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  1. 21-255 and 21-257 were on the 49 this afternoon.
  2. From my recent visit in Trois-Rivières. Ex-STO 8202 is shown here at the Cogeco Amphitheater. Special thanks to the owners.
  3. 03/06/2017: Ocean Road Société de transport de Montréal (STM) 37-009 31-847 36-049 Alexander Ly
  4. I remember the guy from Nova Bus saying they had to downgrade the power of one of the prototypes (not STM ones) as it was way too powerful when they took Camilien-Houde Rd.
  5. Here it is on October 16th, 2016 during the Doors Open Day (second edition) at the STL.
  6. Unless you're talking about their one and only DesignLine?
  7. Their logo made it look even more like you'd be riding a school bus.
  8. 02/01/2017: New York City Bus 7407 Alexander Ly
  9. 01/30/2017: MiWay 1353
  10. 01/29/2017: Edmonton Transit System 4887 2017 New Flyer XD60 Enjoy!
  11. A 'BIGGER' XD60 will be released soon, along with an XD40 from ETS.
  12. A couple of days ago, I sent a message offline about my IP Adress being banned, as a result I could not access the board. On the same day, I could go back again, so I guess I have an IP Adress that changes by itself. I never use any public computer to access my personal stuff, to answer the reply I received by email. So to the admins, everything's back to normal, thanks for your help.
  13. My version of 5439
  14. 01/11/2017: New York MTA 5439