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  1. New plates on reactivated previously retired units (all verified): 546: 220 4BK 547: 220 5BK 623: 220 6BK With the bunch of units sold off recently, that leaves 550, 554, and 619-621 stored out of service or retired without disposition.
  2. 547 was out on the 21 this AM. Not sure if it was a change-off for another unit (I seem to recall checking earlier and seeing 709 in its place with 507 as the other unit, but I could be wrong). It's also been re-plated and sports a new high license plate: 220 5BK. Haven't seen one out in SW territory in a long while, but I suppose if they really needed a spare bus...
  3. Someone nabbed TTC T1 5185 out in Peterborough on a flatbed, destination not known: http://www.railpictures.ca/?attachment_id=30828
  4. My notes show: Length: 34' (10.36m) Width: 8' 2.5" (2.50m) Height: 14' 2" (4.32m)
  5. Some new Kitchener/Waterloo LRT cars enroute from Bombardier for delivery: http://www.railpictures.ca/?attachment_id=28451 http://www.railpictures.ca/?attachment_id=28450
  6. Released a year or two back it seems: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-31571735
  7. There's some more info on Can-Ar/Tokmakjian's export operations in this (old) article: http://www.luxner.com/cgi-bin/view_article.cgi?articleID=1051
  8. Most of Rapido's locomotive releases come with a decal sheet with lots of fleet numbers for renumbering and other labels/logos/etc that can be added as appropriate, so they will probably provide a decal sheet with multiple rollsign exposures that can be applied over the existing rollsign area, and additional fleet numbers to apply if you want to do another unit.
  9. Something's up with 8058 - they've torn that thing down rather thoroughly, too thoroughly. If they were going to junk it they'd probably just remove the seats and interior panels/components to reuse in another unit, and junk the rest. The :new" rear window body panel from another unit sitting behind 8058 is also suspect, like they are planning to replace 8058's the rusted-out one. Methinks maybe the fact that the TTC has a Rapido fishbowl model for sale (pre-order) on their site numbered 8058, perhaps someone changed their minds on keeping the real thing... But who knows.
  10. 1608 currently on the 85, not sure if it's first day was today or it snuck out on something on the weekend.
  11. According to photos, 1431 was unwrapped sometime between October 25th and the 28th.
  12. Actually, Rapido announced its purchase months ago when they put out the HO-scale New Look promo video, and they've been posting photos of it undergoing overhaul and repainting for the last month or two.
  13. Hmm, crunching the numbers again, this list is missing 22-009 (that became 2600), so unless there's a typo it looks like 64 units.
  14. Thanks 6254, I figured there would be someone on here with a list of units acquired.
  15. Question - does anyone have a full roster of all the STM/STCUM Montreal fishbowls the TTC acquired in the late 90's to rebuild (including the unrebuilt ones used for parts and scrapped). I've checked a few of the well-known places and haven't found any comprehensive listings. Some sources mention while 100 were planned for rebuild (20 only ever done), only 62 were ever acquired. I've managed to account for about 41 individual units.
  16. Hamilton flashback: delivery of some brand new HSR Flyer E800's from the 7800-series via CN flatcar: http://www.railpictures.ca/?attachment_id=24953
  17. Couple of rattling panels or loose screws, nothing a few minutes with a screwdriver couldn't fix. Where's the eastbound footage?
  18. I recall GO usually posts them in late February/early March. Keep checking their online job listings, that's where they show up.
  19. They'll probably let GO run into the Bramalea pocket track (platform 3) since that south track coming off the Weston Sub basically runs to just before Bramalea Road before CN can run their freights on it using the crossover, and it also runs further south than the two mains. As to that section around Bramalea Road, either they work out a compromise or do more track shuffling.
  20. CN apparently wants GO's electrified overhead/catenary 30 feet or further away from their own track, likely why electrification stops at Bramalea and won't go all the way to Mount Pleasant despite the triple tracking, unless that issue can be worked around or some very expensive realignment happens. Sounds stupid. All those track and station improvements, and they can't let less than half a dozen VIA trains each day to stop for a few minutes there.
  21. Haven't tried it on those operating systems. IIRC, I got an online copy, so no S&H.
  22. I've run it before, a neat program. There's a layout out there for the CP North Toronto/Galt Subs too (outdated by all the changes now, but still a fun play-through).
  23. Bing Maps shows their fate: Cab car 8755 (on the left) wasn't scrapped with the rest and sat alone for a while. Not sure if it was scrapped at a later date or moved/sold to someone.
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