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  1. Good thing it's not a Note 7. Take a pic of a Nova Hybrid with one of those and they'll BOTH explode...
  2. I've done exactly that before. The problem is that "601 to Steveston Hwy" is technically incorrect, because it bypasses Ladner altogether, just like the 602 does, and this can be misleading to people boarding the bus in Tsawwassen. I had that debate with an acting road supervisor once in RTC. My point was that by using the route number 601, we're conveying the false impression that the bus services Ladner. Similarly, there is (or was, I'm assuming it still exists) a very late night 403 out of Riverport that always displayed "403 to Steveston and Shell" when in actual fact the last stop was Steveston and No. 5 Road, because it then went NIS via Coppersmith Place. There is a sign code for "403 to Five Road" but the TMAC was programmed to load the sign code for Steveston and Shell. (Also worth noting, the operator you observed must have changed the sign manually using the ODK, rather than changing it through TMAC, and when you do it manually, the exterior announcement doesn't change, so the destination sign would show 602, but Crystal would still announce "601 to Steveston Highway". I dunno, I guess they stopped every 50 metres to ask for help because they were so totally lost without the flashy lights telling them the cops are looking for some crackhead who escaped from his halfway house... Come on, you gotta give us a bit more credit than that. If you go off route, the TMAC becomes useless. It's not a GPS, all it does is list the next few stops on your route, and as soon as you deviate from the route, the screen is wiped blank and simply shows "Off Route Position". Also do you mind telling me why you find it "annoying" to see bus drivers listening to music while they drive? (I assume you mean with an earbud. If someone has a portable radio blasting away on their dash, that's another story.) There is no TMAC reception in the tunnel. If a message (or a call, for that matter) is sent while a bus is in the tunnel, that bus won't receive the message until it emerges at the other end. At which point, it's likely already too late anyway...
  3. Approximately 33% fewer than the number of 40 buses it can hold.
  4. Thank YOU very much... now just gotta get rid of 9477, 9484 and 9495...
  5. Must have been a while ago, because it's in HTC right now. (As are 8004 and 8024, those are the only artics in the HTC dead line.)
  6. That particular block used to do only one trip on the 311, the 7:05 am departure out of Scottsdale. (The piece of work was less than 2 hours depot to depot.) I did it a few times and every time I had an Orion, but one of my friends told me he quite often would get a D40LF when he did that run. I think since it was such a short run, it wasn't high on the priority list for Orions if there weren't enough buses in the morning.
  7. Couldn't tell you why, but 7414 rolled into HTC tonight just before 22:00.
  8. 1. I don't think so, it's just the way it's designed. 2. I don't think that there is a switch, but it is true that some are quieter than others. I haven't come across any that are truly silent though.
  9. I assume the C40LFRs are slowly starting to come back online. P3333, which T-Comm shows as having done an afternoon tripper today, was actually driven out of HTC sometime between 13:00 and 14:00 today, so it must have been sent straight back to Poco and put into service.
  10. There are only about a half-dozen retired buses at RTC now. 7195 is there, as well as 7270, couple of 7300s and I believe also at least one D60LF (a high-numbered unit from Poco). There are two full tracks of retired D40LF, C40LF and D60LF at HTC.
  11. 3285 is dead. It's at RTC. The line-up of C40LFRs has been whittled down somewhat. They've been cycling them through the shops one or two at a time. There are still at least seven or eight parked on track 25, and there may be a few more parked out behind the shops.
  12. 14044 is back at HTC.
  13. Put his name on the shortlist for Dumbass of the Year,
  14. I stand corrected - 9775 was still at HTC as of 1 am this morning.
  15. It's one of the ones that has been there since the start of the Christmas sheet, so almost since the beginning of Axle-gate. (And I drove THAT one last night.)