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  1. The former Labatts Brewery site, SE of the highway.
  2. Whenever a bus I've been on had the electronic farebox jam, it's usually because someone tries to drop a whole handful of change in at once. The driver usually pulled out a pocketknife or other similar object and almost always had it unjammed at that stop.
  3. I guess the question here is, how much extra lost revenue would be brought in if the system switched to electronic fareboxes, the cost of outfitting the entire system, and possibly how long it would take to get a payback on new fareboxes with that extra revenue
  4. Like that'll ever happen - the TTC seems so strapped for cash that any kind of fare integration (lower cost transfers, discounts from going from one system to the next) seems highly unlikely, unless it results in them benefiting of course..
  5. 1000 internet points to the first person who shoots a dead UPX train being rescued by a GO MP40 running rear-end first.
  6. Go to OSR http://www.railpictures.ca/?attachment_id=12165
  7. Idiot: http://www.citynews.ca/2014/10/24/man-in-custody-after-driving-suv-into-streetcar-tunnel/
  8. It headed south from Chris Gibson Park near Railroad & Haggart St., to serve the Georgia Pacific plant (ex- Dixie Cup Company) at Queen & McMurchy. No more track there anymore: http://www.railpictures.ca/?attachment_id=3744
  9. Would you want to ride Toronto to Montreal in the comfort of a GO bilevel for a VIA fare?
  10. No, they're not preserved. They'll be kept as long as they're needed, and when they are of no use anymore will likely be sold for scrap. The TTC having H-series workcars is also hardly preservation - again, kept as long as they're useful and needed, and then sold for scrap - like the last two G1 and G2 work cars they had. There's a distinction between "preserving" or saving something, and keeping it around for continued use. It's like the TTC operating all those rebuilt fishbowls a few years ago - not preserved, kept until replaced or beyond repair, and then retired & sold for scrap. The two that were specifically set aside can be considered "preserved" (loosely at this point - they're merely set aside), but the spare fish kept for parts (2345) can't really be.
  11. The most restricted point (Peel to Brampton, aka Centre St. to just west of the diamond area) is still double tracked. To be quite honest, while there is lots of CN freight traffic each day throughout the day, freight service on that line isn't exactly train after train after train (only sometimes) - they could easily squeeze one or two GO's through while running any freights on the other track. Minor delays might be incurred with stopping trains at Brampton Station in double track territory, or if there's something like 5 trains approaching the area at once with some passenger trains (VIA/GO) making station stops. No locals are fighting to get through as none go west of Peel anymore on a regular basis (559? used to do the Dixie Cup Spur until it was ripped out).
  12. An interesting look at VIA Rail's current and future state has been released by Greg Gormick...for those who haven't seen it: http://transport-action-ontario.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/TAO-OutofSteam2014-10-09.pdf It also goes into detail about the IRSI refurbishing contracts for the LRC, Renns and RDC's, more specifically some of the constant changes and issues faced with the LRC rebuilding.
  13. Ex-TTC 2619 (fish), 6221, 6223 (Classics) and 6104 (D901) - all owned by Belka. 6223 is the first classic pictured with the silver front hatch. Nice shots.
  14. Mount Pleasant has been the end point thrown around for a while, probably due to that extra triple tracking added between Brampton and Mount Pleasant...
  15. The regular Bramalea Flip afternoon trains flipped ends on the Bramalea GO pocket track in less than 15 minutes, sometimes even very quickly if one arrived late for whatever reason (held at the junction for a CP freight, waiting for CN 577 to get out of the way, or trackwork). Most runs only had about 10-12 minutes layover time at Bramalea before heading back to Toronto.
  16. Why, they'll form a construction division of it (Constructolinx or something just as bland) and be privatized of course I think many had grand visions for Metrolinx to do the step before total assimilation: coordinating everything with everybody, seamless GTA transit, one fare one whatever, the usual spin and buzzwords. Doesn't seem to have panned out as well as everyone probably hoped. But, good luck with the headache coordinating when you take everything over and have to manage everything once taken care of by a dozen or more separately run agencies.
  17. Called it all last page before the announcement http://www.cptdb.ca/index.php?showtopic=4666&p=666076
  18. Wiki sez March 2003, so a good 11 years or so old But, it's pretty cramped - a few years back they've had to take over the parking area at the back of the Dominion Public Building for parking more buses, and even then they can be found laying over all over the area to the south (around the LCBO, in random parking lots, along sidestreets, etc). Yonge Street is the only exit out of the terminal and it's often a PITA to get onto and down to the Lake Shore or Queen's Quay - sometimes taking as much as 20 minutes to get onto the Gardiner after leaving the terminal in rush hours. Even something a bit closer to the on-ramps would help (then you might just go to sitting in traffic on there ... but I digress)
  19. 1125-1128 were always control cabs AND slugs. They still retain the traction motors and have power jumpers to hook up to the specific GP38-2 "mother" units to feed their TM's power. All the other 1100's were just control cabs. The last update I received showed 1126 sidelined at Coquitlam and 1128 still active in Winnipeg. The other two 1125 & 1127 went to Moose Jaw and were apparently scrapped (although 1127 may still exist up there awaiting scrapping).
  20. And just announced, it's officially being named Ford Square...at least until someone else throws sponsorship dollars at it in a few years (that's FoMoCo, not DoFo and RoFo). The ultimate solution to all of this is allocating the new intercity + GO terminal that keeps being brought up every few years somewhere where those viaducts won't cause any problems. Say, south of the rail corridor somewhere. As ridership increases out of TUS, GO can either try to squeeze more buses in the existing terminal, modify the viaducts or roadway to run double deckers, run some routes from an alternate location or small satellite terminal (maybe one that can handle double deckers...), or build a new terminal. Option 5 of course is adding train replacements, assuming bus routes can be train substituted. I can't see them undertaking lengthy and expensive construction to lower Bay and Yonge Streets (or modify the viaducts, if possible) unless they plan to keep the current bus terminal there for another decade or two. Eventually GO will probably want to run double deckers out of Union Station.
  21. 1682 - scrapped 1683 - main generator went T.I. - retired now 1684 - scrapped (or to be very very soon) 1685 - sold to JLCX 1686 - scrapped 1687 - scrapped 1688 - scrapped 1689 - sold to JLCX, to Black River & Western 1889 1690 - scrapped
  22. Priorities. A historical fleet doesn't seem to have been much of a priority with the TTC, probably partially because a lot of notable stuff traditionally ended up at the HCRY. Outside of the Witt and PCC pair, the TTC has never really kept any kind of historical vehicle collection themselves. They don't keep any historical buses, which would probably be easier to keep and store than subway cars (the two fishbowls set aside for preservation being only a recent exception). Look at all the bus stuff retired recently that was for the most part entirely scrapped - the fleets of D901's, D40-88/89, Orion V, Orion VI, Classics, Orion II's, all the varieties of New Look, and even older stuff like the Ikarus Orion III artics, GM Artics, Flyer D800's, trolleybuses, etc. Once in a while something gets donated to the HCRY or CTHF, and a few vehicles might get sold to private interests, but for the most part everything goes. It's not any better (in fact, worse) for subway cars: equipment designed to the TTC's specs, that can't just be run anywhere like a bus, and must operate under certain conditions (electrified 3rd rail, floor-level platforms, clearance and other issues). I'd argue aside from the "Red Rocket" G's, to the public subway cars are just tin-cans without the aesthetics or vintage appeal that the PCC's have. Aside from token donations of the first operating G's and the first Canadian-built M cars, no other G's, M's and H's were preserved - the vast majority scrapped. The last 4 G-cars in work service (including the last two aluminum G2's) were all sold for scrap a few years back with nary a whisper of preservation. The big question is what would they (the TTC) do with say a train of H4's, H6's or T1's? The public wants modern trains in service, and reliability drops as equipment ages. You can't exactly take them around a scenic or obscure part of Toronto for charters or photos (limited to the subway network), or run them in the annual Christmas parade or special event downtown. It's expensive as hell to charter them, and aside from Lower Bay you can't park them at any station for photos along the line - they're used on constantly active lines. A spare pool of parts needs to be maintained, and you need to have at least some mechanics and operators trained on fixing and operating them. An unnecessary hassle if you're operating a transit system whose sole purpose is to transport people, and not preserve every single equipment example you've owned.
  23. It has been parked by the powers that be (Tied Up Serviceable). No more active 5400's at the moment. For those wanting CP GP9 shots, last count was less than 18 active on the entire system, probably less now with the recent GP20C deliveries. All the ex-TH&B units are now retired.
  24. There's an "Edit" button on each of your posts you can use to go back and update the post's list with.
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