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  1. I'm a bit late on this, but last weekend on Sunday(Oct 17) was there a DE60LFR running 52 Dundas? Or did I just read the sign incorrectly?
  2. 0210 outside Eastgate Mall: http://maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&layer=...mp;t=h&z=16 0401 outside Limeridge Mall: http://maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&layer=...mp;t=h&z=16
  3. I just got the new bus schedule for Sept. 2009 for 5 Delaware, but is there a typo? The route times for the Head Street and Governor's buses have been switched. For example, instead of the Governor's bus passing by McMaster at 3:00, it is now either 2:45 or 3:15, which is currently the schedule for the Head Street bus. It also doesn't make sense because according to this new schedule, buses arriving at the end of the Governors route (say 9:48) will now have a layover of an hour before they leave as the next bus downtown at 10:42. It used to be arrive at end of Governors 9:20 and leave for downtown at 9:42, a 20 minute layover.
  4. On the front of an HSR transfer: "Transfer must be obtained at time of payment while boarding. Transfer will not be re-issued. Expired Transfer will not be accepted." On the back of an HSR transfer: "Transfer is valid on the day of issue only. Transfers are only valid for use by the customer to whom the transfer was issued. The time shown on the transfer is the expiry time. It is the passenger's responsibility to complete their trip within the time allotted on the transfer. Expired transfer will not be accepted. Transfer may be used at any designated bus area on any regular scheduled route in any direction Transfer is not valid unless properly punched by the bus operator. Passenger shall obtain transfer at time when fare is paid. Complete transfer must be displayed to Operator at time of boarding Mutilated transfer are not acceptable. In case of dispute, passenger is requested to pay fare, retain transfer and contact HSR Customer Services"
  5. 0406 is being towed right now on Governors Rd by the Shoppers in Dundas.
  6. 0705 had a really rough idle today for a short while. After stopping at a stop, the bus shook violently (similar to the Novas), and dark smoke was being emitted from the exhaust until the driver turned it off. After waiting for about a minute or so, the bus was restarted and things were back to normal.
  7. Why do some of the newer D40LFs already have issues with the stop request light? Some barely light up, are very dim, and very unevenly lit. As well, 0821's blue interior LED lights were flickering on and off, like there was a loose connection.
  8. 9711 has been broken down since 8-9am this morning in Dundas (by Ogilvie and Governors). It's now 3pm and still hasn't been towed away. EDIT: At 4:20 it was finally towed away. I just missed a picture opportunity because it was hauled out right when I got there.
  9. 8806 is still kicking around, today it was on 51.
  10. I actually quite like the Orion VIs. The sound of the engine/exhaust is simply amazing to hear! I'm happy the LFS are going away, no more loud rattles!
  11. Yeah saw that trolley as well! It was parked just outside of the Carnegie Gallery. Today I noticed some buses with a little rope/cable thing sticking out at the bottom near the front doors...is that a curb sensor of some sorts?
  12. Was on HSR 0519 yesterday and the ride was very weird. It felt almost as if the bus was moving "sideways" at some points as if the alignment was off, or the axle was not properly perpendicular to the bus.
  13. I'm almost positive I was on the 9607 today. It was quite jerky while accelerating in it's first gear, almost as if the driver was constantly letting off the throttle and then accelerating right after over and over. Might of have something to do with the breakdown posted earlier. Sorry no, I didn't think of getting a picture of it.
  14. HSR 8706 was signed "50 Dundas via Main West" today on route 5/52. Guess it's running for overflow because I've seen a high floor Classic on the 5 route a few other times.
  15. The HSR 0201 broke down on campus at McMaster. It was just towed away
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