came out (which was GM's equivalent step-back to Flx's 870-Metro phaseover)
  3. Those look like Luminator Titan signs
  4. Damage ahead of the trailing edge of the front door, is an easy fix, bus will get rebuilt, put back in service probably next spring (insurance investigation, weather impacts). If the damage had extended beyond the trailing edge of the front door, then likelyhood of repair would have gone down significantly (the core structure would have been affected, enough to possibly need a new tractor section). This would be like a car getting hit in the right front and the front fender getting pushed into the wheelwell but nothing beyond the crumple zone. The bus frontal crumple zone is essentially everything forward of the yellow stripe inside the bus. If damage doesn't pass that point, it can be repaired. If it goes past, the frame's been compromised. Repairable, but it requires a lot more work.
  5. Better componentry Oh they ride like Lincolns. From my NYC Bronx experience, they have the "Flyer Sway", though not dangerously so like the AMG's had. More like a smooth response to bumps and potholes. They give NovaBus a run for their money, that's for sure.
  6. Those are so you don't freeze in the wintertime, they're heater boxes
  7. The center axle intrusion is because of the suspension design. Trust me, it's a vast improvement over the DLF design. No more buckyboard on the freeway, also makes for a smooth ride in NYC
  8. Alcoa's were originally on the Breda's, and Metro was going to stick with them for all future orders. Something happened between coach 2300 and 2301 that changed Metro's mind, and all of the 1100's were delivered with Steel Wheels (and for whatever reason, were not to have any other wheel in Metro's stocks fitted.) Starting with the 2300's, Metro standardized on Steel Wheels. Kind of disappointing that they stuck with the grey paint though... I think black wheels would have worked better with the scheme. Also about aluminum wheels, they develop stress cracks which require patching and rebalancing to repair, and eventual replacement. Steel wheels are a quick weld.
  9. As for the 535, they tried that (Sunday service) as the 530, went from Everett Mall (?!) to Bellevue via Lynnwood and Alderwood Mall. It didn't do very well.
  10. The Super Hybrids use BAE's HybridDrive-E system, along with electric power steering (Gillig already offers this as an option, aka Zero-Effort Steering, you can spot because their steering wheel is the same size as an automobile's), an electrically-driven A/C system, and probably even an air compressor, though I'm not sure about that one.
  11. Some thoughts on the DE60LF A/C system... I understand that the 2600's original hush mode programming allowed the A/C system to operate in the tunnel. This would cause the bus to switch from hush mode about 2/3's of the way through the tunnel. So, they disabled the HVAC system. The 6800's have many design improvements, and should be able to run the A/C throughout the tunnel without having to switch out of hush mode. However Metro has either never researched this possibility, or has decided it isn't worth the resulting inequality of service issues which would come up.
  12. CT frowns on freeway standees. If the 201/202 pair average more than 30 passengers in an off-peak time period, they will become artic candidates. Remember, CT has only used up 1/3 of their budgeted hour increase. They are constrained by driver hire rates, much like Metro. Something I'd overlooked though... If the 424 has not been made double-decker friendly, those 10 artics might be for that route and UW service.
  13. XD60's are probably for swift, or 201/202. No more artic commuters will be purchased.
  14. The only Gilligs that ET has ever had with a 6v92 were 2462, 2463 with their jakes All the 2401-2416(?) had Cummins L10 with ZF 4hp's. Later most were retrofitted with Allison B400's. B0100-0102 had Cummins L10's with ZF 5hp590's.
  15. I just realized something... Metro's paint scheme makes the Xcelsior look like it has a face... Eyes, Eye lashes, smile, and nose. How bizarre...
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