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  1. Currently the Mt Dennis buses are being sent to Malvern for repairs and are sent back when done. No need to post the movements since they are temporary.
  2. Turns out the moves were not permanent. They were only sent there for repairs.
  3. Watch for some movements this weekend from Mt Dennis to Malvern. Not sure how many but at least one 14xx will be in the group.
  4. They are there for brake replacement. A crew from brake section has been using that bay for many months due to lack of space at Duncan.
  5. I heard we're losing some artics and getting some 40' Nova's but at this point it's just a rumour going around the garage. We'll see what happens in a few months.
  6. You pretty much nailed it. Nothing to do with the roof top chargers. Also the fact the PDI Inspections and repairs are being performed by an outside company (in the past with the Orions and Nova's the PDI was performed by TTC Techs) and any defects found have to be corrected before TTC will accept the bus.
  7. Last time I checked, 8095 was not yet retired and still on the to be repaired list. 1348 while not officially retired has turned into another Harvey shop parts bus so I think the writing is on the wall for that one.
  8. Saw a couple of 7900's this weekend with the olds bulbs and there are quite a few at OG hybrids with them as well. At first we were replacing them on a fix as fail basis but now they are being called on MTO and other inspections so the remaining ones should be replaced soon. Regarding the glare, I had one where the operator complained of approaching vehicles flashing him as if they were being blinded by the headlights. Turns out someone installed the new lamps upside down. Ive also seen a couple where all four bulbs were replaced with the LED's by mistake.
  9. I've installed quite a few of those on Orion buses. For a while we could not get new replacements for two of the old style cameras so we had to install the newer style mini dome cameras. Recently though we have a new supply of the old cameras in stock but who knows for how long.
  10. They are at Mt Dennis for repairs and will be leaving shortly. These two buses along with 7955,7956 and 7957 have had the lower seats stripped out and have been converted to EMS patient transport units.
  11. As of this week 8362 is still being repaired.
  12. No, the buses are there for technician training courses which are based out of Mt Dennis currently.
  13. I've also heard their will be no full electric buses or charging infrastructure at McNicoll for the foreseeable future.
  14. Hope you have a long and happy retirement and thanks for the recent updates. Congratulations on making it out in one piece! I have 18 years left to go.
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