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  1. Here's a special sighting. MCW Metrobus tells you guys to take your arguments elsewhere or you're ALL getting two weeks in the CPTDB doghouse. (It's ok. Banned member "Promagstyle" has been squatting there for close to 12 years now. I heard that he renovated it to include a coach house for short-term tenants only.)
  2. Quite possibly running on the 98 or 97 B-Line. Back story: 8050 suffered a catastrophic engine failure one Sunday morning while on the 49. It was the bus parked right next to mine in the yard. The guy who took it out was NOT impressed that he had "this old crappy bus for a 10 hour shift". At some point in the middle of the day, so I'm told, one of the pistons shot right through the engine block. If I recall from transit fan photos I saw from that day, the replacement bus was also a D60LF, and that bus also later broke down. Thinking back, I wonder if that was the same day that I had to change off my XDE60 when the STOP ENGINE light kept coming on...
  3. Before it was moved to track 54, it sat behind the RTC shops (facing the wrong way) for several weeks. At that point there were still pieces hanging down from the engine compartment onto the ground.
  4. That's about when it showed up. I meant to post it but forgot. 😂
  5. I can tell you that CFV buses do issue transfers, and they're time-based like Vancouver's. Late last year I travelled by transit out to Mission a few times, boarding a bus at the WCE station and then using the same transfer on the same route to come back an hour later.
  6. The RTC retirement line has been completed cleaned out save for 9202.
  7. Up until a month or two ago, there were 14 D40LFs, ranging in model year from 1996 to 1999 (7100 to 7300 series), being used exclusively for training purposes. They had no fareboxes or radios, and were all parked together at VTC. Recently most of the 1996 to 1998 model units that had been repurposed as such were withdrawn and replaced with more recently retired 7300s and 7400s. I don't have a full inventory of which D40LFs the driver training department has now, but I could probably get one.
  8. This thread has been moved into Aviation Discussion as it is more pertinent to aviation than to transit.
  9. Yup, the bus came off Steveston Highway westbound, made the left onto Coppersmith and then made the left turn into the Ironwood parking lot. 😂
  10. It was today, but it wasn't me. The guy driving was wearing orange coveralls.
  11. Hey @dover5949 did you see the Orion in the Save-On-Foods parking lot?!
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