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  1. At this point, there are now only two buses in the Enviro 500 order that have not yet entered service.: 19419 and 19422. 19422 is on the property. 19419 is apparently still on the island.
  2. Not entirely true. Operators who move to another depot by transfer request or are forced there (the latter scenario is rare except after completing initial training) do receive route training, but it isn't instructor led training. It's referred to as route allocation training, or RAT for short (my abbreviation, not the official company lingo 😂) , and it's really just self-study training. The depot staff will have a route book and a schedule prepared for you, and you simply ride in-service buses following that schedule. Depending on how many routes you need to learn, the RAT can be anywhere from three to five days, one day of which does consist of instructor-led training, during which time an instructor will conduct a depot orientation, vehicle characteristics training as well as route training for any routes that cannot be included in the RAT for any reason (usually NightBus, rush-hour only routes or special routings). I've worked at three depots besides VTC. For two of those, I did RAT. The only reason I received full instructor-led training for BTC was a lucky coincidence of timing - I was forced there out of training, right in the middle of the summer consolidated route training sessions, so I (and most of my classmates) simply joined the cohort of operators that had signed up to transfer there in September. When I transferred to HTC, I had to do the RAT a week after the rest of my cohort, because I had the week off and it was too late to change it, so the instructor-led day consisted of me joyriding around Burnaby in a D40LF with a senior instructor showing me all the best places to eat.
  3. Either 12024 or 16210 does as well, I forget which one.
  4. And that is perhaps what is most unfortunate about the situation we're in right now.
  5. As I recall, that is correct. It was out of service for months, possibly at least since the summer of that year.
  6. Beat me to it. I saw 19422 yesterday, but didn't see 19431. Perhaps it arrived today.
  7. The extra buses that are sent out to supplement the regular service have some flexibility because a lot of them don't have paddles, or the paddle says "subject to change per supervisor's instructions". Just yesterday I was directed by a supervisor to deadhead to Knight and Marine and do a 405, but he told me I could terminate at Richmond Centre if I didn't have any passengers that wanted to go further than that. This morning I was doing one of the 430 overloads. I had a paddle, but it only had leave times from each terminus (no mid-route timing points at Bridgeport, 49th and Knight or Mitchell Island). There was also a minor discrepancy: the paddle comments instructed the operator to run ahead of the regular service, but the departure times on the paddle were two minutes AFTER the regular service was scheduled to depart. So I just looked up the times for the regular service, and made it up as I went along based on loads. 😛
  8. 19417, 19418 and 19430 just rolled into RTC moments ago.
  9. I can't know for sure if these are transfers or not, but 9693 and 9698 are in RTC, shoved in the corner in front of the portables by the east fence. They're parked right in front of the side entrance gate, visible from the walkway behind Mark's/Nando's/Bulk Barn.
  10. According to the wiki, one time many moons ago, the 49 going towards Metrotown routed from Imperial up McKay and Maywood to Willingdon... Well, somebody tried that today. The bus was headed NIS to Metrotown, and it passed me at 49th and Kerr. He must have missed the left onto Willingdon Extension, because I saw the back end of the bus just past Ocean View as I was passing Central Park. The next thing I saw was the bus making the left onto McKay. It might have worked... except for the fact that McKay and Maywood is closed due to road construction. When I came back around, I saw the bus stranded on McKay with a supervisor van behind it, lights flashing, probably trying to help the operator back up. 😂
  11. I just uploaded over 200 photos all taken in Taiwan in 2014. Notable additions were made to: Changhua Bus (new album) Tsong-Da Bus Chuan-Hang Bus Fengyuan Bus Taichung Bus Yuanlin Bus
  12. Psst, 18456 is programming with "Rear Boarding Only"... Last Sunday afternoon, someone was clearly trolling, because I rolled into South Surrey Park and Ride, spotted the other 351 sitting there showing REAR BOARDING ONLY. Uh... what rear door...?
  13. 18459 appears to have been involved in a bust-up with a gravel truck at the Highway 99 and Steveston Highway interchange. The bus has damage to the lower side panels on the left side about midway back. The truck's (steel) front bumper was peeled back on the right side by about 90 degrees. It's not difficult if you know how to do it properly. But you have to take it slow.
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