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  1. It’s likely that the majority of Blue line shuttles were cut from regular runs in the area - this was unplanned, and it’s faster than waiting for buses from Dispatch. It’s likely they don’t have any standbys sitting around on a Sunday afternoon. I think the XD60s referred to were on the scheduled Red Line shuttle.
  2. Likely due to this: https://twitter.com/cbccalgary/status/1140386396273872898?s=21
  3. All the cars up through 2030 have an asbestos board in the walls by the heater. They cut the outsides off to have the board removed.
  4. They'll be sorry they have all that glass on the canopy near the overhead power on platforms.....looks nice, but replacing it when it breaks becomes a big deal. Otherwise, it's looking quite nice.
  5. And just like that, the youngest U2DC is done.....
  6. No. Or at least, not for this refurb. The SD160s are being refurbished to run with the SD160NG/Series 8s. This will potentially unify all the SD160 variants so they can eventually all run together - assuming the refurb program continues to run completely through Series 5, 6 and 7.
  7. A lot more opportunities for derailment in yards because of all the tight curves and switches - that’s why derailments are most likely to occur there (at least here in Calgary). I’m assuming the switches in the yard in Ottawa are powered due to the automated nature of operations there, so less chance for human error - something that marginally increases chances of a yard derailment as well.
  8. While I wouldn’t characterize a minor derailment of one bogey in the yard ‘absolutely normal’ as described in the article, it’s certainly not a huge cause for concern. It happens, and then things move on. Good practice for re-rail crews though.
  9. It’s also going to be parked on the OB Service lane in between the morning and afternoon rush hours for operators to check out.
  10. It would be extrapolated from schedule data.
  11. Just sounds like maybe the operator just wants to take his foot off the deadman at each station....for whatever reason.
  12. The CAD system has been on voice fallback for three days now, due to issues with the CAD system. It essentially reverts the system back to open radio channel (like it was pre-CAD). This is also why the real time is not working.
  13. I'm not sure where you got this info, but it must be someone on days off....
  14. Trains are dispatched from both garages on weekends - Red line is typically from AG, while Blue line is typically from OBMF.
  15. Today is the big move day - Stoney is being populated with all of it's buses needed for service starting Monday throughout today.
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