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  1. That is a good point. No washrooms on board GO buses, so the bus idea I proposed may not work out for that reason unless you did something like a bus route from London-Kitchener, then a transfer to route 25. I’d make the argument that there are a few GO bus routes 3+ hours in length (i.e. route 56 from Oakville to Oshawa), but I’m doubtful there are many riders taking the bus the full route in that case as you would from London to Toronto
  2. Just to chime in with my experiences having done the trip many times, if you took the “direct” Greyhound bus (express, no stops between Toronto and london), you’d be looking at just over 2 hours, but it could be upwards of 3 if it was during rush hours. There were several non-express trips that made stops which could’ve taken up to 3.5-4 hours. However, with no greyhound and (to my knowledge) limited trips directly to downtown London via bus, not sure how long it takes. Really, the only option is the train. VIA Rail- you’d be looking at usually 2.5 hours. Some trips were faster if they didn’t make every stop- The weekday “express” trains 82-83 were always the fastest since they made the fewest stops, taking just over 2 hours so that was always my preferred train to take. As mentioned several times though, the GO trains will take the…scenic route through Georgetown, Kitchener, Stratford and St. Marys. I took this route on VIA once as it was the only train available and it was nearly 4 hours. I think my point of this is that these days if you aren’t driving between the two cities, your best bet is VIA rail. If/when GO transit were to ever run a train using the tracks via Brantford and Woodstock instead, that would be a lot better for people looking to travel between London and Toronto. Until then- maybe a bus route from Western to Highway 407 Station? Always wondered how viable that would be
  3. yrt1000

    CN Locos

    Collision today in Prescott, ON between two CN trains https://ottawa.ctvnews.ca/mobile/two-freight-trains-collide-derailing-several-cars-in-prescott-ont-1.5570966
  4. Monday-Friday there’s a 353 bus that comes off of route 133 Neilson (62 run) so there should still be 1 malvern bus on it every night
  5. As someone who frequently took greyhound from London to Toronto, I can tell you that it is going to be awful having the bus stop there. This is located right off of Highbury and the 401, and this stretch of Highbury is 100km/h towards London- walking is not an option. Greyhound was always busy on fridays/long weekends. Good luck trying to get a Via Rail ticket as well- the prices were always pretty high for weekends. That $37 price mentioned earlier is if you book early enough in advance, and it always seemed like Via’s pricing was a lot higher on fridays/long weekends (probably due to the demand). For all of Greyhounds flaws, I couldn’t imagine having to travel Toronto this way. I took greyhound at least 4 times per year while I was in school (visiting home on holidays), buses were always packed. I can’t imagine this being as highly used. You’re talking about at least a 20 minute drive downtown, 30 mins to Western, LTC isn’t even an option unless they extend a route out to here outside of peak hours. I know it was mentioned another provider will also be doing the Toronto-London route- hopefully they’ll stop closer to the downtown/university area.
  6. Doesn’t look like this is reported here yet, but all of the Richmond Hill line trains are now being operated with only 4 cars (reduced from 6). Started in the beginning of May
  7. Not a particular sighting per se, but I’ve noticed the past 2 weekends I’ve been in the area around 2PM there’s been a TTC hybrid waiting on Finch at McCowan road, parked just in front of the McDonald’s displaying “Malvern Division”. It had the orange cones behind it but it didn’t look like it was broken down or anything like that I think it might be a driver shuttle as that’s the changeover spot for route 39
  8. Bit of a bump...from what I’ve seen in my times going outside most if not all the 10xx’s have been refurbished. Now onto 1101-1120, and I spotted 1114 today looking pretty fresh and shiny from a refurb
  9. Well, since I have moved from London I don’t follow it as closely as I did before. But nonetheless, here are the proposed changes for 2021. Mainly focused on frequency adjustments http://www.londontransit.ca/2020/11/10/2021-draft-service-plan/ Not listed on this page- I have seen some proposed routing for a new route 95 express, going from White Oaks Mall to Fanshawe via Bradley and Highbury.
  10. Happy for that Box Grove express bus, but disappointed those route 9 improvements, as well as the more frequent service on routes 1 and 16 only lasted 2 months
  11. I’d be doubtful about that. I do drive past every now and then, and if my memory is correct, it’s still just a big metal structure in the middle of a field and doesn’t look to me that it’s near completion
  12. My jaw dropped when I saw the service improvements on route 9, not going to lie lol As an aside, do you think those GO shuttle routes will be brought back in the future?
  13. According to the trackers, XE40 1911 is out on route 55 this morning
  14. Schedules have been posted on the website. Viva Pink and Viva Green have actually been fully suspended, along with several other reductions/adjustments as was expected. Funny enough, route 1 will operate on a Saturday schedule on weekdays, which is actually a service improvement in the midday at least https://www.yrt.ca/en/news/covid-19-service-reduction.aspx
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