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  1. @Stormscapeis pretty much correct on this one. The same applies for regular service blocks that get short-turns for which no destination sign exists, although in this case it could be easier just to display the regular sign and then make an announcement a few stops before the short turn that the bus will go out of service at that location. One pertinent example of this: there is no destination sign code for "301 TO SCOTTSDALE", although this is the obvious location to short-turn 301s running late out of Richmond - or even out of Surrey, because there isn't really anywhere convenient to tu
  2. The easiest way to think of it is how New Flyer brands the ADL Enviro 200 as a "New Flyer MiDi" in North America. Mind you, that was before NFI acquired ADL, so it's probably only a matter of time before the Enviro 500 starts being branded as a "New Flyer DD45LF"... It was a Yaxing JS6830GHP, to be exact. I think the badging even appeared on the rear of the bus. Unfortunately I don't have any photos to confirm, I would have taken photos of 7130 from every angle when I saw it at the Squamish garage during the 2010 Olympics, but those photos were lost in a hard drive crash several
  3. There are at least a couple of dozen new Yaxings for BCT parked at Cullen in Port Kells. Numbers are in the low 4200s. I confirmed 4225, 4226 and 4230. Also, this morning three other Yaxings were spotted driving on Highway 17 near 104th Avenue eastbound. I didn't catch the number on the first one, but the other two were 4456 and 4457. Not sure where they were coming from or where they were headed.
  4. Run box said 13. I don't know offhand if it was a tripper though.
  5. I had a chance to try out the new bus simulator at CMBC Training last week. ...it essentially felt like a life-sized, 180-degree surround version of Midtown Madness. Complete with the physics realism. Even the map, "Safety City", bore some similarities to both Chicago and San Francisco! The only thing missing was the "Sleep with the fishes!" message that pops up when you end up in the water. (Don't ask...)
  6. T-Comm announced just after 11 am that a bus bridge was being set up between Columbia and 22nd Street Station. They didn't say why at the time. I don't know how long it was running for though.
  7. Those are known internally as the "Bingo Specials". If I remember right, they're blocks 97, 98 and 99 on the 022 line group.
  8. The Brighouse Bus Mall opened this morning as planned, with the 406 and 408 now stopping inside the loop. In the midst of the signage changes, the bus stop sign at the former Bay 7 (SB No. 3 Road FS Cook Road, beside Richmond Centre) was removed entirely, by mistake. The Brighouse Station timing point for the southbound 403 has been relocated upstream to Bay 5 (SB No. 3 Road FS Saba Road). That ought to make the AM 301 drivers happy...
  9. Done, and I merged the other thread into this one. Some posts were removed to eliminate confusion.
  10. 555 PORT MANN EXP / TO 156 ST ONLY (Which is technically possible now that the NIS routing has been changed...)
  11. At some point during construction of the Canada Line in the mid-2000s, the 3 was semi-permanently truncated at Chinatown. It probably had something to do with work being done near Waterfront Station, but I don't remember details. I do remember that this was before the new trolleys had been delivered, and of course there was no rollsign exposure for "Chinatown" in the old trolleys, so the signs were simply left on "3 Main" and a small card marked "Chinatown" was placed in the front windshield. I might have pictures somewhere.
  12. Someone must have gotten the address wrong. Should have been sent to Mitchell Island.
  13. They've been doing that for years. I remember seeing D40s and D60LFs get that treatment back in the mid-2000s!
  14. In theory, damage could be caused at any speed. It largely depends on the condition of the overhead and the trolley shoes. On my very first day driving trolley by myself, I completely forgot about the PO/PO switch S/B Oak just nearside of 41st, where one would coast to continue straight ahead on Oak or power to select the left turn wire onto EB 41st, used by NIS coaches to OTC in the past. I went through the switch at 50 km/h, but nothing happened. The poles stayed attached to the wires and going in the correct direction. If the poles had ended up on the other wire, they would definitely
  15. Someone hasn't mastered the use of the clutch on hills yet?!
  16. If that ends up being the case, maybe I'd consider signing the 430 again... ... ..... ....... ......... ...... .... ... ...nah, I'd still avoid that dumpster fire like the 14th-century plague.
  17. 15014, 15020 and at least one other XDE60 have returned to RTC.
  18. 15019 and 15021 were in RTC this morning.
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