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  1. NovaBus Suburban. I invented that term.
  2. I spotted an Orion V being towed southbound on Highway 99 near Blundell just after 6 am this morning. I wonder if it was one of the ones from Poco being towed directly to retirement. I didn't go by the depot after that so couldn't check the retirement line.
  3. ...and yet my 301 did NOT get a double decker this morning. I was not impressed. At least I got upgraded to an Orion after my NoSub developed a noxious smell inside...
  4. Are you sure about that? A few hours ago I saw it behind the shops on the south side. There was a pre trip card affixed to the farebox. The south side shop tracks were extremely congested this morning. I brought a BO Nova Suburban back and had nowhere to park it without completely blocking the thoroughfare, so I had no choice but to leave it on track 1.
  5. The Community Outreach Bus (7112) is parked in the retirement line at RTC with the dead Orions.
  6. ...alright, NOW you are allowed to post in this thread. So far I have nothing to contribute.
  7. It appears that five out of the six regular 620s today are double deckers. I guarantee that on the off chance that I was working, and doing a 620, I'd be that number six.
  8. FFS it's not 2020 yet, don't make me lock this thread until 12:01 on Wednesday morning...
  9. 19408 is going into service this afternoon.
  10. 19411 and 19424 were spotted northbound Highway 17A at Ladner Trunk at about 10 am today.
  11. It's possible that one or more of the others that were delivered last weekend may also be ready to go. They were being moved around the yard this morning.
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