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  1. Yeah, the concrete in between parts of the tracks at Church/Carton has heaved since the start of the recent cold weather about a week ago. They've actually put pylons over a few of the spots. Wonder how a NB Church to WB Carlton turn would've worked going over that one.
  2. Forgot about west of Yonge St. Thanks!
  3. Unless things have changed over the last few years, all night buses were monitored by Malvern CIS.
  4. Enforcing an existing by-law costs nil. It's not like I'm saying we need to have a blitz every few days. More often than not though, operators are the ones who shame people into giving up a priority seat. The blue seats just make it a bit more obvious. Of course spending money on additional service is preferable. But we also have no new bus garage capacity until 2018 at the earliest, and that is still $90 million short. Spending little extra to change a few seats to blue isn't a big deal. Same material, just a different colour. I wouldn't be surprised if the TTC was hanging on to some of the replaced stuff to replace other seats. Remember, this work is done in house, and those people are getting paid to be there anyways. Let's hope this new term in city council yields a decent increase in the operating budgets to at least increase some off peak service in the meantime. I don't remain very optimistic on that front though.
  5. I realize that it is extremely rare to see this enforced. I was just responding to the statement that the rule isn't enforceable. Rules is rules. This is one I believe that should be enforced more and more. With an ageing population, and an increasingly selfish attitude among the general public...
  6. TTC By-law No. 1 3.13 No person, unless otherwise authorized, shall do any act in contravention of instructions, (iv) make available a seat in the designated priority seating area to a person who is disabled or has a physical limitation requiring priority seating. 4. Penalties and Enforcement 4.1 Any person who contravenes any provision of this by-law may be removed from the transit system and TTC property and may have any fare media confiscated by the TTC. 4.2 Any person who contravenes any provision of this by-law is guilty of an offence and upon conviction is liable to a fine as provided for in the Provincial Offences Act. 4.3 The provisions of this by-law may be enforced by a proper authority as defined in this by-law.
  7. The Church St. track has also been been popping up in several places as of late between Bloor and Isabella in the northbound left lane. https://goo.gl/maps/2lymr
  8. http://transit.toronto.on.ca/bus/routes/96-wilson.shtml Looking at November 1990, 96 Wilson had the most branches totaling 11, including the base 96 service. The highest letter assigned was 96K. http://transit.toronto.on.ca/bus/routes/85-sheppard-eas.shtml May 1994, 85 was the runner up at 10 branches. The highest letter being 85J.
  9. Perhaps this is proof? http://urbantoronto.ca/forum/showthread.php/20264-TTC-Other-Items-(catch-all)?p=896501#post896501
  10. $1.4 billion to replace a line in an existing transit corridor? And the folks in Scarborough are supposedly happy about it?! So much for any hint of actual expansion. This whole thing just screams lunacy... Rapid transit to Centennial College, forget it! Rapid transit to UTSC, forget it! Rapid transit along Kingston Rd, forget it! How about building a line to somewhere that could actually use one?! Scarborough should be proud that they are wasting $1.4 billion to MAINTAIN the status quo for rapid transit corridors. Glad I haven't lived out there since early 2000. If an existing plan, design, and EA were used for the LRT plan, and the province planned a 2019-2021 completion time frame, I wonder what the province will set the completion year of a subway to? 2025-2029 perhaps?
  11. Carlton eastbound between Sherbourne and Parliament in PM rush is brutal. Why they don't have a dedicated left turn phase at Parliament is just baffling. Streetcars are stuck behind cars trying to turn left, and you are lucky if you can get 5-10 cars though a cycle due to the amount of pedestrians crossing. Of course most of this traffic is headed to the DVP via Bloor. 10-20 minutes to go that one block is not uncommon.
  12. CP24 had reported the train was being moved around 6:00 AM this morning.
  13. I guess the fact that only the 11/11A would be able to exit at Eringate? Access to the Eringate exit is only possible from Hwy. 27 before it joins Hwy. 427.
  14. Well no. But it just looks like overkill on the amount of "stuff" up there. I could see just a simple grid of 2 bars going lengthwise the distance of the overhead HVAC, and a few cross bars to hold those in place.
  15. I hope this is only a test. It looks downright horrendous. I'm sure they could have come up with something that looks a lot more streamlined.
  16. And for me, it means a less crowded car. Plus a 95% chance that I'll actually get on the train in rush hour. Let the other people stay at the north end of the platform. With the TRs running fairly regular service nowadays, I'm surprised that passenger behaviour hasn't changed much to reflect the usability of the open gangway. I'm not sure if that has to do with the fact that not every run is a TR, or if the general public just takes much longer to catch on.
  17. Funny they didn't just say the first mile.. I'm curious as to why we haven't really seen any construction pictures of this project. I know a 1.6 km hole in the ground isn't exactly something the press or politicians would be lining up to get a photo op for. But compare it to the PR that the MTA in NY has put out with all their recent capital projects. All we got on this milestone was a picture of Rob Ford's head...
  18. Unless I'm taking the entire thing out of context. But I don't see how Toronto has been debating a downtown relief line since 1910, when the Yonge line wasn't even built until 1954, let alone Bloor-Danforth until the late 1960s. The Prince Edward Viaduct wasn't even built before the 1920s. And the fight between whether the east-west line was going to go across Bloor or Queen. The map that The Star also included shows the line going all the way south to the waterfront. I don't recall that being part of any downtown relief line in any iteration. The article says we've been debating this line for !00 years. Unless there is something about Toronto's history I missed between 1900 and 1920... It looks like to me, a very poorly researched and worded article.
  19. http://www.thestar.com/news/transportation/article/1158278--toronto-transit-downtown-relief-line-could-be-the-subway-suburbanites-crave Caught this from The Star. It's an article about resurfacing a downtown relief line. Reading the article actually brought up more questions about the papers credibility. There are so many factual errors that I can't even begin to count. Then reading the user comments made my head spin... When will the media actually get reporters and journalists that actually have half a clue about transit, to report on transit... Insanity..
  20. Haven't been here in a while... lol Loblaw has been on an equipment spending spree over the last year or so. With the company driver contract in Cambridge ratified many months ago, it has cemented the need for more company trucks. Loblaw has purchased new Volvo day cabs, and sleepers(!). In a break from tradition, there are also a bunch of new Peterbilt day cabs. The sleeper cabs will be used for some new long haul crews to northern Ontario stores, and to the former warehouse facility in Sudbury (now just a cross-dock operated by a 3rd party). From talking to the drivers, not one of them like the Peterbilts. They ordered them as very basic units. Placement of controls, switches, and vents are just a few of the rants. They apparently ride like hell compared to even the older Volvos. All the company trucks are based out of Cambridge, so you will only see them west of Toronto. Loblaw has also ordered lots of new Utility reefer trailers, in addition to the newer ones we received in 2010. This order is split between Ajax and Cambridge. These newest trailers are all tri-axle. The interior LED lighting is much improved from the last batch. There is now a control panel for the reefer inside the trailer. The Ajax units are all equipped with those wind deflecting dealies underneath. A bunch of these new trailers will be dedicated to delivering ice cream when the switch to warehouse from DSD is made in the near future. Most of the new trailers are sporting more of the same yellow no name wraps. But there are a bunch that have been done up in fancier Presidents Choice graphics. The amount of product being shipped out of the warehouses has increased substantially over the last year, and is only going to increase if Loblaw has their way with some of the other vendors who traditionally deliver DSD, in addition to the ones who have already moved to warehouse. I'm sure this isn't the end of the trailer buying spree. Loblaw has also been toying with double 53's from what I've recently been told. They mainly run them on warehouse to warehouse loads between Cambridge and Ottawa. I have yet to see any of these new trailers. Although I doubt I will ever see one at the store, I have seen only once, one of the rare 5 axle dry trailers they usually only use for heavy (96000+ lb) pick ups in Leamington (Heinz). So it could happen some day...
  21. 66 McLaughlin had the AA working when I rode it about a month ago. Although there seemed to be a few hiccups with some stops being announced wrong. 57 Courtneypark was also working, although that was a big hit and miss, especially east of Dixie.
  22. I'm surprised RF hasn't added this to his transportation platform: Designating one lane on every street to HOV/Transit. Every other lane will be "single occupant vehicles" only... Now that seems to make him look transit friendly, adding a lane for transit.. On a more serious note, I really do wonder how he expects to fund his transit "vision". If only money did grow on trees, or using cheap immigrant labour was still kosher. Otherwise, I think he is just saying things to get votes. I see Ford seriously lacking in credibility. If I were running for mayor, I would tell everyone they would get $50 on their birthday. It's sad that a lot people would actually buy that...
  23. Thanks for the insight Dan. Glad to know that someone in the QA department was watching carefully... I hope the original contractors are being chased after for this.
  24. For some reason I'm having trouble remembering when the special work outside of Main St. station was last rebuilt, but I seem to recall it being within the last few years. Why are they doing work on it again so soon? They were chipping away at the concrete between the rails yesterday. Anyone have any clue what they are actually doing there?
  25. Minister Kathleen Wynne Stands By PRESTO http://news.ontario.ca/mto/en/2010/07/mini...-by-presto.html July 23, 2010 3:36 PM
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