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  1. Transit Windsor

    LaSalle just posted a flyer on their Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TownofLaSalle/ The route is LaSalle 25.
  2. July 10 2017 CTHF 9131 Charter (7901 wasn't avaliable) https://www.flickr.com/photos/101622504@N06/albums/72157682909400532
  3. CTHF 2017 Fan Trips

    Thanks to the CTHF for a amazing charter.
  4. Celebrity Death Thread

    Rest in Peace Mayor West (Adam West)
  5. Toronto Transportation Society - 2017 Trips

    A very special thanks to TTS and parkinson coach lines for a great charter. typing this while waiting to board my flight. I wasn't accepting the charter to be back before 9pm.
  6. General FML moments

    this is a FML and FY moment First FML Wednesday Delta had to cancel all flights which met me and whole whack of passengers were stuck at Atlanta airport. most passenger were stuck for 3 days. Not fun spending a night in a airport. Lucky for me i re booked with American Air Lines to Orlando, that trip on AA went well i'm now in Florida.
  7. LaSalle to partner with Transit Windsor on new public transit service http://windsorstar.com/news/local-news/lasalle-councillors
  8. Your first OS and your all time computer models

    My first OS was Windows 3.11 can't remember the model of computer after that i had these Pentium 133 mhz windows 95 (family pc) Pentium 4 windows 2000 pro dual core dell windows xp then windows vista Custom quad core pc windows vista updated to windows 8.1 (family pc)
  9. Ontario School Buses!

    Stevenson Transport Still has some GMC Blue-Birds left.
  10. What's your favourite Simpsons Episode?

    One of my favorite episodes was Hurricane Neddy from Season 8
  11. Anyone create their own transit system?

    My Fictional Transit System ECRT website http://girardin71.x10host.com/
  12. Transit Windsor

    Transit Windsor started sell the auto show packages before Christmas. i'm going on the 19th.
  13. 2016 Christmas Loot... What'd you get this year ?

    Christmas 2016 I got money and a hoodie
  14. Toronto Transportation Society - 2016 Fan Trips

    Thanks to TTS for wonderful charter, had a blast.
  15. Toronto Transportation Society - 2016 Fan Trips

    Mail out the waiver and paid with pay-pal, going to be a great day for a charter.