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  1. It even spits out the error for uploading files less than 1 MB.
  2. At least some if not most school specials did run today, albeit empty and some possibly signed Not in Service.
  3. The 2003 D40LF fleet appears to be down to just one or two units left in active service: 312 and possibly 324. The other remaining formerly active units (318, 323, 330 and 335) haven’t run in service since late October, despite being out very regularly almost every day before that.
  4. New plates observed on a bunch of the 2200’s in service so far: 2211 - 181 5BM 2212 - 184 6BM 2214 - 184 7BM 2216 - 184 8BM 2217 - 183 8BM 2220 - 184 5BM 2222 - 184 4BM 2224 - 184 9BM
  5. Three of the remaining five YRT 300’s (318, 323, & 335) holding down 3 of the 4 Route 7 PM rush hour runs the other evening. With the low amount left, one is lucky to find two on a specific route at any given time.
  6. From another group, there's a bunch delivered and waiting to be put into service, which will likely spell the end of the remaining few 300's and possibly the 400's as well.
  7. I suspected as much when during its latest run (Sep 9th on the 12) it was changed off before completing that block, and hadn't shown up since. There's at least 7-8 other 300's that haven't shown up since various times in June-Aug (in addition to the bunch retired in Feb-Apr), so they're likely retired. Seven units (312, 318, 323, 324, 330, 334 & 335) are regularly out in service each week, so they're probably running them until they experience major failures or get replaced by new 2200's.
  8. And there’s portable signs set up at the terminals informing passengers where to wait/board the 720.
  9. That explains it, there’s more than enough still floating around all the time to miss the ones parked. Some quick number crunching online shows 313, 316, 317, 321, 322, 327, 329, and 333 all last active in either March or April (that’s in addition to retired 326 and 332). It wouldn’t surprise me if the rest get “permanently parked” after the school specials end for the summer in a week or so.
  10. Most if not all seem to be still active and out in service on a regular basis (albeit mostly on rush hour runs). 332 hasn’t been in service since 04-22-2021 (last run on the 4) so that one is probably pooched for good. Although, in terms of missing buses, 520 was MIA for months and months before all of the sudden entering service again…
  11. To recap, the original proposal sent to the commission was for two units to be preserved and restored, it wasn’t formally mentioned which but likely 2252 & 2444. A third bus wasn’t mentioned, but evidently 2345 was not disposed and retained as a parts unit for the process. This was all before the TTC got the 8058 back from the HCRY, and there was a lot of humming and hawing about its own future due to the 8058’s deteriorated condition while stored outdoors for years (for a time, ideas about using 8058’s older interior components in another bus floated around). At present, it looks like only 2252 (done) and 8058 (underway) will be the two restored, but who knows if things change again or someone decides to do another. Presuming 8058 will be done in its as-delivered livery, a third done in the CLRV livery would be nice…but just how much extra use or need they’ll have for 3 restored old GMs is another question.
  12. YRT’s basically operating a version of the 720 now: a few extra Wonderland shuttle buses operate on the weekend providing express service between Wonderland (street loading on Jane) , Vaughan Mills and VMC subway. They operate express northbound (deadheading back NIS) until around 1-2pm, then after run express southbound. The new terminal is under construction at the north end, with much of the bus loop and platforms already in, and the main terminal building being built. The road is being widened and the old Major Mac underpasses have already been rebuilt in the area. IIRC there were plans to extend the 165 Weston west to terminate there as well.
  13. Word is, many Canadian transit agencies didn't take much to the radical RTS design, so GM introduced what was basically an upgraded version of the NewLook, the Classic, for the Canadian market (some US buyers purchased them too). And even then, a few agencies opted to continue buying NewLooks as late as 1986.
  14. That Orion I appears to be a 35' suburban model, 01.505. There weren't too many buyers of those, including among others a pair of Charterways units (sold to Transit Cape Breton in 1986) and a ton for Grey Goose Bus Lines out of Fort McMurray AB (which would be my guess). https://www.angelfire.com/ca/TORONTO/builders/orion1.html There's a Vaughan-area limo operator that owns a very similar looking 35' suburban unit (also of unknown origins), but that's 100% not the same unit.
  15. There’s two there: 210 by the road, and the other 217 is buried behind the school partially blocked by a tent. There is security on site though, watching during off-hours.
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