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  1. its at my local computer shop being work on.
  2. I had a try to build a new pc but doesn't work. No display.
  3. Transit Suspension extended until May 1st https://www.iheartradio.ca/am800/news/transit-windsor-suspension-extended-1.11756792
  4. ECRT COVID-19 Update All Service is free Plexi-glass is installed to protect the operator from the passengers All Routes will run on a Saturday schedule Monday-Saturday Chatham route is temporary cancelled due to St Clair College classes are online.
  5. As of end of service Sunday (No transit until April 13th?) https://windsorite.ca/2020/03/temporary-suspension-of-transit-service-starts-sunday/
  6. just had supper but i'm still recovering from a cold that i don't know i got it.
  7. Transit Windsor is following suite with rear door boarding and free transit. They advise passengers to only take transit for essential travel only. The tunnel service is suspended until further notice.
  8. Essex County Regional Transit version 2 Site https://sites.google.com/view/essexcountyregionaltransit/home made with google sites (very Basic and Free)
  9. a bowl of post chips ahoy cereal with a mug of earl grey tea with stevia.
  10. money (used to buy new ipad) $20 Gift Card Best Buy Lindor Chocolate
  11. 574's had its roof side skirt blow off on the EC Row express while back.
  12. School Buses are 2 year ahead of the year they are built. So most of 2018 would be 2020. Sharp bus lines in my area just got 2021 IC CEs this last summer but was built in 2019. In January 2020 any bus built would be labelled as 2022.
  13. Darn Cold season i hate having a cold.
  14. Trying arbys steak and bacon melt with a s’mores milkshake.
  15. Last Day for College Ave Bus Terminal is Thursday Oct 10th First Day for Prince Rd Terminal is Friday Oct 11th.
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