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  1. The ideas you talk about are nice, but you assume that there’s floater buses out every day - the only time there’s any floater buses is when there’s a major event going on. It’s not like there’s operators sitting in buses at the garage every day and on weekends. There may be standby operators, but that’s to fill for operators that go sick and don’t report to work. With budget cuts already to regular service, I doubt there’s funding to have operators sitting in buses ready to go.
  2. It’s essentially how the train speaks to the signal system to tell it where the train should go - and also to cancel/activate routing, crossing protection, and transmit the train information (key, destination). It also tracks train locations on 7 Avenue.
  3. The On Demand service does not come out of Calgary Transit’s operating budget, it’s a totally different funding source. They could cut this pilot, but it’d have zero impact on the service cuts for September. Plus, this could prove out a model that could significantly decrease CTs costs in the future and provide service to many communities that wouldn’t warrant service otherwise. And it funnels people onto Transit’s regular service.
  4. Looks like 2454 has made it's long-awaited appearance at the 'pad', and will finally be on CT property soon.
  5. It was $2 Tuesday at the Stampede, so crowds on 7 Avenue were huge midday. They had one three car train running between C Track and 7 Avenue to help take care of the large crowds. Just one train used it for a couple hours.
  6. The east platform (known as C Track) is only 3-cars long - which is even more of a reason not to use it now than before. It's pretty much useless, and I'm sure will just be toasted.
  7. It's definitely pretty rare, but you asked just after the most likely time of year that it would be used.
  8. It’s actually where the seats attach to the floor. Picture a wheeled office chair with the wheels removed and attached to the floor at those points.
  9. Closure of 9th Avenue Bridge (moving the road over to the temporary bridge) means detours across McDonald Bridge, and artics aren't allowed there.
  10. You’re assuming that the crash ratings are stricter in Europe - The safety standards in the US for LRVs are stricter, so anything offered in “North America” generally satisfies those standards. And keep in mind that LRVs in North America often travel faster when used as commuter-type rail than those used as trams in Europe.
  11. I'm pretty sure they still offer the S70 - the Twin Cities in Minnesota were due to receive some this year. I imagine it would likely be some variation of that proposed for Calgary, along with the "we've never steered you wrong before, we're buddies, aren't we?" pitch (which can be debated at another time, in another forum....). Unless there's something that absolutely doesn't have a suitable North American crash rating, and how the vehicles handle extreme cold, I don't think there's much in terms of technology that would differ between European and North American light rail. Light rail manufacturers will build you whatever your want, combining all sorts of vehicles and modules together to meet your needs - while theoretically there's an "off-the-shelf" version of each model, every agency heavily customizes the vehicles they order.
  12. The four LRV suppliers moving forward for the RFP stage have been released. And no Siemens - I bet they’re shocked and figured they had it in the bag. https://www.calgary.ca/Transportation/TI/Pages/Transit-projects/Green-line/industry-information.aspx
  13. It was not a ‘switch problem’ - just another inaccurate oversimplification by the folks making announcements....it was bigger than that.
  14. Probably an easy way to save money, and honestly probably more representative of the ridership anyway.
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