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  1. Taken at the northeast corner of Bloor & Yonge The black reads: "How u have a vagabond life and I did a picture to show you I really like t??? city and the friendly people also" And the rest was written in white that seems to have faded Spacingwire, Torontoist, Eat your heart out
  2. Trip report time...nothing's really special, more like a general sightings report. Hope you like reading... Adventures with D.DeLarge (no rape, Beetoven or Ultra-Violence though ) 96 is infested with Novas. Where's my can of RTS-Away ... spray some and bammo! Where are all the Novas. If only. Speaking of them I saw one being towed near Wilson Garage around 7:30pm. Also 2154 was nowhere to be seen, there are an abundance of Orion VI's, and a D901 and Orion V CNG at the front now. There were signal problems at King so trains had to proceed slowly. Spotted 5104/5105/5106/5107 lined up in a consist, with the first set having 7-Up door ads. There were Classics on the 505! A problem with not buying streetcars for ~a decade...6225 and 6265 were two of them. GO's late 22 and 2300 D4500CT's are out in abundance on the York Mills-Yorkdale-Brampton runs. I had my ride on my first RTS, lucky me picking to sit at the back right by the two lift boxes. All was not lost as I rather like the round-ness of the interior. We were at Keele and Wilson heading to Jane and Finch (you heard me right) when I saw to my utter surprise 2017 go by heading the other way on the 96. Yay and dam at the same time! was planning on walking along the 512 between St. Clairs to see if it was there but this saved me the trouble So Dan gets to Jane and Finch, fights off loads of drug dealers and pimps, almost getting shot 3 times er, looks around and sees no ex TTC 2619 parked around. Although he remembers Yorkgate Mall was on the NW corner and there looked to be a mall behind the gas station. So I walk over saying to myself I bet this thing is long gone, and I'll see nothing interesting in the parking lot...when I spot it all alone over at the far corner. Aha aha aha, mood = happy. So I go over and have a look. Looks to be in good shape aside from the normal bits of rust TTC fishbowls accumulate. If anyone's interested in buying it or knows of anyone interested, check it out. Didn't get the contact info though, had an appointment at 4pm and just made it. So your humble narrator went back and did a mini-steak stakeout (mmm steak) for 2017 at Wilson. It made an appearance after a bit of waiting around. 2279 (the one someone posted about being back?) was on the 120 IIRC. 2600, 2609, 2611 and 2613 were out moving the masses on the 96. Was about to get 2600 but got blocked by said masses. Argh! Noo! Goal for next time... Also had some happy Brampton Transit drivers at night. We need more happy drivers out during daylight hours Next trip...out to Vic Park and STC for some Classics and Mavern GM's. Hey 2153, don't retire just yet...
  3. Question: has anyone bothered to get a photo of exTTC 2619 Maybe I'll head up to J&F tomorrow to see if it's still there.
  4. Would make a great poster child for a CN-CP merger They already share track in out west. Gang activity better call the CP Police on that
  5. I don't know if it will help or not but try re-installing it on your computer (uninstall, reinstalling drivers, reconfigure, etc). In this day and age (especially considering the prices of replacement ink cartriges) it's cheaper to throw it out and get a new one as opposed to trying to fix it or get it fixed.
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    There was some trouble with a hacker, some admin accounts were deleted. The plug was pulled on the board and I guess the admins decided to start from scratch again (so everybody has to re-sign up). No matter It also seems we're using a full version of the Invision board software as before I think it was a demo (that could of had security issues)
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