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  1. Nick, that's a great log of your work, and the bus looks fantastic. After driving fishbowls for many years for CT, it's made me nostalgic for the "good old days". Thanks for preserving a very important part of history.
  2. I don’t believe the new siding on the bridge is ready until at least spring.
  3. Nice progress there. This weekend is the official end of C-Track at Stampede - no more access for trains, rails are coming out, and mainline switches clamped. The real start of work here, but it will make things harder when there's a train that needs to get out of the way!
  4. Transit doesn’t have any left except 1046. Maybe there’s a couple in private hands.
  5. I’m not sure if call riding on a U2 in the heat a nice surprise - but to each their own.
  6. It may be a power thing - Enmax was working over the last week or so. They placed new impedence boxes at both ends of the interlocking - the new ones are on the outside of the tracks, while the old are still in the middle of the two tracks disconnected.
  7. Just in case anyone has some extra cash around and is looking for a nostalgia project: https://surplus.calgary.ca/Public/Search.aspx?search=7720
  8. Yup, shake the dust off for cowboy Christmas.
  9. They've also delivered a lot of the new special trackwork near Erlton station, west of the tracks. I believe the plan is to install the new switches and crossovers for the south interlocking that will access the new siding bridge on May long weekend. This siding will replace C-Track.
  10. I'm guessing it would actually be work on the fall arrest system on the station roof - not really anything to do with the public facing part of the station.
  11. Actually, it was because the interlocking at Shaganappi Point failed, nothing really to do with the power situation. So I guess you could say things did get worse....
  12. I believe they’ve started cycling buses out of Anderson to other garages now, since many have been parked for close to a year - so you may start to see more “Anderson” buses.
  13. It will still live up to the MAX principles in the City proper though - it's only those in Chestermere that will experience it as a regular service-type route, and that's what Chestermere is paying for. The portions in the City will still be just the same as they are today. And it's probably a lot cheaper/more efficient to start, by simply using a vehicle that's already out of the garage with an operator, as opposed to paying for a dedicated vehicle and operator just for Chestermere feeder for a couple of AM and PM trips.
  14. The only thing to remember if you’re looking for maps - it will only show you the maps for the routes that are running on the schedule day you have selected. For example, you can’t pull up school route maps if your schedule date is set for a Sunday.
  15. And Calgary Transit is not subject to CROR, but certainly there's things that apply to both.
  16. You shouldn’t typically short turn the first train - the people on there are already the most delayed, so it’s bad form to kick them off the train and delay them even more. You’re better off letting the first train run late, and short turn the second train - then they’re essentially running on each other’s times and you can do an operator swap up the line. The second train is likely pretty empty since the train ahead is picking up everyone.
  17. I don't believe it's the last ever built. San Diego had some 1989 and 1990 U2 LRVs. So even newer than the U2AC cars. And some of those former San Diego units are running in Argentina.
  18. I suppose it's possible they were doing testing in 1980, but I don't believe they would've been this far along (the LRT system opened in 1981), and I don't believe car 2021 was built until 1981.
  19. Probably doesn't work so well if you have it open to talk to customers.
  20. It honestly wouldn't take that much to blow through $50 million for this - especially when having to build a full bridge between the two sides of the tracks, and high enough to get over CP Rail. Studies, engineering, functional planning, traction power design, signals design, a new substation, all new/upgraded signals (conduit, wiring, software, controllers, physical equipment), communications equipment, realignment of tracks, OCS parts and installation, new special trackwork/crossovers, switch machines, etc. - then there's the costs to actually build a station and bus terminal with all the materials and equipment that come with that. And you have to pay Transit for all the replacement service needed to run when the tracks are closed. And buy some new LRVs. Won't take much.
  21. I know it’s nitpicking, but I’ve seen a few mention LNG - these are CNG buses. I know it’s semantics for many, but couldn’t help myself
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