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  1. yrt1000

    London Transit Commission

    I’m not sure of the bus plans that you are asking about, but Here’s something I thought about. I posted a few times about new interior seating arrangements and layouts for the D40LFs, and I found it interesting they redid the interiors of all the older buses as well. The only two D40LFs I’ve noticed with the “old” seating arrangement left are 475 and 102. So with that being said, perhaps the oldest d40lfs will last a little longer? It wouldn’t make sense to redo the interiors for ~4 months of service right? EDIT: I was looking on New Flyer’s website and for previous years they put out press releases announcing a London bus order. There was no such announcement for this year. Anyone else able to find information? As for traffic with Dundas being closed, there have been several days where it’s been an absolute disaster, especially during PM rush. Queens backed up, King jammed, same with Ridout. Richmond between Queens and King is an absolute mess with construction as well. I’ve also noticed that traffic is worst on the hot sunny days for whatever reason. But what I think is the worst is that they no longer have the real-time display boards at the downtown stops, so I have to rely on the scheduled times through google maps and hoping the bus shows up on time. Because trying to navigate on LTC’s real-time website is an absolute pain in the ass LOL