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  1. Here in Bristol, England we had a single-decker that was powered by various waste. IIRC some of that waste was human. It ran, unsurprisingly, on Service 2.... Dave
  2. Greetings, I have just logged into this forum for the first time in a few years. I was also a member of a french forum which now seems to have disappeared ("Forum Busparisiennes" I think it was called: I am happy to stand corrected and would be grateful for the link to that forum if it still survives) If I recall correctly there used to be an overseas section to the CPTDB and I was hoping to share some of my 2000+ strong collection of signalbox (or, as you probably call them over there, signal cabins / towers) photos but the photos would all be from this side of the Atlantic. Is there still an overseas section to this forum? If not where should I put the post I intend to make? David Harries (Bristol, England)
  3. I once had some photos of mine stolen by a bus operator who put them on their website! I tried to charge said operator £20 for the right to use the photos and they removed them. Those of you who have Fotopic accounts - like me - can put watermarks on photos by doing the following: After logging in: 1. Click "Copyright Protection" 2. Under "Watermark Settings", put something like "© Dave Harries, Bristol, UK" 3. Select where you want the watermark to appear, as well as the size, transparency and colour of the watermark 4. Set "Allow right-click on gallery pages" to "No". 5. Save Changes Then, for added security, do the following: 6. Click "Gallery Settings" 7. Click "Photo Settings" 8. Set the following to "No": - Sending of eCards - Download of photos as PDF files - Access to original images - Show button for printer-friendly photo page - Fragment of full-size photo on info popup 9. Change what happens when the photo is clicked on. Doesn't matter what you set it to as long as you don't set it to allow access to original image. 10. Save Changes That should be enough to protect you from any (.......) wanting to pinch your photos. HTH, Dave
  4. Hi all, The annual bus rally on Bristol Harbourside took place on Sunday 17th May 2009. This year's event attracted record entries which resulted in later entrants being turned away. The event attracted the usual mix of vehicles from the Bristol VIntage Bus Group and Bristol Omnibus Vehicle Collection as well as entrants from many miles outside of Bristol. All sorts of Bristol-built vehicles (ie. Lodekkas) in green & cream colours of yesteryear were around for the day as well as other heritage liveries. My photos from this year's event can be found at: http://buses.fotopic.net/c1699127.html Enjoy! Dave
  5. Hi all, During the week of 13th - 19th April I have been to places away from my home city of Bristol. I spent Tuesday 14th April in the city of Gloucester (north of Bristol) and spent 15th - 17th April staying with relatives between Bristol and Salisbury before, on 17th April, travelling to the town of Reading to meet my parents off the coach from Heathrow airport. I did, of course, have my camera on me at all times. The result is the uploading of 100 new photos from several operators. A mix of double-deckers from the likes of Scania and Optare plus single-deckers from Wrightbus, Optare, Mercedes-Benz and Alexander-Dennis. Updates as follows: Updated Section: "Stagecoach" - New set: "South" (31 photos) - Updated set: "Cheltenham & Gloucester" (7 new photos) New Section: "GoAhead Group" - New set: "Wilts & Dorset" (32 photos: 31 new to site & 1 added from another set) Updated Section: "Council-owned fleets & Operations" - New set: "Reading Buses" (17 photos) Updated Section: "UK Independant Operators" - New set: "Thames Travel, Wallingford" (5 photos) - New set: "Courtenay Coaches, Bracknell" (3 photos: 2 new to site & 1 added from another set) - Updated set: "Other Independant Operators" (7 new photos) The homepage for my photos is at http://buses.fotopic.net. I would be interested to know what your favourite buses are out of the new photos: I think this type would be my favourite, especially in a livery like this. http://buses.fotopic.net/p57634604.html Enjoy! Dave
  6. Hi all, A couple of jokes I recently heard. Couldn't resist sharing them but they are terrible and I apologise in advance. Anyway, here goes: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Three cowboys were hanging out in the bunkhouse. “I know that smart-alec Tex,” said the first. “He’s going to start bragging about that new foreign car he bought as soon as he gets back.” “Not Tex,” said the second. “He’ll always be just a good ol’ boy. When he walks in, I’m sure all he’ll say is hello.” “I know Tex better than any of you,” said the third. “He’s so smart, he’ll figure out a way to do both. Here he comes now!” Tex swung open the bunkhouse door and shouted, “Audi, partners!” - - - - - - - - - - - - I was walking past the fridge yesterday, and I thought I heard the onions singing old Bee Gees songs. I investigated further, and it was just the chives talking. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - *gets coat and departs in a hurry* Dave
  7. And out comes mashed potato. I insert £1.....
  8. ..... for recycled bus seat covers and old bus tyres? http://www.thisisbristol.co.uk/homepage/Sh...il/article.html What do you reckon then? IMO a good idea for the environment because they are made from recycled material. Dave
  9. I wonder if she gave out your phone number because she was a bit of a nut-case? (Sorry.....!) Dave
  10. Guys, In the words of Americans: "I think we have good news!" This has come my way via. a bus enthusiast messageboard here in the UK of which I am a moderator: "Update : "Fotopic.net was taken over by a company called Snappy Designs Ltd in May 2008 owned by ANY-Web Group, it is offline today due to a technical fault at Kingston Communications and I've been told by Snappy that it will be back sometime tonight (Friday). No statement has been issued by Fotopic.net. Directors have told me the company is solvent and this isn't related to it at all - I'd suggest you wait for the site to come back then I'm sure an official statement will be forthcoming." It looks like we are saved and if the site comes back then I will start singing "Yippee I I yippee yippee I" to something like the tune of "She'll be coming round the mountain". Phew!!!! Dave
  11. Hi all, Have just found that I can not access my Fotopic site. Further to that it has gone round on an enthusiast group here in England that fotopic has gone BUST (ie. to the wall). So, with much regret, I hereby inform you all that my bus photograph site - previously at http://buses.fotopic.net - is no more. I hope to reconstitute something similar on another site and I will post any info on that in due course. I am gutted, and quite p****d off. Dave
  12. Not so much where the vehicle was assembled / built but where the vehicle was registered as sometimes the operator will register new vehicles with plates local to their area. The first letter gives the region where it was registered, the second indicates through which office the vehicle was registered. Each region has one or more offices (typically not more than three, with the exception of Scotland which has 5 offices, region code S) where vehicles can be registered and each office has a group of letters. For example, W indicates the south West of England. In that region there are three offices where vehicles can be registered and these are at Exeter, Truro and Bristol. Therefore anything starting WA will have been registered in Exeter while anything starting WX will have been registered in Bristol. However the UK bus builder Optare tend to always register vehicles built by them via. the York region of which there is only one office (region code Y.) Full list, if you are interested: http://www.dvla.gov.uk/media/pdf/leaflets/inf104.pdf HTIOI, Dave
  13. The Taunton depot of First Somerset & Avon has recently got hold of some new single-deckers for the 1 & 1A services in the town. The new buses are 8.9m in length, have 28 seats, and are Alexander-Dennis Enviro200 Darts. While I was in Taunton (I am not from the town) taking pictures I went for a trip on one of these buses. Not bad but a touch short on legroom for my liking. Otherwise a smooth and fairly comfortable trip. The odd thing with these buses is that, while I had thought they would end up on West of England plates (eg. WU58 or WX58...) or Scottish (eg. SJ58 or SX58...) these turned up with York plates. Reason for this, I later found out, was that these buses are put together in Scarborough, hence York plates. My reason for thinking that they might get Scottish plates was that the buses were previously put together at Falkirk, Scotland but I wasn't aware of the change of location. The pictures were taken on the buses' first day in service, 28th November 2008: 45111, YX58 FRJ: http://buses.fotopic.net/p55124874.html 45112, YX58 FRK: http://buses.fotopic.net/p55124906.html 45113, YX58 FRL: http://buses.fotopic.net/p55124876.html 45114, YX58 FRN: http://buses.fotopic.net/p55124904.html 45115, YX58 FRP: http://buses.fotopic.net/p55124878.html Nice vehicles though, and they take the colours well IMO. Dave
  14. Hi, This might be of interest (as Alexander-Dennis has a had in the US bus market) but, then again, it might not. So apologies. According to the "Buses" magazine for December 2008, the death was announced on 28th October 2008 of the chairman of scottish-based bus builder Alexander-Dennis, Mr. Bill Cameron, at the age of 70. He had been chair of the company since its phoenix-like rise from the ruins of TransBus, its predecessor. Company staff weore black ties as a mark of respect at the Euro Bus Expo in Birmingham, UK on 04th November. Dave
  15. Hi, I am wondering if anyone can think of a caption for this photo? The kid is my nephew, Ben (18 weeks) and I am on the right of this picture as well as holding the camera while posing for it. The picture was taken on 17th November and shows my nephew Ben, on the left, with me. I was holding the camera while posing for it. But can anyone imagine, for example, what Ben might be thinking / wanting to say to me here? Or think of any other captions for this photo perhaps? I put this onto another forum as well and had a couple of replies but decided I would run it past here as well. I am looking for caption suggestions that are SENSIBLE, clean and hopefully humerous. Cheers. Dave
  16. Hi all, On 04th November I paid a visit to the city of Birmingham. Or, more specifically, to the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in the east of the city where the European Bus Exhibition was taking place and this ends on 06th November. On display was some of the cream of the European bus crop: manufacturers ranging from Scania (Sweeden) to Marcopolo (Portugal) were showing vehicles from their ranges along with plenty of companies that supply LED displays, brakes, etc. for buses. The focus was on the Environment and this saw launches of Hybrid (Diesel / Electric) buses from Wrightbus, Alexander-Dennis, Scania & Optare plus others. Also unveiled was the new Optare Rapta (a double-decker of rather striking appearence IMO) and the new Optare Solo Plus. Photos are online at http://buses.fotopic.net/c1606638.html. Enjoy, and let me know: a: what you think of some of those vehicles b: could you see any of them fitting into fleets in the USA? Dave (Note: the photos have already resulted in my biggest one-day hits total of all time. The previous revord was 320 for a day but, as I write this, the total for today is 3033.)
  17. Hi, Thought this might raise a laugh or two. Read the first post, and then read page 3..... http://www.306gti6.com/forum/showthread.ph...2093&page=1 Dave
  18. I think that new RM design is very ugly indeed. I hope that Borris Johnson will soon have the sense to realise what a badly thought out scheme this is. Where is the sense in putting double-deckers (especially something as ugly and tasteless in appearence as that) which will carry less people than a bendy is only going to make more people turn to their cars IMO. I wonder if any operators in London will either: a: refuse to accept deliveries of them and, at the same time, refuse to get rid of the bendies or, if any do get delivered: b: will get drivers who refuse to drive them BJ would have a fit. I know that if I was in charge of one of the London operators which had bendybuses I would take option A. Dave
  19. Thought this might be of interest: http://www.busandcoach.com/newsStory.aspx?id=2132 Dave
  20. Not much light inside some of these garages in some parts of thew world, is there. Not so here in England where it becomes apparent that both electric and natural light is available in the depots. At newer depots the vehicles are parked in the open air (great for taking photos) but, as I discovered on Thursday 18th September, the depot workshops have both types of light. These photos were taken at the Hengrove Depot of my local bus operator First Bristol. Consent had been obtained before I went inside the workshops: first from the depot's Duty Supervisor and then from the Duty Workshop Supervisor. First Bristol 37587 (WX58 JWU) First Bristol 37591 (WX58 JWZ) First Bristol 37592 (WX58 JXB) The vehicles in these photos are all brand-new and have not yet entered service at the time of writing this. Dave
  21. That is very true. However, while the Enviro500 has been around for some years the first order for them in the UK only went in earlier this year when FirstGroup's Edinburgh operations ordered a batch for use, IIRC, on the open-top city tours in the summer. Dave
  22. You are banned because the buses in your signature are not shown in their correct colours. Dave
  23. I hereby ban the following users for the reasons stated: railbus is banned because I started this thread, not Orion VIII vivablue5215, wil9042 and wil are banned because we in England call these dots ...... full stops. Dave
  24. Orion VII is banned because that Skoda logo had been my avatar for long enough and I decided it was time to change it. My nephew makes a good photo anyway. Cogeno is banned for not having a picture of his favourite model of bus in his sig. He is also banned for shortening signature to sig. Dave
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