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  1. As of today the screws are being removed from the bus windows. I'm not sure if they will lock the windows again next summer of forget about the idea altogether.
  2. The first one should be plated next week. Then operator and maintenance training will begin. Revenue service should start by the beginning of the next board period.
  3. Currently they are supposed to start out on 6 Bay then branch out to other routes as more arrive.
  4. So far the plan is to repair the bus. This could change of course.
  5. I miss driving and working on them. They were relatively easy to repair and drove quite well. In my opinion these were the best low floor buses the TTC ever had. It's a shame none were preserved.
  6. IIRC the rear window on the Proterra is standard. It is also an emergency exit window. If one of those under floor battery modules decides to have an unscheduled thermal event, the safest way out for the rear passengers would be through the rear window.
  7. That is correct from what we were told by the Proterra rep when the bus was being delivered. The bus was then painted at MTB before being delivered to Mt Dennis. The fleet # of this one is supposed to be 3725.
  8. Good to hear you still have the tune up stuff. The tools we had at Mt Dennis are long gone.
  9. Mount Dennis opened with GM's, NG hybrids and a handful of Orion V 66xx-67xx buses. The OG hybrids started to arrive a year or so later to replace the Orion V's and some retired GM's. I remember driving one of the first ones to Mount Dennis from Wilson.
  10. They still belong to Malvern but as Bus Medic mentioned, they are having hoists replaced. For the time being the training buses are being sent to Arrow and Mt Dennis for MTO inspections and repairs.
  11. Many of the NG's at Mt Dennis have it installed already.
  12. Correct, they were both used as parts donors then decommissioned at Mt Dennis.
  13. Did some checking and apparently 7907 7911 7929 7939 have been sold to Sault Ste Marie transit and were towed away earlier this week. 7931 has a failed engine, not sure if it's retired or will be repaired.
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