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  1. Psst, 18456 is programming with "Rear Boarding Only"... Last Sunday afternoon, someone was clearly trolling, because I rolled into South Surrey Park and Ride, spotted the other 351 sitting there showing REAR BOARDING ONLY. Uh... what rear door...?
  2. 18459 appears to have been involved in a bust-up with a gravel truck at the Highway 99 and Steveston Highway interchange. The bus has damage to the lower side panels on the left side about midway back. The truck's (steel) front bumper was peeled back on the right side by about 90 degrees. It's not difficult if you know how to do it properly. But you have to take it slow.
  3. Think he just made a wrong turn? 😂
  4. 15006 was on the 321 this morning.
  5. 9262 is not dead. It was running this morning. 9266, on the other hand, is definitely done, if the note on the farebox is any indication.
  6. ...and I'm miffed because I'd made it my personal goal to be the first person to pull that stunt...
  7. As of this morning, 19432 is the only Enviro 500 sitting in RTC waiting to be commissioned. There have been no new recent arrivals.
  8. 19421 was supposed to go out yesterday morning, but must not have made it out of the yard, because the run it was assigned to ended up with a Nova.
  9. This image: https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/File:Perimeter_805.jpg should be renamed, but it wasn't until I looked more closely at it that I realized this is technically not a Perimeter bus at all. Given that this photo was taken in 2009, it should be Vancouver Trolley Company #805. After Perimeter went bankrupt, the Victoria Clipper contract was taken over by VTC, and during the 2009 season they operated the service using two leased ex-Perimeter MCI 102EL3s. One of them was 805 as pictured in the above photo taken by @A. Wong at Ogden Point. I think that the other one was 801. (By the 2010 season, VTC had already acquired their first two MCI D series coaches, #203 and #204, and were using those for the Clipper.)
  10. If, perchance, there is anybody who is able to identify, solely from this crappy photo I took in October 2007, the make and model of the two cutaway buses numbered 900 and 901, please feel free to either post it here for me to add it to the wiki, or add the info to the wiki at your own convenience. I had almost completely forgotten about the existence of these two units until I dug out my pictures of 902 and 903, which were acquired in 2008, and remembered that there had previously been two other similar minibuses. I never saw these two in service. This was as close as I was ever able to get to them. I assume that they are Goshen Coach bodies, based solely on the fact that they (and later also 902 and 903) were referred to internally as "the Goshens".
  11. Question for those who are familiar with Perimeter's all-time fleet roster: does anyone know whether Perimeter ever had more than four ex-Brewster MCI 102-EL3s? The series has been entered as 762-769, but I only ever saw units 762, 763, 766 and 768. I also thought they were owned outright, not leased like the H3-45s were, but I could be wrong about that. I don't want to change the entry unless I know for sure that Perimeter never had any other units in that series. [EDIT] I found the information I need, turns out that what is on the Wiki right now is correct. Those were leased buses, and some of them were returned. I'm adding some of my photos to the fleet roster, and I've also added a few entries for some more leased McMynn buses, as well as the Sprinters. There were also some 15-passenger vans, some of which had numbers recycled from the older PWT-era MCI 102C3s. I remember 690, 691, 692, 694 (694 was non-rev use only by 2007) and 700-705.
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