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  1. Girardin71

    Transit Windsor

    the wiki for the Nova LFS Artic was it listed has a 2013 Nova LFS Artic Hybrid.
  2. Girardin71

    Transit Windsor

    Transit windsor expanded the schedule for routes that service University of Windsor and St Clair College. https://windsorite.ca/2019/01/transit-windsor-increases-service-on-uwindsor-and-st-clair-routes/ 1C is now 10mins all day 5 is 20mins all day 7 is 30mins all day (4 buses instead of 2).
  3. Girardin71

    What are you eating right now?

    for lunch today i had campbells chunky butter chicken with veggies on a bed of basmati rice with naan bread.
  4. Girardin71

    Transit Windsor

    Transit Windsor will be using their own version of the smart fare card (Not Presto) http://www.iheartradio.ca/am800/news/transit-windsor-expands-smart-pass-technology-1.8673229
  5. Girardin71

    Last bus ride of 2018. And First of 2019

    Last ride of 2018: i was in Calgary riding on a Arboc Chevy on route 93 First Ride of 2019: N/A no service on New Years day
  6. Today i was on Air Canada Boeing 767-300ER from Calgary to Toronto. This plane was the first wide body plane i ever flew on.
  7. Girardin71

    Christmas Loot 2018 What did you get?

    My uncle gift was a itunes gift card and a box of hot cinnamon tea.
  8. Girardin71

    Christmas Loot 2018 What did you get?

    Grads on the announcement of your little bundle of joy.
  9. Girardin71

    Christmas Loot 2018 What did you get?

    Already got 3 tim cards and money, maybe an uncle gift?
  10. Girardin71

    Are there transit systems you're jealous of?

    I'm jealous of Calgary transit because of better scheduling, better sunday service and better overall.
  11. Girardin71

    Transit Windsor

    8025 and 8026 in full operation 8025 Lauzon 10 8026 Ottawa 4 I don't expect major changes to happen at Transit Windsor except for the west end terminal move.
  12. November 22 2018 https://www.flickr.com/photos/101622504@N06/albums/72157702339083931 Canadian Transit Expo 2018
  13. Girardin71

    Transit Windsor

    It could of been a detour.
  14. Girardin71

    VIA Rail Canada

    thanks for clearing at up, didn't know train 70 was steel only on Thursday and Fridays.
  15. Girardin71

    VIA Rail Canada

    Last Friday train 70 was stainless steel cars and not LRC. the stainless steel cars are still being used on the Toronto-Windsor and Windsor-Toronto routes still. this route was always a mix of Stainless steel and LRC.