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  1. Lol yeah I noticed that today. It says it like “Ah-vee-new”
  2. I’m not sure about these buses specifically, but YRT mentions on their website there are 6 fully electric buses that will be used in Newmarket https://www.yrt.ca/Modules/News/index.aspx?feedId=61871a87-3a4a-4422-a905-45226803e0f1&newsId=b8587180-5af8-4b6c-a7b3-a792084bfd7a On the last paragraph of this link
  3. Yesterday afternoon on the Stouffville Line, I spotted an all Metrolinx-livery trainset 665-4086-4153-4147-4017-4512-4014-4060-4085-4008-4143-4022-321
  4. Does anyone know the status of 512? This was the bus involved in the collision on Oxford street where it ended up through the side of a building in December. According to Transsee this vehicle hasn’t been in service since real-time data became available for LTC.
  5. Not sure how recent this is since I haven’t rode Viva in a while and don’t think anyone has mentioned it, but I was on 1395 today and noticed it had free wifi on board And, well, in other news, here’s the service changes for June 30 https://www.yrt.ca/en/schedules-and-maps/service-changes.aspx Lots of service decreases with the rationale that YRT is “reallocating resources to improve routes with higher ridership”. As to what those improvements are, uhhh...I dunno because there really aren’t any. Maybe next time 🙄 edit: also, to answer your question @Tom1122, I was checking the fare changes here https://www.yrt.ca/Modules/News/index.aspx?feedId=61871a87-3a4a-4422-a905-45226803e0f1&newsId=b8587180-5af8-4b6c-a7b3-a792084bfd7a and it mentions at the bottom of the page 6 electric buses will be operating in Newmarket some time this year
  6. YRT 1069 is on route 1, and will be there for most of the afternoon edit: never mind, it’s been changed off and replaced by 1616
  7. I don’t think thats right. Jane Station to Pioneer Village is about 16km. So a round trip would be 32km
  8. Spotted TTC 8072 broken down on Warden SB on the bridge over the 401. Was in the process of being hooked up to a tow truck at 11:10PM As for what it was doing there, I don’t know. Deadheading to the Line 3 shuttle maybe?
  9. Just spotted car 3011 on a flatbed truck, heading EB on highway 407 at Bathurst. Coming back from refurb?
  10. Guess I’ll share this here. YRT 1013 is currently parked at a repair shop on Heritage Rd, near Markville Mall
  11. I still remember when they first proposed that Frequent Transit Network a few years ago and route 2 and 16 (among others) were supposed to have 15 minute service during rush hours which has...still not happened and I think actually got worse last year. At least they didn’t mention the Cornell Terminal in the service plan this year 🙄. However, my sister did mention to me a few weeks ago they may have actually started some construction on that? Does anyone know if that’s true, or if YRT has finally given up on that
  12. I figured as much, I just wanted to share my sightings so you’d know they were active 🙂
  13. I was just looking at the Wiki page for the 1263-1292 order and saw some buses with “?” As their status. 1265, 1283 and 1290 are currently all sitting at bus platforms at the London terminal so I assume they are active
  14. Starting April 8, the Stoufville line midday trains will be extended to Mount Joy. Check out the full schedule here https://www.gotransit.com/static_files/gotransit/assets/pdf/TripPlanning/FullSchedules/06042019/Table71.pdf Not sure if I’m right about this, but from looking at the schedule, the NB and SB train arrive at Unionville within 8 minutes of each other. So I assume the NB train will just hold at the siding just before Unionville GO station for the SB train to pass to allow for this change
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