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  1. That reminds me of the White Star Line's RMS Olympic war colours.
  2. Technically, "the older buses don't allow us to do that" is also incorrect. The flipdot signs might not be able to display stacked text, but in Toronto, the old TTC buses (GM fishbowls and Flyer D901s, for instance) used scrolling to display two-part destinations. Where the problem arose, in my opinion, was with PR messages, because that would result in a scrolling cycle like "129 MCCOWAN NORTH / TO MAJOR MACKENZIE DRIVE / EXTRA FARE REQUIRED / NORTH OF STEELES", which might leave riders waiting at a stop served by multiple routes not knowing if the approaching bus is the one they want, until
  3. I agree with this, wholeheartedly. Mostly because it's been done before. Before the old artics were retired, five of them had luggage racks installed opposite the centre doors, and it certainly made things easier on the 620, not just because it cut down drastically on the amount of luggage blocking the aisles, but also because it gave people a place to safely stow oversized items. Case in point: one guy once boarded my rack-equipped, crowded 620 at Ladner Exchange with a full-length surfboard. With standees in the aisle, I might have had to tell him I didn't have room to accommodate both
  4. The first few 311s out of Scottsdale in the morning are pretty much always deckers.
  5. I'm hearing from a reliable source that the 340 is set to begin double decker operation in September of this year, and as such, the route will run out of RTC. No other information at this point, but that explains why the Height Clearance Test Bus has been seen at 22nd Street Station a few times in recent months.
  6. Good as new! Well, the dimmer switch for the left side interior lights is faulty, and the cashbox alarm was triggered by going over a bump on 72nd and the op couldn't reach in behind to unplug it because his hands are too big, so it was beeping non-stop all the way from Scottsdale to Brighouse... But other than that, it's fine.
  7. I'm pretty sure the 555 frequency has also been reduced from every 10 minutes to every 12 minutes during peak hours. This reduces the total number of buses from 6 to 5.
  8. This is most likely what happened. When road changes are done involving garage-bound buses, typically T-Comm will just try to find whatever bus will be closest to the BO bus at the right time, no matter the type - as long as the bus is suitable for the run needing the bus change. A long time ago, when doing the 50 at about 1 am, I was asked to NIS from Keefer and Taylor (my final terminus before going NIS to VTC) to Pender and Seymour, to change with a #19 that had broken down. The trolley that had been on that run was not drivable, so the supervisor had to give me a ride back to the garage fr
  9. @Stormscapeis pretty much correct on this one. The same applies for regular service blocks that get short-turns for which no destination sign exists, although in this case it could be easier just to display the regular sign and then make an announcement a few stops before the short turn that the bus will go out of service at that location. One pertinent example of this: there is no destination sign code for "301 TO SCOTTSDALE", although this is the obvious location to short-turn 301s running late out of Richmond - or even out of Surrey, because there isn't really anywhere convenient to tu
  10. The easiest way to think of it is how New Flyer brands the ADL Enviro 200 as a "New Flyer MiDi" in North America. Mind you, that was before NFI acquired ADL, so it's probably only a matter of time before the Enviro 500 starts being branded as a "New Flyer DD45LF"... It was a Yaxing JS6830GHP, to be exact. I think the badging even appeared on the rear of the bus. Unfortunately I don't have any photos to confirm, I would have taken photos of 7130 from every angle when I saw it at the Squamish garage during the 2010 Olympics, but those photos were lost in a hard drive crash several
  11. There are at least a couple of dozen new Yaxings for BCT parked at Cullen in Port Kells. Numbers are in the low 4200s. I confirmed 4225, 4226 and 4230. Also, this morning three other Yaxings were spotted driving on Highway 17 near 104th Avenue eastbound. I didn't catch the number on the first one, but the other two were 4456 and 4457. Not sure where they were coming from or where they were headed.
  12. Run box said 13. I don't know offhand if it was a tripper though.
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