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  1. I didn't know you bought a drone.
  2. A reliable source told me the other day that there are tentative plans to break off the 134/136 from the 410 line group. This means they would not interline with 101s at Lougheed. I don't know (and didn't ask, because I was sitting in Bay 7 at 22nd Street Station with seconds to spare before it was time to leave) what the new arrangement is likely to be. One option is to keep the 134/136 as a standalone setup not interlined with anything else at Lougheed, perhaps with its own 136 linegroup the way it was at BTC. The problem with this arrangement is that the relief point for operators would be at Lougheed Station, which right now is not used as a relief point on any regular index work owing to its distance from HTC. I suppose another option would be to interline the 136 with the 110, thereby enabling reliefs at Metrotown, but I don't know how well the schedules line up.
  3. Which was parked at the front of track 24 last night when I came in around midnight, along with 3356, so that one may be back at Poco as well.
  4. T-Comm shows it's on a 160 today, so my guess is that it went back to Poco last night as soon as it came in.
  5. I'm surprised you didn't notice that it was running out of Hamilton, not Poco.
  6. 16031 entered service today, perhaps that was it.
  7. If it was parked outside the shop on the south side of the building, then it's waiting for repairs.
  8. In this weather, that's not special.
  9. O F F S .... Next!
  10. And the line of C40LFRs on track 23 at HTC just grew again. There are at least 9 as of today.
  11. It was probably already used to make the can out of which I just drank my beer.
  12. It seems like 9533 is also at HTC. I don't like this.
  13. I don't suppose it's because you like driving them.
  14. Some of them have been appearing in a resaler's lot on Annacis Island, near the end of Cliveden by the 104 terminus.
  15. There are now six C40LFRs on track 23 at HTC, and two more in the shop.