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  1. There is a brand new wrap roaming around town! Took advantage of the sunny weather yesterday and got a few shots. This was the best one.
  2. Don't know what you're talking with respect to the GMC plate.. the GMC plate has been on that bus for as long as I can remember.. I only have one GMC plate and I took it off 9825 when they retired it. I went down with my screwdriver in hand.. walked into the garage explained who I am etc and I asked the shop foreman if I could please take it off the bus.. he said " got a screwdriver"? I said yup.." he said "knock yourself out" This is the not the first time on this board when someone has assumed I have taken stuff off buses. I must emphatically state I do not do that..it's called theft and not only that there is a video camera out back. They really don't hassle you if you are taking photos and you don't get in anybody's way. I'm not about to wreck that privilege of taking photos for everyone else by removing stuff without permission.
  3. Just finished quickly browsing through all 14 pages.. that is a great shot of 6452 in the shop... was that at TMC? Anyway finally snagged my own photo of a refurb unit yesterday here in Brantford 6433.. I missed 6406 a couple of days ago.. it was heading east so I don't know where it is now.. This only took me a week of spending time down at VIA for the last week in between working LOL.
  4. 10041 was involved in an accident not far from where I live.. heard about it on my mobile scanner on the way home... not a whole lot of damage to the bus.. passenger side panel was pushed in and a long red scrape from the car it got involved with.. a pizza delivery guy ( he will never live this one down). I walked down to the scene and took a couple of pics.. will post later.. work calls lol
  5. Thanks for the heads up about 9725 being out back Took some pics of it yesterday... including the hubometer.. it's obviously not the original one as I think it has gone more than 150 000 km's in 38 some odd years: Seeing as it is the last fishy in the fleet.. took a shot of the Detroit Diesel inside. Not sure what the plans for it are either but I'm guessing it's being mothballed.
  6. Hahahaha... starting a train is not like a bus.. do a search on YouTube.lol I think there is a CN locomotive or something where the guy is explaining the gazillion switches you have to hit before the thing will even fire up..
  7. I was in Toronto this past Saturday. had some time to kill.. so I went up to Bay and Dundas... and happened to spot this!
  8. Happened to see the newly wrapped 10082 last Saturday... I kinda like this version over the previous Bell wrap.
  9. I spotted this a couple of days ago in Hamilton just off York Blvd.. so I slammed on the brakes and went around the block and snapped it's picture
  10. I took advantage of the nice weather last week and finally got my own decent shots of a couple of GO Locomotives:
  11. According to the Expositor, the entire fleet is gonna be switched to HEV.. so better come down and get your pics while the "older" buses are still around.
  12. I had planned on going myself but I have been sick as a dog the last few days.. fortunately I live on the daily parade route back to the garage so maybe I'll see the new ones today.
  13. Thanks for the heads up about 9911.. went down yesterday and took a couple of shots before it started raining again!
  14. I've been here all my life and I remember when Brantford Transit went to Paris, the reason they ended it was due to low ridership. As I recall maybe 3 people occupied the bus that was it. BT used the original 9725 for the Paris run if I am not mistaken. It just didn't make sense to send a bus to Paris near the end. If anything.. I'd like to see Brantford make an agreement with the HSR to allow a transfer point say at Tim Hortons on Wilson St just before the 403. I always see an HSR bus sitting behind Timmies waiting for passengers. You know sort of like what HSR does with Burlington Transit.
  15. I didn't bother going inside to ask.. I didn't have steel toed worked boots on.. last time I asked to go inside they said they won't let ya in unless you're wearing work boots.
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