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  1. Over the weekend, I noticed that there was a Nova Hybrid demo bus cruising in St. Catharines.. hmm..
  2. My apologies; I did not know you were on here. My bad.
  3. Are all the '87's finally scrapped, or are they still in the back 40? I miss them.
  4. One of the Fishies was being used as a shuttle during the subway shutdown.. saw it on CTV's website. Couldn't get a fleet #, though.
  5. 0320 was dead on Main between Locke and Queen this afternoon around 12:30.
  6. The Allison EV Drive system that's used in the hybrids has regenerative braking.. that might be what you're hearing.
  7. Looks like a Setra to me. Sharp looking coach, though!
  8. I wondered why I saw an Artic on Fennell today..
  9. And 9264 was the Delta Bingo bus, for as long as I can remember.
  10. I saw 929 heading north on the Red Hill near King Street this morning.
  11. Yesterday, I saw 1775 on the Toronto bound QEW near Grimsby, with the destination sign reading 42 Cummer. Random.
  12. I saw one pull into St. Catharines over the weekend, as well.
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