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  1. I've run the car in the rain multiple times.
  2. News agency web comments from internet trolls are hardly a gauge on the popularity of a system. The general transport riding public will find anything negative about any mode of their local system.
  3. Explain what you mean by, "not particularly popular to begin with."
  4. To add, 4027 and 4113 are the only cars that have 513, 514, and 515 added to the rear. 4053 also did as well, until recently. 317 was originally the Spadina night bus and wouldn't have been on the streetcar roll signs.
  5. When I was driving the 502, there was a lot of dedicated riders that asked for and waited for the 503. It is a useful route and should not be removed.
  6. Next time, please thank LilRedDave for the info. I for one certainly appreciate the info of when they are coming. Yes the cars are late. This has been discussed at length. Knock off the attitude towards members who are giving us valid information. Thanks.
  7. Let it stand, I created this thread almost 10 years ago.
  8. Starting this period up to 6 runs on 509 are now in the 50 series intended for low floors. ALRVs will operate on 509 LFLRV runs when LFLRV are not available, which will be for a while yet. Minimum 2 LFLRV on 509.
  9. This is a question that can be easily answered by the slip clerk at your work location
  10. That switch and box has long been taken out. It is a manual switch.
  11. The LF car sign program will be updated hopefully in time for the January period with all of the night routes and other changes included. They are aware of the inconsistencies. Some design changes to the destination signs were made without consulting certain departments before the first car was delivered which is why we have a incomplete and inconsistent program now.
  12. Currently the LFLRVs do not have any Leslie exposures in the destination sign program. This will be rectified soon.
  13. Kit Kat you ought to knock it off. In defense of nfitz, it is important to have nextbus fix the missing runs and reporting to TTChelps is the first step to get it rectified. I rely on nextbus data to locate my own streetcar which I've been unable to do since the board period change since my runs don't show up. Most of the supervisors on the street that I know also rely on nextbus data for managing the service. Sure we could go out and wait, but we have this technology available to us now so it's important that it works correctly. It's embarrassing seeing the signs at Union station say 20+ for a car even though things are running fine. Apparently schedule changes are coming for the 501,2,3 coming January.
  14. That video shows 4194 being pushed by 4405.
  15. With the ALRVs, you just have to know how to handle them. A little experience goes a long way. I enjoy driving them.
  16. There is a lot of horse shit on this board, but this rates as some of the most smelliest and vile I've seen in a while. They shouldn't have pandered to this at all. Hundreds of people over the life time of these cars have been involved in an incident where they have been killed. While it is certainly terrible for all those people involved, they have not and should not remove or renumber the equipment. Sorry for your loss, and move on.
  17. That's the whole point. Congestion is the major problem. We can blame the TTC all we want for not adjusting the schedule to account for the congestion, but at what point do we say the running times are impractically long. We need to look at reducing traffic. I did read Steve's article, while the hour of no service to Long Branch definitely seems excessive, its pretty difficult to manage a major blockage. Detouring cars around problems takes an enormous amount of time, turning cars back to fill the gap, depending where the problem is, isn't easy either. At some point someone is going to have to wait a long time due to a delay, it's like robbing Peter to pay Paul. Looking at the GPS data you can see the huge delays caused by traffic congestion along the route. Should we give more running time? Definitely! Should we be more proactive on reducing congestion instead of blaming the TTC all of the time? Definitely!
  18. Christie station was bad especially when I had a fishie that didn't turn left very sharp. Had to back up on a few occasions.
  19. Dan, you can't honestly come on here with a straight face and say that it is not just congestion on King causing the problem. I've driven the King car long enough to realize that it is almost solely congestion that causes shitty service. Sure the TTC planning dep't could throw more time at it. Right now 58 minutes one way during the rush hour is woefully not enough, on most days 70 to 80 minutes one way would still not be enough! At what point do we say OK, its taking us more than 80 minutes to go from Braodview to Dundas West, this is retarded! Walking would be faster! They need to extend the parking restrictions to 10am in the morning, as well as from 3pm-730pm in the afternoon. The evening and late evening especially Thursday to Saturday is just as screwed up as well. King is extremely congested from University to Bathurst both directions with numerous cabs trolling around looking for fares, double parked loading and unloading fares. Some nights it can take 20-30 minutes to get through this section, and this congestion lasts right up to the end of service! There should be a total parking ban 24/7 for this stretch, and force all of the cabs to do their business in the curb lane and quit blocking service.
  20. What does it matter if I can get this work or not? If you thought I was complaining about the work, you are mistaken. I am not begrudging of the operators who sign SAC or the gap buses. There are a million reasons why 2 cars would leave Neville together when SAC is running. Delays encoutered in the Beach, too many of our fellow neighbours driving (I live here too), people learning how to park, delivery trucks, defective cars running in, regular cars running in, maintenance test cars, training cars, etc. There is more that meets the eye than just what you think "lack of supervision" is.
  21. If you aren't even sure how SAC works in the first place, how can you claim cars waiting at Neville for 5-8 minutes is "lack of supervision"? Why are the armchair critics so focused on operators getting "breaks"? It is neccessary to have SAC operators waiting in order for SAC to function properly! Oh lord, that operator is waiting! Quick, get him to change some light bulbs! There is usually one gap bus from Birchmount which sits at Russell until called out by the Queen East supervisor. The whole point of SAC is to step the runs forward so that late EB runs will come out a few minutes early WB on a relatively even headway, in order, while maintaining most of the service right to Neville Park. The supervisor instructs each SAC operator to leave Neville at a certain time as a certain run. He also must factor in the time it takes to get from Connaught to Neville, the time it takes to check for lost articles, top up the sand, and change the run. In order to produce an even WB headway some cars will sit at Neville longer than others, especially if they come from the west in a pack. Occasionally the supervisor will have to turn a car at Woodbine Loop if there is too large of a gap coming west. This is where the gap bus, if available, will be used. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't call this "lack of supervision".
  22. They can get rid of the WB Simcoe and EB McCaul stops while they are in the stop removal mood. I've had a tough time WB at York in CLRV due to loss of ground. Hopefully the stop doesn't come back even if they fix the rail.
  23. Here is a handful of shots taken during the Winter of 08/09.
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