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  1. Last Day for College Ave Bus Terminal is Thursday Oct 10th First Day for Prince Rd Terminal is Friday Oct 11th.
  2. Annie’s mac and cheese with spam, black garlic and sweet chili sauce.
  3. Yes they are for a total of 20 buses. Likely Nova? or something else. 10 for 2020 delivery 10 for 2021 delivery
  4. I install my new ssd without spending money at a computer shop.
  5. Just a thought if Transit Windsor wanted to standardize their fleet with Nova. the Problem with that is in 5-10yrs they will require 35ft buses for the feeder routes and Nova doesn't even offer it. If they went with New Flyer than their fleet would in 5-15yrs would have 35-60ft buses by NFI. If they stay with Nova then they would have to do with New Flyer just for the 35ft buses. Just my thoughts
  6. The first day for bus service to Leamington didn't get a same news treatment that the LaSalle 25 got on its first day. i'm surprise that AM800CKLW or WindsoriteDOTca didn't have their reporters out for the first run of the LTW 42. Not surprise that TW would use their 2018 Novas on this route. don't know how long this route will last, i also wonder how the ridership is? Just checked the tracker and 8020 is on route 42. https://blackburnnews.com/windsor/windsor-news/2019/07/08/new-bus-route-leamington-windsor-makes-history/ https://windsorstar.com/news/local-news/regional-bus-service-gets-rolling-with-windsor-leamington-run
  7. Transit Windsor's new plan will include On Demand Transit to North Talbot factories and South Windsor Detention Centre, The New Hospital Terminal on CR 42 is way far off from reality. I like the plan but having 60ft buses will have to wait until the garage is expanded or other one built. its too bad they didn't buy the land that the GM transmission plant was. too explain on demand transit the bus will wait at a terminal waiting for a passenger to call for a ride, it will cost the same as if you are on regular transit.
  8. Tried to make chimney cake but this came out instead. Still delicious 😋
  9. Windsor stopped running streetcars in 1939 in favor of buses.
  10. The Wayne Papoose The ugliest School from the 1970s
  11. So Cute and Happy Easter.
  12. Congratulations
  13. Transit Windsor in 2008 with the used Classics from DRT new in 1991 with classics and Orion V.
  14. 200series used for Orion I and II and service vans 300series used for service vans 400series used for Orion I, V, VI, VII 500series used for GM/MCI Classic, Nova LFS 600series used for NFI DE40LFR and back in the 90s used for grumman 870 700series used for EZ Rider II formerly used for the SWA GM New Looks 800series used for formerly for SWA GM New Looks 900series used for GM New Looks brought new by Transit Windsor 1800series used for highway coaches 2200series Ford Starcraft buses used by Casino shuttle/Transit Windsor Routes 2500series/2601 2005-06 Ford Eldorado minibus used by Casino shuttle and Transit Windsor Routes 2700series GM 4500 Goshen buses used for Casino Shuttle 8000series 2018- Nova LFS 9800series Ford Girardin buses used by Casino and Transit Windsor
  15. Orion VI buses are no longer active. I've made the changes to Wiki.
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