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  1. Girardin71

    7575's a dad!

    So Cute and Happy Easter.
  2. Girardin71

    7575's a dad!

  3. Transit Windsor in 2008 with the used Classics from DRT new in 1991 with classics and Orion V.
  4. 200series used for Orion I and II and service vans 300series used for service vans 400series used for Orion I, V, VI, VII 500series used for GM/MCI Classic, Nova LFS 600series used for NFI DE40LFR and back in the 90s used for grumman 870 700series used for EZ Rider II formerly used for the SWA GM New Looks 800series used for formerly for SWA GM New Looks 900series used for GM New Looks brought new by Transit Windsor 1800series used for highway coaches 2200series Ford Starcraft buses used by Casino shuttle/Transit Windsor Routes 2500series/2601 2005-06 Ford Eldorado minibus used by Casino shuttle and Transit Windsor Routes 2700series GM 4500 Goshen buses used for Casino Shuttle 8000series 2018- Nova LFS 9800series Ford Girardin buses used by Casino and Transit Windsor
  5. Girardin71

    Transit Windsor

    Orion VI buses are no longer active. I've made the changes to Wiki.
  6. Girardin71

    What are you eating right now?

    My Nacho with Tabbouleh Garlic sauce Lamb/pork mozzarella.
  7. Girardin71

    General FY Moments

    Forgot to post last week but i got to sit in a Lamborghini Gallardo at the Canadian International Auto Show.
  8. Girardin71

    Transit Windsor

    the wiki for the Nova LFS Artic was it listed has a 2013 Nova LFS Artic Hybrid.
  9. Girardin71

    Transit Windsor

    Transit windsor expanded the schedule for routes that service University of Windsor and St Clair College. https://windsorite.ca/2019/01/transit-windsor-increases-service-on-uwindsor-and-st-clair-routes/ 1C is now 10mins all day 5 is 20mins all day 7 is 30mins all day (4 buses instead of 2).
  10. Girardin71

    What are you eating right now?

    for lunch today i had campbells chunky butter chicken with veggies on a bed of basmati rice with naan bread.
  11. Girardin71

    Transit Windsor

    Transit Windsor will be using their own version of the smart fare card (Not Presto) http://www.iheartradio.ca/am800/news/transit-windsor-expands-smart-pass-technology-1.8673229
  12. Girardin71

    Last bus ride of 2018. And First of 2019

    Last ride of 2018: i was in Calgary riding on a Arboc Chevy on route 93 First Ride of 2019: N/A no service on New Years day
  13. Today i was on Air Canada Boeing 767-300ER from Calgary to Toronto. This plane was the first wide body plane i ever flew on.
  14. Girardin71

    Christmas Loot 2018 What did you get?

    My uncle gift was a itunes gift card and a box of hot cinnamon tea.
  15. Girardin71

    Christmas Loot 2018 What did you get?

    Grads on the announcement of your little bundle of joy.