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  1. New Flyer D40LF Retirement / Storage watch

    Did you see if there was anybody else on the bus?
  2. Vancouver Special Sightings

    Which is funny, because I'd be willing to bet a good number of those HTC drivers haven't had North Van route training...
  3. No, they're on the 70.
  4. Why, are you planning to move there or something?
  5. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    When the XD40s first came out, I was in Richmond, and I drove a few of them over the span of a couple of months. In my limited experience with them, compared to the XN40s, I can say this. The transmissions are programmed differently on the diesels, it feels like they upshift far too soon, meaning the engine RPMs are kept artificially low, reducing torque. The CNGs are not muzzled quite as drastically, possibly due to the fact that they are heavier and thus need more power from the engine to get going, but I have come across at least one XN40 (16018 I think it was) which felt like it was programmed the same way as the diesels. Sometimes, on the XN40s, if you let off the throttle at the wrong moment, the bus will jerk slightly, and it's not the retarder kicking in because the retarder on all the diesel and CNG Xcelsiors is actuated by the brake pedal. It doesn't even need to be a harsh motion of the foot, I believe it's based on the RPM of the engine. I do not recall the XD40s doing this. I did, however, feel like the retarders on the XD40s are stronger than the XNs, but this may also be a product of the extra weight in the XNs. My main point here: if the problem is mostly limited to the Xcelsiors, it's not fair to blame the operator 100% for the behaviour of the bus. I do agree that some of my esteemed colleagues may not be putting in the required effort to drive smoothly, and I also feel that the XN40s are beautiful machines that can be driven smoothly if operated properly. (And I know this puts me in a minority among my colleagues.)
  6. Transit in Vancouver: Questions and Answers

    Those are two of the three, the third being "meet". If the comment says "meet", the bus which arrives first must wait for the other bus, except in extenuating circumstances (such as, if all service is running unpredictably late due to weather conditions). "Wait" is simply a less imperative version of a "meet" - if it looks like the other bus is nearby, wait for it to arrive and exchange passengers. "Watch" carries must less weight, and can often be seen in places where the timing points are close enough together that connections could be made without the necessity of a meet (for example, Bus A is supposed to arrive in a transit exchange three or four minutes before Bus B departs, and Bus B would normally take connecting passengers from Bus A, but because it's in a loop, Bus B will likely already be waiting there anyway). There have been instances in the past of "impossible meets". The N16, for example, had several meets, like most of the other Nightbuses. The third northbound trip had a meet with the N35 at Hastings and Renfrew, to allow passengers from Renfrew to make their way downtown. Usually both buses arrived around the same time. Heading southbound though, there was a meet with the N9 at Broadway, and this meet was impossible to make, because the N9 never got there on time. I remember speculating that the timing could have been a relic from when the N9 ran once every half hour from downtown at :09 and :39, and that the meet with the N16 was compromised when the N9's frequency was bumped up to 20 minutes, with trips leaving downtown at :09, :29 and :49, because I didn't have any issues with the N9 meet when I did the fourth and final N16, which met at Broadway with the N9 that left downtown at 27:09. Any time I did the third N16, I'd arrive at Broadway up to 7 minutes early, but when I monitored the progress of the N9 I was supposed to meet, by the time I was supposed to be leaving, the N9 would only be at Broadway and Cambie. Waaaay too far away to be worth waiting for. I don't think I ever made that meet even once.
  7. Transit in Vancouver: Questions and Answers

    On a similar note, there are also at least one or two 106s on weekday mornings that enter service WB Edmonds at Canada Way (going towards Metrotown). This is likely also a relic from the BTC era, when buses would come out NIS likely via Highway 1, Kensington, Canada Way to Edmonds. From HTC, however, the routing from the Queensborough Bridge is via EB 6th Avenue, left on 8th St, then up Canada Way and left on Edmonds. For a bus coming into service, this makes absolutely no sense, but to start the trip in service from New West Station would require adding service hours, and the one time I drove that particular 106 there were actually quite a few riders at that hour (it was about 5:30 am or so), so it likely couldn't be cut back to Edmonds Station. Regarding that last 112 from Metrotown, it meets up with the last 19 that comes into the loop. The 19 is due in (and out) at 26:25, and the 112 is due out at 26:30. The 19 turns around and runs in service to Kingsway and Joyce (and then, like the few before it, continues from there as a 41 to Oak), and has a meet out on Kingsway with the N19 for any passengers who need to get downtown, since the regular 19 doesn't go all the way.
  8. 2017 Garage Transfers and Storage Reactivations

    I drove that thing on Wednesday... Then again, I was also the last guy to drive 9472 before it went back to VTC, but I apparently broke the main power inverter and the bus was down for 2 weeks.
  9. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    The Xcelsiors, at least the XN40s and XD40s (I don't remember if the first batch of XDE60s were the same) are governed to 100 km/h. I believe that most of the Nova hybrids are governed slightly higher. I'm guessing most of the "jerkers" in Hamilton were drivers you encountered on XN40s. Notwithstanding what captaintrolley said, the XN40s are noticeably difficult to drive smoothly. It takes a significant amount more effort to be smooth with those than with, say, a hybrid, such as the Nova hybrids that make up the majority of the remainder of HTC's fleet. By contrast, unless you really hammer the brakes hard, it is almost impossible to drive a hybrid in a jerky manner! Fun fact: you can pulse the throttle on a hybrid as much as you want, at any speed, and the bus won't jerk, mainly because of the delayed response to throttle input. If you put in the effort on the XN40s, the ride will not be as jerky, but my guess is that a lot of drivers are more focused on maintaining the schedule than in providing a smooth ride. At least, if my ride home on 14036 the other night (after haven driven the bus for more than 8 hours, and then handed it off to the next guy who would only drive it for two) was any indication.
  10. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    I believe that your experience was an exception rather than the norm. In my experience, thanking the driver is quite common here, and it seems to me that it only becomes less so if the driver does not foster a positive experience on the bus right from the moment the doors are opened. As a driver, I feel that I can set the tone for someone's bus ride. If I open the door and greet people with nothing more than eye contact and a smile, even without saying anything, I find that more people are likely to thank me as they disembark. If I look at boarding passengers with a neutral expression, or if my attention is not focused fully on my intending customers (for example, if I'm watching the rear doors, or I just took over the bus and I'm simultaneously loading passengers and adjusting my seat/mirrors, or if I'm stopped awkwardly and need to keep an eye on my left mirror), then the majority of people will just disembark without saying a word.
  11. 2014(-2017) Standard 40' Bus Procurement

    Except that it was running in service for a while, so whatever happened this time happened after it was delivered. I did see it getting towed out of HTC this past week,
  12. New Flyer D40LF Retirement / Storage watch

    It's not showing on T-Comm for some reason, but 7155 is back in service. I saw it this afternoon at 22nd St Station as a 340. It was already mentioned in another thread that 7168 returned to service two days ago, but the destination sign wasn't working. Someone made up card signs for 112, 116, 129.
  13. Vancouver Special Sightings

    It must have been. That's the only time you'll ever see a trolley on the 41.
  14. Translink Refurbishments

    I forgot my tire shine...
  15. 2017 Garage Transfers and Storage Reactivations

    Those were the two buses I kept getting repeatedly when I was at RTC. Over and over.