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  1. What I do know is that the major cities in Canada (Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal) have 24/7 service, because they the demand to support that kind of service. Durham region doesn't have the demand to support 24 hour service unless all business in Durham region open 24/7 and if office work is expanded to afternoon and night shifts I've read the PIC and I think there is a contradiction in that presentation. For example, on the service initiatives section, for availability they said that the goal is to 'phase in 24 hour transit service' and they say on the action part to 'study opportuniti
  2. Given from the recent service announcements, I think that DRT should drop the C branch (weekends only), and upgrade the B branch to all-day everyday service (including weekends) By the way, is there any word from DRT for which routes that are new and/or reinstated? I would assume it will start at September given that DC/ONT are planning to return in-person classes and given the acceleration of the vaccine rollout as well.
  3. I've noticed that on the bus sign it says 'Service update on April 5th. Please check online for more details". However, the announcement hasn't showed up yet on the website?
  4. So if my math is correct, there was over 1,000 boardings per week in West Pickering and about 635-762 boardings per week in Courtice. I'm surprised there wasn't as much demand in most of Whitby OnDemand Zones Compared to these zones
  5. Then why DRT didn't they just breakdown the OnDemand ridership numbers by zones rather than combined ridership? That's just misleading to the public imo. Is there any info on the OnDemand ridership numbers by zones?
  6. When did that happened? And what was the reason why they decided to cancel the phase program?
  7. So here are the ridership numbers from On Demand-Urban Area: https://www.durhamregiontransit.com/Modules/News/index.aspx?newsId=ac422ac5-2f91-4072-ad85-46dccf182e33&feedId=fcda21e8-a0d7-4bbe-9955-c4e9163cc1fd November 2020: 8,931 December 2020: 8,288 So On Demand is available from: 05:00-24:00 Monday-Friday (19 hrs/day, 5 days) 07:00-24:00 Saturday (17 hrs) 07:00-22:00 Sunday (15 hrs) Since the threshold for On Demand-Urban Area is 20 boardings/hr to introduce phase B. If my math is correct, (20*19*5)+(20*17)+(20*15) 1900+340+300 = 2,540 boardi
  8. I think the only time where OnDemand reaches 20 boarders per hour is when a vaccine is available and besides pre-covid, the majority of DRT's ridership contains the huge bulk of students (secondary and post-secondary) and rush-hour commuters who takes the GO train/bus. In other words we won't get to Phase B/C until a vaccine is available
  9. Definitely a waste of money and a waste of time. They've could've use that money to enhance some current routes (Phase A)
  10. My opinions on these service changes: Routes 403C and 980: these routes makes sense given that essential workers work during the afternoon and night shifts though I'm not sure if these routes are either one-way or two-way service 901B: Make sense given the assumption that post-secondary students were complaining having to transfer to a different route in order to go the Oshawa Centre. Especially when the 407B runs on Ritson between Bloor and Wentworth 902B: Also makes sense given the complaints from the riders where they're forced to get off the bus at Trulls Road and Hwy 2
  11. As expected, there were a lot of confusion and anger among majority of the passengers, even among the bus operators as well. There also a lot of questions asking which bus route will stop at a certain street among passenger. Bus stops didn't change nor removed! Management screwed up big time
  12. That's odd because on the pdf schedules it says effective Sept 21 unless it was a typo or miscommunication
  13. Here are the service changes staring on Sept 21st. This is Phase A, same as usual with a slight revision of the 902. These politicians are really out of touch with the people especially the students. Schedules: https://www.durhamregiontransit.com/en/routes-and-schedules/resources/Sept.-28---2020/Combined.pdf System Map: https://www.durhamregiontransit.com/en/routes-and-schedules/resources/Sept.-28---2020/System-map/PleaseUse_DRTMap_September-2020---20200908_WithRevised902.pdf
  14. I agree, I think it will be a disaster with the service change especially in september when there's students using transit. If I was a transit planner doing a ridership recovery the first thing I would do is: 1. Restore regular service levels especially the 417 (except for rush hour routes) 2. The 917 should run from DC/Ontario Tech to Pickering Pkwy Terminal via Oshawa Centre/Whitby Stn/Ajax Stn 3. 902 should have run 15 min headway from Oshawa GO to Bowmanville then 30 min headway to Newcastle 4. Extend the 900 to STC on 15 min headways then 7.5 min headways between Downt
  15. Just earlier today, I saw bus stops being installed on Britannia Ave from Bridle Rd to Ritson Rd. I've checked the announcements and nothing is there. Will there be a service change later this week?
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