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  1. Spotted YRT 576 on route 2 this morning. This run goes onto route 301 in the evening, so some lucky people will ride it while it rips down the 407 later today….unless it gets changed off at some point Edit: checked transsee and looks like it got changed off with 1006 on the last trip. Too bad
  2. Was on 710 today and thought this was weird. Correct me if I’m wrong, the last set of windows on the rear of this batch of buses are the “slide” windows with the rest being the more traditional latches, but it seems like they’re switched on this bus.
  3. Yeah I actually noticed this while going through the schedules- it’s for every day, though Sundays had very few of those to begin with, only the 91 and 99 off the top of my head It was only SE routes that had those 30+ minute breaks somewhere in the block, now I don’t think I’ve seen any in the ones I’ve reviewed on Transsee for any day of the week
  4. I’ll speak for the 4xx’s. Your best bet is definitely rush hour runs. There’s a run on route 1 Highway 7 that begins from RHC around 2:20PM that pretty often has a 2004 on it, but they can really be anywhere. Transsee is your friend
  5. I think it was mentioned on this board that 2 of SE’s El Dorados were retired and that’s why 1066 was transferred over. I’m assuming 1068 is one of them, which hasn’t seen service since April 2021. In any case, you can still find most of the remaining ones out each day on the 91B, 82, and 9’s rush hour runs. Also have to keep in mind they’re about 12 years old now and never got any refurbishments like the 40 foot fleet did
  6. Just posted this morning, and the Cornell terminal will officially be opening in September
  7. And also one just south of St. Clair. NB trains usually cross over to the SB platform there and load/off load on the same platform
  8. Around 12pm today, TTC 3304, 3305 and a 92xx were all sitting on Lawrence eastbound at Warden. All were empty, just stopped on the road with their hazard lights on
  9. YRT midday: 16: 930-933 (in that order as well, as in the bus after 930 was 931 and so on) 1417 then ruined the party and covered for 930 around 1:30PM
  10. Spotted Ex-TTC 9411 heading west on Steeles Ave at Markham Road a few minutes ago. She was beautiful
  11. Spotted 4463 on a CP train a few moments ago leaving the CP yard in Scarborough
  12. Was on the subway during the delay this morning. Was due to some fallen wires/cables at track level around eglinton.
  13. Ah thanks for clarifying! That makes more sense
  14. I must not have seen this map before. The Major Mackenzie route is quite odd to end at Donald Cousens if I’m being honest. There’s literally just a gas station there and I don’t ever foresee it as an area of further development. Would make more sense to just route it all the way to Cornell Terminal to connect with other VIVA routes
  15. There is one trip in PM rush that does this from Finch-Newmarket terminal, it runs as a 98E- not sure what the ridership is like on it however https://www.transsee.ca/tripsched?a=yrt&t=1587000&date=2022-02-18 Keep in mind as well that the 98 and 99 run at different headways. The departure of a 98 at Bernard Terminal doesn’t always line up with the arrival of a 99 Also, Viva Blue A which bypassed Richmond Hill Ctr. has been suspended since March 2020- that saved a bit on travel time
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