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  1. This weekend.
  2. There's a very real possibility that the Green Line will be operated by a P3 consortium - Calgarys history with Siemens won't mean anything. There's likely a few consortiums with various manufacturers bidding as part of the team, and if be surprised if Bombardier wasn't one. Was Siemens part of any of the proponents that were finalists for bidding on the Valley Line in YEG?
  3. One train ran back and forth between Crowfoot and Tuscany.
  4. And to add to LRTs post, without the functioning VIS transmitting codes that are read by induction loops in between the rails, the train won't get a routing through interlocking so won't be able to move (as he mentioned) - so the only ways for a train to get through the interlocking are for switching to be done manually with signal bypasses (last resort), operators selecting routing using wayside push-buttons (not available at City Hall or O'Neil), or the 'easiest', to have routings established by the Control Centre in 'CC' Mode (Central Control). This is when the Controllers can remotely take control of an interlocking and put routes through by computer. While that's the easiest of the options , Controllers don't really have time to be routing a train through each interlocking for an entire day, so the train is generally changed off as soon as it's practical.
  5. It's certainly been done numerous times before. Don't see why they wouldn't do it again, as long as it's off peak.
  6. I'm sure I'm maybe missing some, but I know they're in place coming out of McKenzie Towne Terminal, at the new queue jump on Barlow & 114th Avenue, and on 52nd Street at Marlborough Drive. There's no horizontal bar, but the bus priority signal will show a vertical white bar when the bus is clear to proceed, after which point the standard signals are used.
  7. Yes they do.
  8. It probably wasn't even called Olympic Plaza Station when that photo was taken! Nice!
  9. Depends on your definition of 'last night'. Late in the evening was a car on the tracks, late afternoon/early evening was a mechanical problem.
  10. Time will tell I guess, once they have a chance to get it on the hoist and really check it out. Heard it's being towed back tonight, which is a positive indication it's in decent enough shape. If it was an obvious write-off, it likely would've gone off in two pieces like 2311.
  11. I'm not 100% sure that 2310 is done. It's currently back on the tracks at Tuscany.
  12. The diesel shop
  13. That would've been the PM extras & floaters that came from OBMF for the post football and Canada Day crowds. As Gsgeek mentioned above, OBMF isn't supposed to send out 4-cars.
  14. For those that may be interested, looks like something different may be happening next Friday - due to a track closure on the Red line, headways are going to be reduced to a 15 minute frequency. To compensate (for reduced headway, and Stamps game, and Canada Day stuff), looks like every scheduled train on the 201 will be a four-car.
  15. I believe every station is getting an ATM.