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  1. yrt1000

    Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    If the bus tracker is to be believed, greyhound USA #86263 was on schedule 5506, the 8:30 London-Toronto express. You might see them sometimes on the Chicago-Toronto runs, if the bus isn’t changed in Detroit, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one between London-toronto
  2. yrt1000

    London Transit Commission

    450-464 were gone by September 2017. 601-603 I think retired December 2016? But I may be wrong, might’ve been some time in 2017 465-483 are still around though.
  3. yrt1000

    TTC's CAD/AVL "Vision" System

    A bigger issue for me was how some of the announcements were one stop ahead. It was on the 32 which is a route I don’t take frequently, and the bus announced the stop I was getting off at. I got off and I couldn’t find the street I was looking for, Lol. Does vision still have that problem? Because, granted, this was back in August but the two buses I took that day both did that.
  4. yrt1000

    London Transit Commission

    A few years ago, they got rid of the route names on destination signs and LTC maps. Route 4 is no longer known as the Oxford East, it is simply known as route 4. It’s the same for all routes in the city- route names no longer exist, they’re shown on buses and maps as the route number, followed by the destination, and finally ‘via’ whatever the main road is. So what this means is The destination sign for route 4 now displays “To Fanshawe College->Via Downtown” NB and “To WhiteOaks Mall-> via Downtown” SB. Similarly, route 17 displays “to Argyle Mall-> via Oxford”. They no longer display Oxford East or Oxford West. Basically, those old route names are no longer used anywhere so the issue you stated no longer exists 🙂
  5. yrt1000

    London Transit Commission

    The different exterior announcement voice you’re hearing is not a computer voice. It’s a recording of a real person saying the route and destination. Similarly, when it announces “transfers to route 102, 104, 106” you’re just hearing the person saying it Kind of strange sounding, I know. It seems the past few years, any new/updated routes, and even new stops are announced in such a manner. Not quite sure why I managed to get a ride on 528 today on route 6. Identical to last years order of XD40s. Still the highest bus number I’ve seen so far is 531. As to how large this years order is, it seems no one knows
  6. yrt1000

    Today's Sightings

    I saw on twitter there was some sort of parade or march on Yonge Street this afternoon. Viva blue must’ve been detoured as a result
  7. yrt1000

    GO Transit

    I don’t think the General will be providing any info. He hasn’t signed into the site for almost two years haha! I’ve been wondering this for a while- Does anyone know why there’s no real-time apps for GO buses? Transee works for trains and I saw this past summer they have real-time boards at some of the terminals now, but still no bus tracking app
  8. yrt1000

    London Transit Commission

    Looks like some new XD40 buses have entered service. Just spotted one numbered 531. Side note- I miss WebWatch to be able to track buses 😕
  9. yrt1000

    Today's Sightings

    A bit of a strange sighting. Every day since at least last Tuesday, YRT 1026 has been on the same run on route 14
  10. yrt1000

    London Transit Commission

    Sorry to bump, but I believe the 3 buses with the driver barrier installed are 365, 507 and 511. Coincidentally the first bus I rode after a few weeks out of town was 507 and it definitely looks a little cramped for the driver. But of course, Im not the one driving so what do I know 😛
  11. yrt1000

    TTC's CAD/AVL "Vision" System

    Vision buses are on 32 again today. I don’t know if the bus I was on was glitching, but some of the stop announcements were one stop ahead
  12. yrt1000

    London Transit Commission

    https://globalnews.ca/news/4380353/pilot-project-aims-to-improve-driver-safety-on-london-buses/ I believe this is starting today. According to the article, 3 buses have had driver shields installed. I’m sure this is a welcomed pilot project....it’s about time they did something to help driver’s safety
  13. yrt1000

    Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    Unfortunately I couldn’t get a picture, but 1301 was in London today on schedule 5508 and it has a full ad wrap for the Shaw Festival. Was a bit of a surprise when I saw a light-blue greyhound bus driving by haha
  14. yrt1000

    TTC Delays and Disruptions

    Signal/switch issues right now at finch station. All trains turning back at Sheppard and have been for the last ~hour
  15. yrt1000

    VIA Rail Canada

    http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/london/accident-via-rail-trains-cancellation-1.4689212 Another major via rail cancellation. All trains today between London and Windsor have been cancelled. I gather that they’re shuttling people between London and Toronto, but for those travelling between London and Windsor, you’re out of luck. Of course, it always seems stuff like this happens on days I am travelling with via rail 🙄