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  1. I wonder why Transit runs a Sunday schedule on Boxing Day. Boxing Day is one of the busiest shopping day of the year. You have limited and in-frequent service, some of the (feeder) runs don't start until noon. You only have 6 runs going to the Outlet Mall starting at 10:30 and running about 90 minutes. It makes sense to run of modified Saturday service.
  2. For the past couple of years Winnipeg Transit doesn't seem to give much notice on what is changing for each schedule. Note: These were the changes from LAST December (You should expect something similar for Winter schedule change) Winnipeg Transit Winter Schedule in effect Sunday, December 16, 2018 Released: 10:00 a.m. Winnipeg, MB - Beginning Sunday, December 16, Winnipeg Transit’s Winter Schedule will be in effect on the following routes: 28 Brookside Express 46 Transcona Express 31 Keewatin Express 72 36 Northwest Super Express 74 Kenaston 40 All Seasons Express 75 Crosstown East 41 Henderson Express 76 44 Grey 78 Waverley 45 Talbot 96
  3. Wonder if the buses are from Sudbury. There is Route 25: West End However there is no Route 33 Downtown. However I can't make out the full roll sign
  4. or took a wrong turn and ended up near Morris.
  5. 4 Atrics (2 160's and 2 60's) going down University Cres within 5 minutes this afternoon.
  6. Would like to see service to the Airport via Portage instead of Sargent and Ellice. Visitors to the city might have a bad impression of the city when they travel down Sargent.
  7. The First Part of the Winnipeg Transit Master Report is out: https://winnipegtransit.com/en/major-projects/transit-master-plan#tab-documents
  8. When I went down the Transitway on Friday, there was one vehicle that driving on the transitway (going South at Chancellor) that shouldn't belong, and one of Training Buses was honking at her to get off the roadway. There are signs on Chervier Avenue directing traffic to go straight and only buses may turn.
  9. Winnipeg Transit have started running buses along Phase 2 of Busway, at least 3 buses were being used on Friday. Plaza Station Bridge over tracks betwen Plaza and Chervier Chervier Station Artwork and Training Bus at Clarence Station Beaumont Station and Teapot Training Bus at bridge over McGillvray Markham Station Traffic Lights along the bike path aside the Transitway.
  10. I have seen 3 Atric's right behind each other going down Pembina Hwy past 7 pm (2 160's and a 60)
  11. Road 378 on the 60 tonight, saw at least 2 artics running tonight.
  12. The 75 runs numerous runs while class is in session. During the AM peak period service about every 4-5 minutes. If there is a pass-up, just wait a couple of minutes and the next bus will show up. However not all 75s end at Kildonan Place, During the PM peak, every 2nd bus finishes at Windsor Park (Spears). If you need a KP bus, your best bet is take the first 75 bus you see, if needed change buses further down the line - Southdale Centre o St Vital - Where many students take advantage of the Park and Ride
  13. The union representing transit workers narrowly accepted (52%) the new contract: Yes 565, No 525, Spoiled 2 One improvements will improve the 5 worst-performing routes. http://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/newspolitics/winnipeg-transit-union-says-members-have-accepted-a-deal-with-the-city/ar-AAIiPeO?ocid=ieh
  14. #388 got stuck on a secluded dirt road near Morris. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/bad-bus-error-1.5296270
  15. Just saw 374 and maybe 373 (did not see the number) go down Academy ‘out of service’
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