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  1. Just saw 374 and maybe 373 (did not see the number) go down Academy ‘out of service’
  2. There were 3 60 foot buses in a row tonight (2 60s and 1 160) heading towards the UofM,
  3. You can now vote on which 'Theme - Decorative Panels' that will decorated Stadium Station The Themes are Landmarks, Nature, Sports and Events. https://winnipegtransit.com/en/major-projects/stadium-station-decorative-panels---southwest-transitway/
  4. 371 was on the Ex tonight, however the Ex buses don't show up on BusText or any of the displays at the bus stops. If the Ex buses run every 45 minutes during the day, you have no idea if you have to wait 5 minutes or 45 minutes.
  5. Spotted a license plate from Guam at a parking lot in Grand Forks, North Dakota Seen a couple of campers from Germany in Winnipeg, Canada Spotted a Chihuahua (Mexico) plate in Winnipeg and Grand Forks. Spotted about 44/50 of the US States plates at parking lot in Brandon, Manitoba (Wally Byam - Air Stream Camper Rally back in 1994) Nunavut plates are pretty common in Ottawa. There was a hotel (Southway Hotel) that catered to Nunavet residences. I counted about 6 plates at that parking lot alone.
  6. Plaza Station Overpass over Letellier Sub
  7. The Light Rail in the Twin Cities has a Blue and Green lines, and all the trains have the same colour scheme. The Destination Sign does show the colour of the line (Blue or Green box) Hopefully, we can get new Destination Signs that can display colour.
  8. Should the 66 Grant Bus be included as well? 😈
  9. Bendy Bus almost split into 2 https://imgur.com/tCs5fFx
  10. As I guessed above, Pembina will closed during the February long weekend. https://winnipeg.ca/cao/media/news/nr_2019/nr_20190208.stm#2
  11. Could be the February Long Weekend
  12. Do they run Training Buses at 7am? I saw 2 training buses on the #30, along with a regular #30 all within 2 minutes.
  13. Have they started running articulates on Sunday's now? I have seen them on the 160 on Saturday's. They should run them on 162/170 as these buses get packed. However, I don't think the route can handled articulated buses in some of residential areas of Fort Richmond.
  14. Some changes coming up for the Winter Seasons (Dec 16) 39 -Taylor Park & Ride - Route Cancelled 44,45 - Trial routing around the KP, Walmart Crossroads Area 74 - Service around Arbour Meadow Gate ? Nothing on the Website, but I did see a poster announcing changes at the Library
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