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  1. D. DeLarge

    YRT Retirements

    New plates on reactivated previously retired units (all verified): 546: 220 4BK 547: 220 5BK 623: 220 6BK With the bunch of units sold off recently, that leaves 550, 554, and 619-621 stored out of service or retired without disposition.
  2. D. DeLarge

    YRT Retirements

    547 was out on the 21 this AM. Not sure if it was a change-off for another unit (I seem to recall checking earlier and seeing 709 in its place with 507 as the other unit, but I could be wrong). It's also been re-plated and sports a new high license plate: 220 5BK. Haven't seen one out in SW territory in a long while, but I suppose if they really needed a spare bus...