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  1. Why don't you ever post anymore?

    1. UpDownAcross38


      I dont know how to use this site

    2. buizelbus


      @UpDownAcross38 what are you talking about

    3. KenrichYT


       @buizelbusHe is probably is taking a break

  2. R9241 and R9260 were both in fleet overhaul in December, R9241 has recently returned to RTC with its original wrap, while R9260 is most likely still inside FOH getting bodywork done.
  3. Nobody caught these special sightings on New Year's Eve? Happened in the middle of the night at like 3am, and I went bus fanning because I also happened to be the one that was driving. Dave
  4. 2195 wrapped for Richmond Centre, it's actually a really nice looking Christmas-themed wrap!
  5. 2158 wrapped for Granville Island
  6. Photos of B8111, B8118 and B8144 are all up on T-C! Since I'm a T-C team member, I don't count in the contest........whoever that comes next gets a nice big bear hug from George. You know you want it!!!! http://www.trans-continental.ca/ Dave
  7. 3 buses in total are wrapped for Justeat.ca: B8111 B8118 B8144 Now release the hounds, first person to get 'em all get a nice big hug from Uncle George aka *the* admin. LOL
  8. I'll tag along if I don't have to work.......don't get me started about propane school buses (after 2 horrendous summers having to drive those pieces of garbage, no offense), but I'll sacrifice that pain for the "Vancouver Crew" sake. Dave
  9. 2195 and 2233 wrapped for Sephora 2154 2179 along with 2131 and 2246 reported by Thomas W all wrapped for CTV. Post #1 updated. Dave
  10. Hello to all the LA bus fans! I'm visiting LA for a few days and I've been doing a little bit of bus fanning here and there, just curious to know if MTA has any buses with fullwrap advertisements these days? Thanks in advance to any knowledge you can share! Dave
  11. P3358 with the Vancity wrap: ENjoy! =) Dave
  12. As promised, photos of B9423 are now up! Also added one more updated shot of S8011 from this afternoon's gorgeous sunshine. Enjoy! Dave
  13. B9423 wrapped for Vancity, photos to come later tonight. 2224 wrapped for Grey Cup. Dave
  14. More photos of 2143 Vancity, 2165 Canucks, 2205 and 2211 Seattle wraps have just been uploaded! Also spotted in the yard tonight is 2243 now wrapped for Vancity, the bus will go out on 5/6 today until 8pm. 2143 is currently in the shops, won't be out until at least later on this afternoon for the PM bookout. http://trans-continental.ca/ ENjoy! Dave
  15. 2143 wrapped for Vancity. 2243 has been wrapped for Lions for the past 3 months Thomas. Dave
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