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  1. London Transit Commission

    Yep. It’s actually garbage. Hopefully they take into account the feedback people are giving them. And I’d encourage all of us to do the same Edit: I was wondering..hopefully the person who runs Transsee could add LTC to it?
  2. London Transit Commission

    Also...you’ll notice if you click that link, the LTC website has been updated. The old webwatch system has been totally changed. Not sure if I’m a fan, really is difficult to find real-time info on mobile.
  3. London Transit Commission

    145 has gotten the same treatment. Here’s a look at what the priority seating area looks like. I don’t believe the rest of the bus has been refurbished, however
  4. London Transit Commission

    Rode 141 today, and it got a complete interior overhaul. All the seats were replaced (see pic attached). The ‘Priority seats’ were also replaced, and are the same as on the 5xx buses indicating they’re priority seats. The interior layout was also changed- no more forward-facing seats (same layout as on 161-170). Not sure if/when other buses will follow
  5. VIA Rail Canada

    No idea about the specifics, but from their Twitter they mentioned something about problems at the Montreal yard, including a fire alarm that went off that prompted an evacuation
  6. VIA Rail Canada

    Today seemed like an absolute disaster for via rail. For example, Train 63 was 7 hours late, 65 and 66 were three hours late. And it wasn’t all weather related, as I got a refund due to the delays
  7. Christmas Overloads

    Tons of Badder buses in London this week. Badder 1110 and 1212 operates overloads on schedule 5530 today
  8. York Region Transit \ Viva

    Saw some photos on twitter as well as tracking on transsee, but the ex-Viva artics were out on route 20 today. I didn’t see anything mentioned previously, was today their first day in YRT service?
  9. London Transit Commission

    Probably irrelevant, but here’s something weird I noticed on the newest order of buses. Check out the placement of the brake lights. About half of them are like 510, whereas the other half and the rest of the XD40s are like 508. Pretty odd
  10. Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    Saw 6226 on western University’s campus this morning. It’s wrapped for the Ontario Conservative Party, guess it’s being used for their campaign
  11. London Transit Commission

    From the parade this evening
  12. London Transit Commission

    http://www.london.ca/residents/social-services/discretionary-benefits/Pages/Subsidized-Transit.aspx This will be beginning in the new year. I’ve seen it advertised on a few buses so far.
  13. VIA Rail Canada

    Are those the coaches with 60 seats and a snack bar? The other HEP1 have 62 seats I believe
  14. London Transit Commission

    Anyone have any information about the buses off Dundas? I believe LTC wanted to push it from September 2017 to April 2018, but there still hasn’t been any construction for a bus terminal area that would be needed for it. There also hasn’t been much talk of it in the media..
  15. London Transit Commission

    Possibly a few need work done? Wouldn’t be surprising because all those Wonderland artic runs are out weekdays for nearly the entire day. 28-34 are allocated to Wonderland garage, and there are 7 runs each day that are “supposed” to have artics assigned to them, and one run each on routes 6 and 13 that have been getting an artic for nearly a month. I’ve also been seeing one on the 17 run out that’s of Wonderland recently. So...9 or 10 runs for 7 buses, plus the fact there are really no spares could explain why there are fewer out. Also, don’t expect to see many out next week since it’s Reading Week