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  1. Girardin71

    Transit Windsor

    The extra dominion 5 southbound buses does not go back north. Ive seen them go out of service at St Clair while i was there transferring between 25 and the 7. They probably do that so that they can be back downtown for another extra southbound run.
  2. Girardin71

    Transit Windsor

    As of today (Tracker) 8001 Ottawa 4 8002 Transway 1A 8003 Lauzon 10 8004 Ottawa 4 8006 LaSalle 25 8009 South Windsor 7
  3. Girardin71

    Transit Windsor

    8020 and 8010 are on the Dougall 6 these will not show up on the tracker or have the AA.
  4. Girardin71

    2018 TTS Fan Trips

    Thanks to TTS and Seashore_518203 for a great charter and loved the tour of the MTB. my link to my flickr account is in my signature.