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  1. 2017 Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 trial

    Because people have no common sense.
  2. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    There is more than one.
  3. Vancouver: T-Comm "E-Sightings"

    T-Comm indicates that 1009 is out right now on the 301. Now would be the time to get pictures of it, because not only is this supposed to be the last week of the trial, but we were also told that the double deckers would NOT run in the snow!
  4. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    A quick glance at T-Comm actually shows five 40-footers on the 49. Don't forget about those 161xx XD40s!
  5. Dennis Tsang's T-Comm has made the news

    ...or this could just be locked. Done!
  6. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    This could fall under T-Comm E-Sightings, but I did see it with my own eyes, soooo... I didn't realize until this morning that there is an AM tripper out of STC that does one round each on the C87 and C86 Ladner shuttle routes. I was a little bit surprised this morning as I was leaving Ladner Exchange to spot 7474 turning off of eastbound Ladner Trunk onto Harvest coming into Ladner Exchange on the C86!
  7. You sure as hell don't look your age then! At least, you didn't about 8 or 9 years ago...
  8. New Flyer D40LF Retirement / Storage watch

    If I remember right, the transmission gave up the ghost.
  9. Vancouver: T-Comm "E-Sightings"

    RTC's were scheduled until 2930. All the brand-new operators fresh out of class were working them...
  10. 2017 Garage Transfers and Storage Reactivations

    Nope. They were running out of RTC. They were on the RTC track sheets and both 7197 and 7407 were spotted in RTC that evening. The 32s are on the 405 line group, not the 401. The 480 still has its own line group. Weekday 49s will be back on the 480 line group (as was the case before the 49s were moved back to VTC) starting the January sheet. Weekend 49s will remain on the 401 line group.
  11. 2017 Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 trial

    BOTH deckers were on Track 1 at RTC tonight. Not sure if this is significant though.
  12. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    That's recent, but the door was probably just from the parts they have in stock. That being said, however, 9281 now has matching door panels. A month or so ago, the driver that relieves me on Mondays and Tuesdays reported that the doors weren't closing properly. That was on a Friday. By Monday, one of the doors had been replaced. The kicker: it was the remaining original door that was replaced... with a single pane door from a 2001 V.
  13. 2017 Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 trial

    T-Comm has not been showing assignment history or schedule adherence for the last couple of days, but one of the deckers was on a 354 yesterday afternoon. I spotted it pulling into South Surrey Park and Ride at approximately 1700.
  14. 2017 Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 trial

    So, did anyone send you any pics ??? 1009 definitely did make it into service yesterday morning, at about 6:30 am I saw it coming up Highway 99 near the Highway 91 junction signed up as "351 Bridgeport Stn" as I was heading in the opposite direction to start my own 351 from 128th and Crescent Road. 1008 was being used for training in the morning, because when I got back to the yard just before 8, it was sitting in the wheelchair lift testing zone with an instructor on board. I don't know if there was any training scheduled for the afternoon though.
  15. 2017 Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 trial

    Go wait at a street corner on one of the routes it's likely to be on, and hope for the best. Like we did ten plus years ago.