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  1. this is a FML and FY moment First FML Wednesday Delta had to cancel all flights which met me and whole whack of passengers were stuck at Atlanta airport. most passenger were stuck for 3 days. Not fun spending a night in a airport. Lucky for me i re booked with American Air Lines to Orlando, that trip on AA went well i'm now in Florida.
  2. LaSalle to partner with Transit Windsor on new public transit service
  3. My first OS was Windows 3.11 can't remember the model of computer after that i had these Pentium 133 mhz windows 95 (family pc) Pentium 4 windows 2000 pro dual core dell windows xp then windows vista Custom quad core pc windows vista updated to windows 8.1 (family pc)
  4. Stevenson Transport Still has some GMC Blue-Birds left.
  5. One of my favorite episodes was Hurricane Neddy from Season 8
  6. My Fictional Transit System ECRT website
  7. Transit Windsor started sell the auto show packages before Christmas. i'm going on the 19th.
  8. Christmas 2016 I got money and a hoodie
  9. Thanks to TTS for wonderful charter, had a blast.
  10. Mail out the waiver and paid with pay-pal, going to be a great day for a charter.
  11. The funding isn't even been approved yet, accordingly to CTV the amount is 10 million. TW wasn't had good luck with getting funding from the government so it's still up in the air if this funding is approved or not.
  12. i was in Gr 10 science class watching the attacks on TV.
  13. That old look was Ex Oshawa Transit Commission 65 1961 TGH-3102.
  14. September 5th 2016 TTC D40LF Charter Youtube video of Stratford 7322 TTC 4500 Charter Video and the Hamilton charter that forgot post
  15. What a fantastic weekend with 2 charters. The 1st charter rented 2 TTC New Flyer D40LF, the main excitement was in alot with Ex stratford 1973 GMC TDH-3301 and Ex Oshawa Transit 159 GMC Old Look, and Orion 01.505 Ex YRT. The 2nd charter rented TTC 4500 1950 PCC street car, it was fun being my first time riding it. Both days were fun and well worth the price. A special thanks to TTS and the operators for a safe charter.