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  1. Viva Orange has been running at least one artic on the route all week mixed in with the usual 40'ers. Today, all the units on Orange are artics. Earlier in April, they had been noted as running training runs with artics on Highway 7.
  2. A source mentioned they saw 4024 heading north on Guelph Line today, likely bound for HCRY. Did they pick up another car, or are storing another for someone else?
  3. Those look like they could be replacement units for the 23 YRT 200-series Van Hool artics. The fact that the VIVA 7200's might not be downgraded to YRT units could mean that the Van Hool artic fleet is on the way out.
  4. 1903 (SW-assigned) noted out in service this evening on the 165 Weston, its first day in service.
  5. Negative, you're likely correct. In addition to 1902 being on the Rt.1, North-assigned 1907 (Rt.52) and 1908 (Rt.57) are out this morning (probably their first times in service as well). The Southwest units (1904-1906 so far) appear to be getting assigned the 20 on an almost exclusive basis, similar to how the SW 1800's always seemed to be assigned the 88 until not too long ago.
  6. Both 1905 & 1906 (SW-assigned) are out on the 20 Jane this AM.
  7. No clue, I figured it might have been a test code or exposure as its last location was the SE garage yard. YRT 1902 Rt.900 07-29-2019.bmp
  8. Not sure if it's its first day in service, but 1904 (Southwest assigned) is on the 88 this morning. Someone else also noted 1901 (Southeast) out last week operating on the 99 Saturday (27th), apparently its first day in service(?). 1902 (Southeast) last traced to a Rt. 900 (?) on Monday (29th).
  9. Much, much smaller - all the units other than the three scrapped (18537, 18538 & 18554) are accounted for going to other owners, with the exception of 18539. Not sure if that one was also scrapped, or if it's sitting somewhere parked. NC Dot and Larry's Truck & Electric got the bulk of the RB Leasing F59 fleet.
  10. The source you're thinking of may not be the same source where the information came from. But, I'm sure someone will give them a look-see in time to figure out which is which... I'm not aware of any of the ex-GO units being scrapped en-masse except for the 3(?) that CAD Rail scrapped. Unless you mean the five that NC Dot had turned into cab control cars.
  11. Sources indicate they are ex-AMTK 317 & 394 (which is which is yet to be determined, both previously rotting away at NRE), with the work done by NRE Mount Vernon shops. Most of the ex-GO F59 units that RBRX was leasing out seem to have found second homes by now (with the few remaining as leasers on Metrolink sold to LTEX a few years back for continued leasing), so obtaining some of those now would probably be a no-go. They'd likely cost much more than a pair of F40 hulks anyway.
  12. I think D40LF 333 might be pooched, it hasn't shown up out in service for a good while now. 546, 547 and 623 likely done as well, as those have been MIA over the past little while (I suspect retired when the other remaining 500's were). EDIT: after a good long absence, 333 appears to be back in service (as of March 13th).
  13. 1819 (SW) showed up on the 85 Rutherford this PM. 1824 (SE) on the 303 too.
  14. Brand new YRT XD40 1817 on its first day in service, Feb 1st 2019: https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/File:York_Region_Transit_1817-a.jpg
  15. YRT Promaster 1897 noted driving around today, so there's at least 8 of them in that series if not more (1890-1897).
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