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  1. Girardin71

    Transit Windsor

    8025 and 8026 in full operation 8025 Lauzon 10 8026 Ottawa 4 I don't expect major changes to happen at Transit Windsor except for the west end terminal move.
  2. November 22 2018 https://www.flickr.com/photos/101622504@N06/albums/72157702339083931 Canadian Transit Expo 2018
  3. Girardin71

    Transit Windsor

    It could of been a detour.
  4. Girardin71

    VIA Rail Canada

    thanks for clearing at up, didn't know train 70 was steel only on Thursday and Fridays.
  5. Girardin71

    VIA Rail Canada

    Last Friday train 70 was stainless steel cars and not LRC. the stainless steel cars are still being used on the Toronto-Windsor and Windsor-Toronto routes still. this route was always a mix of Stainless steel and LRC.
  6. September 1st https://flickr.com/photos/101622504@N06/sets/72157700591960474 TTS Eastern Ontario Charter
  7. Girardin71

    2018 TTS Fan Trips

    Thanks to the TTS and Parkinson Coach for a great charter. I finally have photos of Belleville, Peterborough and other that would of been hard to travel too.
  8. Girardin71

    What are you eating right now?

    For breakfast i had ham and cheese frittata with baby cake potatoes, back bacon, tomato wedge, grilled zucchini and roasted yellow pepper.
  9. Girardin71

    Transit Windsor

    yes but i thought that 8025-8026 was going to be used for the LaSalle route.
  10. Girardin71

    Transit Windsor

    8023 & 8024 are now wrapped with Town of LaSalle. https://flic.kr/p/MvAn49
  11. Girardin71

    Transit Windsor

    The bus tracker now shows passenger capacity on some of the 8000 series Novas, empty to full. 8006, 8010 ,8020, 8021.
  12. Girardin71

    Transit Windsor

    The extra dominion 5 southbound buses does not go back north. Ive seen them go out of service at St Clair while i was there transferring between 25 and the 7. They probably do that so that they can be back downtown for another extra southbound run.
  13. Girardin71

    Transit Windsor

    As of today (Tracker) 8001 Ottawa 4 8002 Transway 1A 8003 Lauzon 10 8004 Ottawa 4 8006 LaSalle 25 8009 South Windsor 7
  14. Girardin71

    Transit Windsor

    8020 and 8010 are on the Dougall 6 these will not show up on the tracker or have the AA.
  15. Girardin71

    2018 TTS Fan Trips

    Thanks to TTS and Seashore_518203 for a great charter and loved the tour of the MTB. my link to my flickr account is in my signature.