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  1. 30-05-2020: Added 2 new drawings Nova Bus LFS: RÉGIE DE TRANSPORT EN COMMUN DE SHAWINIGAN 2340 Mini-wiki STM: 40-130 https://sites.google.com/view/alexandersbusdrawings2018
  2. I won't argue, lol. I'm just saying that MASATS and Vapor are two different companies and do not make the same door models. They are physically distinct and have their own features.
  3. The 39-000s are the last buses with Masats doors (from 36-000s to 39s, except 36-900s and 39-900s). Vapor doors are those seen on the LFS buses since the very beginning. Vapor being the company.
  4. New page dedicated to New Flyer Xcelsior series. https://sites.google.com/view/alexandersbusdrawings2018/new-flyer-xcelsior Enjoy!
  5. Updated the STM Wiki section with drawings of 39-902, 40-001 and 40-901. Enjoy! https://sites.google.com/view/alexandersbusdrawings2018/mini-wiki-stm
  6. Great, I won't have to update my site.
  7. They look and sound the same to me, oh well. I won't pronounce on something I cannot confirm for now, so I'll let this go.
  8. I get to ride the 39s often and they are the exact same doors as the 36-000 (hybrids) to 38-000. They will revert back to Vapor in the next order, if they follow their promises. See here, where it clearly says it's for the 2020 order. https://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/stm-bus-boss-throws-union-nova-under-the-bus
  9. I mean basically we've been having the same doors on the hybrids since 2016. Vapor doors are the ones found on the older units excluding 31-237. Vapor being the company. On the newer buses (36-001+) we have MASATS doors.
  10. 2-0013 was out of service for a long time at GALO's cemetery. It is now being prepped for an eventual coming back.
  11. STTR fleet is now completed with a drawing of 1905, a Grande West Vicinity built in December 2018. https://sites.google.com/view/alexandersbusdrawings2018/mini-wiki-sttr
  12. This morning before 8 AM. 39-071 - 32N École 39-074 - 33N
  13. The whole site has been standardized. Blue or green background for each vehicle.
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