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  1. According to the trackers, XE40 1911 is out on route 55 this morning
  2. Schedules have been posted on the website. Viva Pink and Viva Green have actually been fully suspended, along with several other reductions/adjustments as was expected. Funny enough, route 1 will operate on a Saturday schedule on weekdays, which is actually a service improvement in the midday at least https://www.yrt.ca/en/news/covid-19-service-reduction.aspx
  3. YRT will be reducing service again on April 5. Schedules to be posted soon...
  4. Just spotted TTC TR 545x deadheading eastbound through Broadview station
  5. There were several T1s out on line 1 this morning, according to Twitter there were 6 trainsets sent to help out between Finch and Union. I managed to catch a ride on one this morning Might’ve been the last time for a ride on one on this stretch if ATC is gonna be extended to Queen in the next few weeks
  6. I would assume track testing. And kind of related, I was on a 504 streetcar last week which short turned at Broadview and Dundas. Was heading north on broadview, then dropped us all off, and turned left onto Dundas and probably looped back down to King via Parliament. So I assume the tracks are available for use
  7. TTC 4406 was out testing at broadview station, saw it at about 9:40PM
  8. When I take TTC routes in Markham, I notice that the Presto reader indicates that it is in the YRT zone. It actually says it on the screen of the device, I think in the bottom left corner (I.e. it will say “YRT” on the Presto reader). Seemingly the Presto reader knows when it crosses Steeles and which fare to deduct/transfer when a card is tapped, as Smallspy mentioned above. I was thinking about it too the other day, and it’d make sense if it was connected with Vision and the route the vehicle was operating on. And, say, once the stop at Steeles is past, the Presto device changes its fare zone Ive done what you outlined many times since this was enabled in August. It works exactly like I am transferring or tapping onto any other YRT vehicle. It takes a YRT fare off my Presto card and even gives me a 2 hour transfer that I can use on YRT buses. And as an aside, it also works the other way around. If I take a YRT bus first and transfer to, say, route 129A in Markham, my YRT transfer is applied when I tap my card on the TTC bus and no other fare is deducted It’s made my life a lot easier than when I had to plan my trips north-south, as the only option that way before was along Kennedy unless I wanted to carry $4.25 in cash every time
  9. TTC 4429 At King and River, with its pantograph up a few minutes ago
  10. That is actually terrible. They’ll keep cutting things until there’s no transit system left Service cuts leads to lower ridership. Lower ridership leads to more service cuts. Rinse and repeat every year
  11. Unfortunately I’ve moved from London but I do believe there’s a few new buses. Every now and then I check Transsee and didn’t notice any new buses tracking until today...So far seems like units 547, 548, 550, and 552 have entered service
  12. Not much of a sighting but a first for me in my many years of riding the subway: Was just on TTC 5021 as the lead car on line 2 eastbound, and the train overshot the platform at Warden Station by about half a car length
  13. This is quite underwhelming http://www.londontransit.ca/2019/11/04/drop-in-sessions-survey-for-2020-service-plan/
  14. And I bet London city council will say the exact same thing...
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