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  1. I can't tell you if it will go out tomorrow, but I can tell you that there are now at least 4 of them in RTC. While 19402 was already out, I drove past the depot and saw three others inside. I couldn't see very well from afar, but it looked like the fourth bus was 19406. (Too lazy to wander over to track 52 where they were parked...)
  2. Named after the person who invented it, Trayvon MacIntyre.
  3. 19401 was in RTC this morning, with plates. Presumably being used for training today.
  4. Might as well. I think it's gone. Unless it was secretly saved and is now sitting in someone's driveway under a tarp so nobody will find out...
  5. Put it this way. When it was first spotted at BTC painted in the RapidBus test scheme, I assumed that the bus had initially been sent there for other reasons.
  6. The fact that 12024 was even running should be considered a special sighting...
  7. I was also told that part of the process takes place in Napannee, Indiana. (I had to clarify that wasn't Napanee, Ontario, hometown of Avril Lavigne. )
  8. It hasn't been standard practice for other CMBC bus deliveries, as most have been delivered by road under their own power, with the exception of the New Flyer trolleys which were delivered by flat deck truck. (I think that the old Flyer trolleys from the '80s were delivered by rail though.) One commonality though is that the ex-GO double deckers that were bought by Wilson's in Victoria were also shipped by rail from Ontario to BC.
  9. I didn't see it in the RTC retirement line.
  10. You mean they were supposed to enter service in October. Thus far, there is still only one on the property at RTC, and it hasn't been commissioned yet (no plates). Also, there has not even been so much as an announcement about vehicle characteristics training for operators, which was supposed to start in mid-September. Even once the buses start being commissioned, it is unlikely that they will enter service until that training has been completed. So it's probably going to be a while yet.
  11. Similarly, a right turn wire from southbound Main to westbound Hastings was installed in 2015 to allow for detouring of the 4 and 7 off Pender Street during the sewer upgrades.
  12. That is complete and utter bollocks. Or, as a member on this board from Quebec likes to say, oxdung.
  13. If you had been looking yesterday morning, you would have seen 18462 on a "403 TO STEVESTON & SHELL"...
  14. 9233 is in the retirement line at RTC.
  15. I can confirm that 9231 was parked in RTC last night. Also spotted 9235 being driven in early this afternoon, by a mechanic, but T-Comm shows it went out in service this morning anyway on RTC routes.
  16. ...in before someone says it happened because of the weight imbalance created by the offset engine in the L-drive Novas...
  17. The semi-official answer to that is "most likely". It isn't a done deal yet, but apparently as of last week, the main consideration was the cost of cycling the buses to RTC for maintenance from whatever depot the 555 will run from, versus the cost of deadheading and travel time from RTC compared to from HTC. At this point, my understanding is that they are leaning towards simply running the 555 out of RTC, at least for the time being.
  18. On the topic of the 301: The double deckers are scheduled to begin entering service in October. I have been told that operator training will begin in mid-September. The 301, however, will begin operation out of RTC starting Labour Day. I have made some inquiries through official channels in an effort to determine what bus types will be allocated to the 301 on an interim basis before the double deckers are ready. The answer I received was "that's highway work, it will be done with Orions". This fits with my hypothesis that all of Surrey's Orions will follow the 301 to RTC, especially since the 503 will operate with artics, thereby meaning there will no longer be any need to have Orions based at STC. @UpLift Vancouver will likely welcome this news.
  19. Well, it was fueled this morning and spotted being driven around the yard... so...
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