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  1. I was on the bus and couldn't make out the signs It had 'WR On Request' with a picture of a smart phone.
  2. Most likely at the start of the fall service schedule. (Sept 5th)
  3. I notice that riding in Southdale, the Dart service is going replace by 'WT On Request", It looks like going to App based service
  4. Saw #440 (with all white signs) at Polo Park, as 'Not in Service- Training Bus'
  5. Master Plan is out: https://winnipegtransit.com/en/major-projects/transit-master-plan/
  6. Interesting that the GameSense wrap was on the 47 which goes by Club Regent (which is still closed)
  7. The Winnipeg Transit Website shows only 4 routes that are changing this Sunday. However, comparing the 20 with the current and winter schedule shows a completely different schedule. Differences show up with 11 as well. Winter Schedule takes effect December 13 Winnipeg Transit’s Winter Schedule will take effect Sunday, December 13. The Winter schedule is almost identical to the Fall 2020 schedule that went into effect in September. Regular weekday service will continue with full service to all elementary, middle, and high schools in the City. Express service will continue with a 15 percent reduction, while post-secondary service will operate in a reduced capacity due largely to the fact most courses will continue to be offered remotely in January. There have been a few minor changes to schedules for the following routes: 79 83 88 96
  8. During the fall schedule change they moved some of the stops at UofM. The departure points show where that route left during the previous schedule. If the 60 previously left at UofM - Stop 1, now it leaves UofM - Stop 2, there is no time associated with UofM - Stop 1, and it leaves it blank. I notice that the 78 had no departure times, but now it is fixed. There still have paper schedules at the Polo Park customer service, however these were from the April schedule change and haven't been updated. Don't like the new QR codes at bus stops. Unfair for the few people without smart phones, passengers will plan the trips to make sure they arrive before the bus leaves. Many of the stops do have digital displays so that helps a bit. If you use QR codes, you have to open the camera app, scan the bar code, and then open the webpage (which I find is not formatted for an iPhone). It is easier to use an App (such as Transit or Winnipeg Bus Live)
  9. Since March, I have only seen schedules at the Polo Park Customer Service (after the April schedule change) They had none at the customer services centers at Portage and Main and at the Library. One of these location did have schedules but none from the April schedule change.
  10. If they are cancelled the Downtown Spirits, will there be addition service into the Forks? Right now, the 38 doesn't run into the Forks during the afternoon. You get off a Main Street and walk from there
  11. Saw a BLUE bus with a 40-2 Run Card this afternoon, along with another BLUE coming from the UofM leg
  12. I would like to see what the new fall service levels will be like. With the UofM having most of the classes online there will be no need to run all the extra buses that normally run while classes are in session.
  13. Other errors on the map: BellMTS Place still listed as MTS Centre Winnipeg Convention Centre on 1 block should cover 2 blocks Great West Life is now be called Canada Life Polo Park should be called CF Polo Park Delta Hotel is listed as CROWN (not CROWNE) PLAZA (how along ago did it change to Delta, and wasn't it called the Radisson before Delta)
  14. Winnipeg Transit has the modified (Effective May 3rd) schedules online. I quick check and I saw no differences with the current Saturday schedules with the modified weekday schedule. However there were changes with some peak period express routes (current weekday vs modified weekday)
  15. Finally saw a poster with the Spring Service changes (nothing posted on the Winnipeg Transit Website) Routes #12, 42, 46, 48 and 98 were the only ones listed having schedule changes (besides the new routes created with the Transitway) 75 Crosstown East wasn't listed however, a quick check online show a regular summer change (without the extra peak-period buses)
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