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  1. My Christmas Loot for 2021 Gift card to bestbuy New metal water bottle with my name on it with Coca-Cola font $$ that's all
  2. Girardin71

    Transit Windsor

    On Monday November 21st Transit Windsor will go back to a enhanced Saturday Schedule due to staffing issues. The enhanced Saturday schedule is just that the School Extra are still running.
  3. battling the common cold which sucks
  4. Girardin71

    Transit Windsor

    If 8023 or 8024 needs to be serviced then another Nova will be used as a spare. If you see a New Flyer or a Orion on the 25 then there something wrong. this route is a Nova only route. 8025 and 8026 was originally planned to be the LaSalle buses with different seats but was changed to 8023 and 8024.
  5. Girardin71

    Transit Windsor

    according to the schedule the 518x is a 35 mins all day. but this morning I'm trying to track this route to see what buses are being used and no bus is been shown.
  6. I'm listening to 106.7 WLLZ Detroit Wheels
  7. If Go Transit does horn in on these greyhound routes, then they will have to invest in buses with lavatories for the Windsor London Toronto route. it really a pipe dream.
  8. Here is a link that not under a paywall https://www.google.com/amp/s/globalnews.ca/news/7776455/van-collides-with-peterborough-transit-bus-in-citys-west-end/amp/
  9. The fat boys rapper prince markie dee dead at 52 https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/prince-markie-dee-fat-boys-dead-obituary-1130223/amp/
  10. My condolences to you and your family Captain. sorry for your loss.
  11. Girardin71

    Transit Windsor

    Just now in the tracker there is 3 buses on the dougall 6 which usually has 2. Im think that one will be the 42 that leaves St Clair College or that route is really busy right now.
  12. Finally found the wings of bluebird book in ebay and it wasn’t cheap but it was under $100 dollars. I been looking for this book for ages and now its a waiting game for it to be delivered.
  13. Girardin71

    Transit Windsor

    Out of the 19 new Novas 2 haven’t since service since delivery, 8027, 8037. What is Transit Windsor doing to these buses delaying them entering service. Also on the tracker they have the Central 3 and the Central 3 Loop. Aren’t these the same route. They also have smart ride cards that are reloadable but only at the WITT or Transit Centre (garage), they are only 5 or 10 rides. They still have paper tickets and the monthly passes.
  14. Today I tested a used Panasonic 3DO gaming system that was donated to Shoppe Society. that was my first time using it and it very rare.
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