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  1. Yes, they do. But the repairs still need to be made, regardless of who pays.
  2. Nice that the schedule changes for the pickup bus are also listed there 😁
  3. Which solutions were you thinking? Any cuts will impact someone. CT basically had 2 weeks to cut 80,000 hours, so it’s hard to be too delicate.
  4. If you live in the City, I suggest you contact your ward Councillor. These service reductions are a result of budget cuts - they need to know the impacts it has on citizens so they can make more informed decisions when deciding on cuts in the future (possibly as soon as November).
  5. If that's the case, it again comes down to experience and practice - get that train out of there as fast as you can. Maybe this was done, but you get everyone off, close the door physically as much as you can, bypass the door safety loop (I'm assuming the Alstom LRVs have a bypass to move trains with doors open), and move the train out of the way with someone guarding the door to ensure no one gets on as it passes stations. Are there any sidings to park a disabled LRV out of the way quickly, or does everything have to go to the maintenance yard?
  6. What are the passenger loads like for ION compared to Ottawa? Most door problems don't occur until you hit near-crush loads. According to their schedule, ION LRVs also generally only run at most on a 10-minute headway. You've got lots of time to resolve and go around issues when you've got 10 minutes between trains. If trains are every 2 or 3 minutes, problems get bad pretty fast.
  7. The purchase is years away, or the delivery? I believe the Series 10 purchase is already going.
  8. As someone who works for Calgary Transit and has driven LRVs, in my opinion I think there's a few problems with the O-Train, many of which will work themselves out. The biggest is just unfamiliarity of both Transit workers AND customers; once people learn how the doors work, it becomes less of a problem. LRT is new to Ottawa, so it takes time to adjust. People in many of the other cities you've listed have had LRVs for decades - even if new models of LRVs arrive, operation isn't typically that different from one model to the next, and the customers and employees are used to the system. Of course we have door problems, but we're just used to dealing with them. There's a few other issues that hopefully OC Transpo will learn quickly and adjust (some they've already said they're changing) - when you have a problem LRV door on the main line, you can't take time to fix it; just turn it off and lock it closed. Trying to get it working will take way too long and will destroy your service (especially when people are unfamiliar with them). John Manconi also said that the doors are designed to fail open after 3 failed attempts to close, which is way too few. Here in Calgary, we found it was causing too many problems after failing open after 6 attempts, so we changed it to 30. When it's busy, people and their stuff are always getting in the way, so if the door fails open after only three attempts, you're constantly going to be dealing with doors failed open. I believe they also mentioned that the doors have a safety eye/beam to detect obstructions, which can also cause delays. In all but our oldest trains, as soon as the doors are deactivated (our doors open with push buttons), the safety beam deactivates. This prevents people's feet, bags, strollers, etc. from accidentally blocking the door (unintentionally or on purpose) - the sensitive edge is still active to detect any obstruction. While many are understandably upset and bashing LRT for the rocky start, I believe it will be a great system for Ottawa in the future. My two cents anyway.
  9. Ugh. That's hideous. I get the reasoning behind it, but really takes away from the look of the train.
  10. Technically, most of them are known as set-off tracks.
  11. Look at the series of train - that should tell you all you need to know....
  12. Sadly no. Usually Bus Control will try to find some drivers that are out of service going back to the garage for overtime to help with fill buses. There may be a standby at a garage, but it might not be the closest garage, and it can take a long time to setup a bus and get it where it needs to be.
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