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  1. While Calgary Transit in our neighboring province is still in the process of refurbishing their 1996 New Flyer D40LF fleet, CMBC is already in the process of retiring some, or at least deactivating and putting them in storage! I drove by OTC today by chance, and honestly was stunned by the D40LF line-up inside OTC. Based on my quick glance, I saw at least a dozen D40LFs parked alongside with the "Green Machines" 7244 and 7246...........and so I did a little research online, and found a bunch of RTC D40LFs had their last day of revenue service on June 15th, or last Friday. While I wouldn't jump to conclusion and declare them "clinically dead" right away, I would like to make a thread to keep track of the ones that are no longer in revenue service, at least for the meantime when this post is made. So far, here is a list of early 1996 D40LFs that have not seen the road since June 15th (Friday)........while there is a good chance that some of these buses may simply have been BOed since June 15th and are currently awaiting for maintenance work, I don't think it's a coincidence that such a large amount of buses would just so happened to have broken down on the same day, while S7248-S7260 were migrated to RTC and began serving on Richmond routes on June 18th (Monday). My theory is that a good amount of D40LFs from this list were deactivated by the end of the night last Friday, which allowed 13 buses to be transferred from STC to RTC over the weekend, without any disruptions to reduced bus service over the weekend. R7102 R7105 R7106 R7107 R7110 R7114 R7116 R7118 R7120 R7122 R7126 R7128 R7130 R7131 R7159 Buses in this list have not been assigned to revenue service at all within the recent weeks: R7112 (Compass bus) R7119 R7139 R7141 (stored in OTC) R7156 (Stored in OTC) I do believe some of these buses are simply trapped somewhere in Fleet Overhaul / BTC South maintenance, or inside the maintenance shop / BO track in RTC.........purely based on statistics, 13 buses replacing 20 buses in RTC isn't possible IMO, considering how strapped they are for buses to feed the bookout sheets during rush hours. If you have any further information to share, be sure to enlighten us with your knowledge! Dave
  2. Enviro 500

    Ad-wrap reports

    Welcome to the Vancouver "Ad-Wrap Report" Section! (Apparently, since the admin made me start a new post dedicated to ad-wraps, I might as well begin with a speech ) First of all............let me provide a defintion of an "ad-wrap". An "Ad-wrap" is a bus physically wrapped in vinyl, covering the entire body on the curbside, streetside and rear. Occassionally, there may be campaigns covering only the streetside or the curbside. (Happened twice in Vancouver: Bell Mobility Campaign and Solo Mobile Campaign) In a situation as such, these campaigns will be treated as "ad-wraps" as well, therefore meeting the criteria of this post. Aside from the exceptional situation as I just described, please do not confuse the term "fullwrap" with the following list of terms: King: A Banner covering a portion of the body under the windows King + Headliner: Two banners covering portions of the body on the side of the bus, above and below the windows Seventies: A banner covering a portion of the back below the rear window Bike Rack: An ad placed in the holder mounted on bike racks of buses Interior Card: Advertisements displayed in the form of plastic cards mounted in the interior, on the compartment directly above the seats. Expected Criteria of this section includes: 1.) New ad-wrap report! 2.) Daily "General" Ad-Wrap sighting. You can report a sighting of an ad-wrap that has been reported in the past, but please include the following list of information: Vehicle fleet number, route number, block number if possible (or time and location of where your bus has been spotted), campaign involved..........the minimum expectation from all posters is the fleet number of the bus you saw OR the campaign involved with the bus you spotted + Route Number (An Example will be as following: "Spotted 2146 on route 10 run-25 with a Tim Hortons Ad-Wrap") 3.) Photo-sharing..........share your lovely photos of colorful buses with your community. Again, this is NOT the place for overly-dedicated transit fans who would like to point out every single piece of banner posted at the exterior of the bus that took you to school or work! Alright, let's hope everyone will have fun throughout this new round of discussions focused on ad-wrap sightings! Please refrain from posting fake sighting reports, be respectful and honest with your fellow members in your local transit-fan community! =) Please refer to the list below for current ad-wrapped buses running in Vancouver. This list is updated as changes occur over time, so it is up-to-date! Current Ad-Wrapped Buses in Vancouver New Flyer E40LFR 2143: VanCity 2151: BC Heart & Stroke Foundation (halfside wrap) 2164: Peak FM 102.7 2165: Granville Island 2169: JRFM 97.3 2182: BC Heart & Stroke Foundation (halfside wrap) 2243: VanCity 2262: Granville Island New Flyer E60LFR New Flyer C40LFR P3313: Vancity P3358: Vancity New Flyer D40LF New Flyer D40LFR New Flyer D60LF New Flyer DE60LFR Orion V Suburban Novabus LFS (2nd generation diesel) N9733: North Shore Auto Mall N9755: Jim Pattison Toyota North Shore N9780: Jim Pattison Lexus Novabus LFS (T-drive HEV) B9423: Vancity Novabus LFS (T-Drive Diesel) West Vancouver Blue Bus Last Updated: May 14th 2015 Entries highlighted in RED = Questionable status, possibly unwrapped but unconfirmed until otherwise noted! Please report if you spot any unwrapped buses or new ad-wraps! Dave
  3. Feel free to post absolutely anything under this section............this topic is created for those individuals who are absolutely dedicated to transit and would love to share sightings of every single bus spotted throughout the day. Post absolutely anything you want here..........the other reason that I created this topic is simply due to the fact that I am absolutely fed up of the politics within the special-sightings topic and I think this is an effective way to eliminate any arguments or debates over the "true definition" of "special sightings". Again, all I am trying to enforce is that we "stay on topic".....or in other words, criteria of post that matches with headline topic stated. Have fun posting........and do not hesistate to post under this topic as there are no specific guidelines / topics / themes........in other words ,there are absolutely no limits and boundaries as long as the criteria posted is acceptable to the general public of all ages, cultural and ethnic backgrounds and so on and follows the general theme of "transit sightings" Dave
  4. Enviro 500

    Vancouver Special Sightings

    Ok here we go again! ***AMENDED SEPTEMBER 2010 - PLEASE READ*** NO BS No junk reports please! The game rules are pretty straight forward: A.) Don't give me a list of which D60LFs are on 98 B-Line.........special sightings only! By the definition of special sightings, here are a few guidelines: 1.) Refurblished buses - please post in "Translink Refurbishments" thread 2.) Buses that are waiting to get refurblished - see above 3.) New ad-wraps - please post in "Ad wrap reports" thread 4.) Ad wraps that are taken off - see above 5.) Garage transferring - use discretion on this one, if it's just a bunch of D40LFs moving around please use the "garage transfers" thread. 6.) Buses on routes that can be rarely seen (eg: Orion V on 98 B-Line) 7.) New buses 8.) Retired buses - use retirement watch thread, this has been common practice for a while already. 9.) Buses that are put into storage - pretty much amounts to the same as above. Again please use your own judgement on the meaning of special sightings.........if the list you're typing up takes you more than 10 minutes, then please reconsider about what you're trying to post as nobody really wants to read an essay about the routes that all the D40LFs are running in town that takes 15 minutes to read! Post pictures whenever possible! Good luck, and have fun in this topic! David