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  1. I'm in the process of drafting updated equipment rosters for PWT & DTL in AB. If anybody has fleet #s & vins for coaches with a 4 digit fleet #, this information would be greatly appreciated.Once this information is tabulated, it can be used to update the CPTDB rosters for the. PWT & DTL Alberta fleets, These fleet lists could be separated into 2 separate rosters for each of these company divisions. Thanks for your assistance in advance.
  2. All 45 coaches, & 31trailers have now been listed. The only coach not listed is 909 the last D4505 purchased. It will be interesting to see if Hilco posts the results of this bidding process. It would also be interesting to know what the final disposition of the Western Flyer Historical coach is.
  3. 43 of the 45 coaches, & all 31 trailers have now been listed. Of the 2 coaches not listed; one D4500 (which has to be 789); & one D4505, which has to be 904 or 909. Still no photos of the trailers other than 5000-5002. Also no photos of the coaches that were added later after the original list was posted.
  4. Pacific Western might like to set up a "Red Arrow" type of service between Regina & Saskatoon, & maybe on to PA as well?
  5. If Greyhound assumes operation of any STC routes, the STC drivers would be entitled to follow their work into Greyhound. They even belong to the same local of the ATU. Union ticket agents & express clerks would also be entitled to the same consideration.
  6. Greyhound should now be able to do quite well on the Highway #1 & 16 corridors. They will no longer be restricted to only picking up passengers going beyond the SK border. They can now carry somebody going from Yorkton to Saskatoon etc on 16.Same from Regina to Moose Jaw etc.on #1. They could also pick up the Regina-Saskatoon- PA corridor to connect with their East-West routes.
  7. G & W USDOT number is 2294415. When entered on their SAFER web site it comes up as INACTIVE. The coach is a 2005 model nee from California.
  8. There is not much demand for transit beyond Madeira Park on the Sechelt Peninsula, & the same on the Powell River side from Saltery Bay to Powell River, which is about 20 miles..BC Transit does operate a limited Community Bus service to Black Point,Kelly Creek, Lang Bay & Saltery Bay.
  9. Cruise Victoria C3 was converted to a glass top coach, along with C2 which is now for sale in Victoria. This may of been C3 that you saw, as Cruise Victoria is selling off all their MC-9s.-CI and C8 are also for sale.
  10. When Maverick was operating this run freight was their bread & butter, passengers were just gravy! On weekdays we ran 40 pass. MC-8 combos on both the 08:30 morning trip & 18:30 evening trip N/B. On both these trips we would have the front baggage compartment full of Gibsons freight, the center & half the back were Sechelt, with the other half of the back Pender Harbor. The back bulkhead was all Powell River.The rear bulkhead had a capacity equal to the capacity of all the underfloor compartments. We would even have autobody parts such as fenders in the bulkhead. These combos were the perfect vehicle for this run, you still had room for 40 passengers on a busy morning trip out of Powell River, & we didn't have to pull a trailer which would increase the footage charge on the ferry, especially on the S/B trips when it would be empty. On the PM trip out of Powell River in the prawn season, we used to get a good back haul of prawn coolers. Passenger vans may be the answer, all though their safety has been questioned by some School Districts. Saskatchewan Transportation uses 14 passenger vans & cut-a-ways with trailers on some of their lower demand routes.
  11. Congratulations on a well written article on Malaspinas operating problems. I worked this run at Maverick Coach off & on for 12 years,& I could see a lot of these problems developing. Looking back now that's probably why they sold it when they did. BC Transit was "cherry picking" all our passengers from Sechelt to the Langdale Ferry. This got to the point where they had to cut the morning commuter trip from Sechelt to Van. & the afternoon return from Van. Meanwhile, BC Ferry rates for commercial vehicles were going thru the roof. There was no longer a special rate for scheduled buses, they now had to pay the going rate per foot. At the same time several courier companies were setting up shop on the Sunshine Coast. With their offer of door to door delivery they were picking up some of our long time freight customers. The cost of fuel & maintenance was also increasing at this time. I don't know what the answer is for Malaspina, if they shut down there will no longer be a thru service from Van. to Powell River for tourists that have 2 or 3 pieces of baggage. There also will not be much local bus service between Sechelt & Earls Cove. BC Transit isn't going to serve this sparsely populated area, not even with a community shuttle type of operation. Maybe one solution to Trans Link's problems would be to disband it & bring back BC Transit , then integrate the whole service from Powell River to Chilliwack? This would be similar to Sound Transit in Washington.
  12. SeaWest & Forest Tours also have OUT OF SERVICE orders against them, but continue to operate. On Forest's web page they are advertising tours to the USA in 2015.
  13. On the US DOT SAFERWEB site there is an OUT-OF -SERVICE order against this company. They are not permitted to operate in the USA.
  14. With the dropping price of oil creating a downturn in the oil sands, the demand for shuttle coaches will be reduced.This is probably why 990 is back @ ISL. I wouldn't be surprised if they are prepping this coach to be sold. As mentioned previous, this coach is listed on the Western Bus Repair Web site as being For Sale .
  15. If your contact could also supply the vins for these coaches it would be much appreciated.
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