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  1. MR 30-094 also has this wrap.
  2. Enjoy the frameless version of STM's newest buses. STM 37-009, a 2017 Nova Bus LFS HEV Series-E. Battery pack from my previous model:
  3. That's why I said "might be", as I knew it wasn't the only one to be painted. So this confirms that it's not retired.
  4. 21-258 might be the first one to retire as it's being used for the MURAL Festival.
  5. There you go.
  6. Rode 21-206 on the 432 S today.
  7. Wow, I have the exact same one from a friend.
  8. Here's a ride inside STM 36-901.
  9. Société de transport de Montréal 36-903 with Fondation de l'héritage du transport en commun du Québec 14-008 outside UITP 2017.
  10. 37-022 made a special appearance at Place Bourassa in Montréal-Nord. Along with 32-401... See more here:
  11. 29-111 on the 32 S tonight.
  12. I did notice these small cameras, but I shall take a look closer next time.
  13. Then why do I still get 27-0xxs without any noticeable cameras on the 49 EB past 12:30 AM directly from H.-Bourassa metro? Is it because of iBus' GPS system that all the old buses are still out at this time even without cameras?