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  1. The semi-official answer to that is "most likely". It isn't a done deal yet, but apparently as of last week, the main consideration was the cost of cycling the buses to RTC for maintenance from whatever depot the 555 will run from, versus the cost of deadheading and travel time from RTC compared to from HTC. At this point, my understanding is that they are leaning towards simply running the 555 out of RTC, at least for the time being.
  2. On the topic of the 301: The double deckers are scheduled to begin entering service in October. I have been told that operator training will begin in mid-September. The 301, however, will begin operation out of RTC starting Labour Day. I have made some inquiries through official channels in an effort to determine what bus types will be allocated to the 301 on an interim basis before the double deckers are ready. The answer I received was "that's highway work, it will be done with Orions". This fits with my hypothesis that all of Surrey's Orions will follow the 301 to RTC, especially since the 503 will operate with artics, thereby meaning there will no longer be any need to have Orions based at STC. @UpLift Vancouver will likely welcome this news.
  3. Well, it was fueled this morning and spotted being driven around the yard... so...
  4. I was shown pictures depicting 8036 being towed out of RTC this afternoon. Must have happened after 1300.
  5. 19404 was at RTC this morning for maintenance training.
  6. Well, it was in the dead line up until a few days ago... I guess it can now be considered a zombie bus?! (I wonder if the transmission was replaced...)
  7. If you got that report from Eric, then his information originally came from me. Yes, 9217 is dead. Up until a few weeks ago, it was one of only a few Orions that RTC has had over the past few years that I had never driven before.
  8. If you're referring to the location of the tailpipe, then no, that was a specification requested by TL. The modification resulted in the overall length of the bus being increased by 2 inches.
  9. The problem is quite simply that there is not enough space at VTC. When the yard is at capacity, it becomes difficult to "assign a track" for a specific subset of buses the night before a given bookout, because there aren't any free tracks that don't already have buses on them. When the 49 was first operated with artics out of VTC, the tracks that were used to park the 12000s on were the ones that were previously used to stage diesel buses coming back to the yard late at night. As a result, incoming diesels returning to VTC between about 2100 and the end of service were often instructed to park "at the bus stop" - the mockup platform that is located along the fence between the main yard and the west annex. This could result in buses lined up along the fence and situations of just "park wherever there's space!" VTC has been at or close to capacity for a very long time now. When the yard is almost full, there is very little wiggle room to park buses where you want to.
  10. It's still sitting there, along with the three other Orions (9202, 9226, 9253).
  11. Close enough. That would give them a lifespan of approximately 18 years, since the majority of the fleet was delivered in late 2006 through 2007.
  12. Perhaps sooner. I believe that the current trolley fleet will be up for renewal again in 2025. That's from what I recall when the order was placed.
  13. Welcome to Vancouver! This morning I spotted 19302 and 19304 being driven northbound on Highway 99 around Blundell Road, about two hours apart from each other.
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