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  1. The conventional Reindeer Bus this year is one of the new 2018 Nova HEVs. I don't know the fleet number, other than that it ends with a zero. I did note, however, that the antlers have been mounted pointing backwards.
  2. "I read it on the internet, it must be true!"
  3. 19404 is scheduled to go into service this afternoon.
  4. 16214 had a driver barrier installed sometime in the past week.
  5. 9214 and 9263 are also now in the RTC retirement line. All other buses have been removed except 9206 and 9253.
  6. I can't tell you if it will go out tomorrow, but I can tell you that there are now at least 4 of them in RTC. While 19402 was already out, I drove past the depot and saw three others inside. I couldn't see very well from afar, but it looked like the fourth bus was 19406. (Too lazy to wander over to track 52 where they were parked...)
  7. Named after the person who invented it, Trayvon MacIntyre.
  8. 19401 was in RTC this morning, with plates. Presumably being used for training today.
  9. Might as well. I think it's gone. Unless it was secretly saved and is now sitting in someone's driveway under a tarp so nobody will find out...
  10. Put it this way. When it was first spotted at BTC painted in the RapidBus test scheme, I assumed that the bus had initially been sent there for other reasons.
  11. The fact that 12024 was even running should be considered a special sighting...
  12. I was also told that part of the process takes place in Napannee, Indiana. (I had to clarify that wasn't Napanee, Ontario, hometown of Avril Lavigne. )
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