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  1. I just noticed the title of this thread has a small typo - any chance we can fix it up (Series 8, not 9)?
  2. Stabbing on the back of the platform.
  3. Manchester shuttle, for City employees.
  4. Unfortunately, all of the potential solutions mentioned don't really solve the problem, it just moves it elsewhere or creates a new one. As I see you can appreciate, it's much more complex than the tweets would suggest.
  5. As indicated by Gsgeek540 earlier, it's not just a matter of 'fixing' it. There's no signals fix to do. If there was a way to fix it that easily, they would. Actually, there are, but neither seem likely: close 8th Street, or build the 8th Avenue subway. If you put an advance signal for 18A, you're going to get Blue line trains frequently cutting off Red line trains (while the Blue line trains sit at a red light at 8th Street), and the 201s block 6th Avenue, which people will complain about as well. People seem to think Transit is full of dumbasses that couldn't be bothered to foresee these issues - trust me, they know these things can happen, but short of rebuilding the west end of downtown, there's little to be done. And this past weekend, they removed the case for the former magnet at Macleod Trail, but it's been gone for a long time - as mentioned, since the OLY switches were installed, since it kept dumping trains going westbound over it, even when the light was green.
  6. You've covered most of the usual ones, and I've had them all happen to me over the last 13 years. I don't think you get an electronic fault for the rotary converter, and I don't think you're limited to 40km/h, but if that if that rotary converter failure isn't removed from service before the batteries die, the brakes lock on, and you're screwed. Also had a master controller fail, but that'd be quite rare.
  7. Yep. Eventually people have to take some responsibility for their own actions. Try as we might, we can't often save people from themselves.
  8. Missed by a digit 😋
  9. 2215 I think.
  10. Looks like 8th Street Crossing in Inglewood (by Vic Park)
  11. Eight.
  12. Sounds like 329 is getting moved (towed) from OBMF to Anderson after the AM rush today.
  13. This weekend.
  14. There's a very real possibility that the Green Line will be operated by a P3 consortium - Calgarys history with Siemens won't mean anything. There's likely a few consortiums with various manufacturers bidding as part of the team, and if be surprised if Bombardier wasn't one. Was Siemens part of any of the proponents that were finalists for bidding on the Valley Line in YEG?
  15. One train ran back and forth between Crowfoot and Tuscany.