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  1. You r so brave from far away buddy just because u dont believe someone u get like u know it all pretty much he has said has come true in the states here ur intiminated by his information what he nows ,u say slap to me buddy u be surprised if i got a hold of u my friend dont think your that tuff just because u work 4 transit doesnt mean u now it all ill give u a slap classless moroons on this sight watch how u insult people my friend u might meet your match
  2. Just to let u guys now that there will b something new on this shortly u may all eat your words LOL just a thought Dante maybe right after all New York city transit are looking into New Millinium Express coaches for it test program did I spell right hope u guys are well dont b so mean
  3. I believe Dante ,cause all his info has been true here in New York City.Im looking forward to New buses from M.T.S All his info on buses that i have read have come true .I have 4 different bus types being tested in service here in Staten island I hope that M.T.S makes a better R.T.S bus these buses r rugged they take alot of abuse.I mean no harm to anyone here but I felt that what I posted had something to do with the topic only in a different wat I do appoligize to I ever offended here but the response I got after I wrote what I wrote was uncalled for I know Bus-Medic is very noligable sorry to disrespect your inteligence in the subject i was just relating to the fact that I rode a bus that was just rehabbed the bus is a 1999 R.T.S bus that has been on the road for 13 years that I think is incredible considering the abuse it takes from the streets I am rooting for M'T;S to succeed in New York like the bus period I trained as a bus operator for New York city Transit in 2006 at Zerega Training Facility in the Bronx Been interested in buses since 1965 at the age of 6 hope this didnt bore anybody Thank u Sorry if I affended anyone Dante thank you for your input .
  4. Alot to do with the topic GENIUS I know u work with buses this has alot to do with the topic my input Im sharing my thoughts n Expierience with riding the rts bus not from your point of view dont be so sarcastic Genius People like your answer ruin websites smartass its not worth saying anything here
  5. Im from New York city ,Staten island I love the variety of buses that r now in service Prevost Express buses 3,rd Gen Orions and nova low floors n New flyer cngs and Exceslors would b great to see rts buses make comeback in revised form Led interior lights High Def headlights A week ago I rode a rehabbed 99 nova Rts bus in Bklyn New york city transit bus # 5114 bus was excellant ride smooth these buses do take a beating Bring them on This is probably my first post here in sometime I love transit hope to share more in the future this is a great web-site love reading about transit .
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