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  1. Stoney Bus Garage

    Guessing the only ones that would really have something to promote would be natural gas companies with the CNG garage. Maybe CT is hoping to get some cheap fuel in exchange for naming rights? Paging ATCO....
  2. Refurbished SD160 Tracking list

    I know they likely won't have enough cars for a bit, but I'm hoping they'll start by running the refurbs together if possible - the Series 8s are finally in a good place and pretty stable, it would be a shame to ruin an 8 consist with a buggy refurb.
  3. Refurbished SD160 Tracking list

    And then another two years to work the bugs out - something else they have in common with the Calgary 9s!
  4. CTrain - S200 (series 9) cars

    At least enough for them to release a couple of cars at AG from their commissioning.
  5. CTrain - U2 cars Retirement Watch

    They should be. Most of the equipment located down low on the U2 that gets plugged with snow is moved to the roof on all other vehicle types - so for the most part, the slow orders should go away. For a brief time when U2s weren’t being allowed on the West line, the slow order was applied only for the Red Line, since the Blue was all SD160s.
  6. CTrain - U2 cars Retirement Watch

    Today is one of those days when I really wish these U2s were gone (minus one saved for posterity). There’s some things they’re good for, but between blown motors, plugged filters and fan faults, and slow orders, there wasn’t any good things today. Can’t wait to drive full speed on a snowy winter day!
  7. CTrain - U2 cars Retirement Watch

    I want to say around $800,000 each, but I'll have to see if I can find a firm number.
  8. Calgary Transit

    Unless they're required for CTrain replacement....
  9. Calgary Transit CTrain Service Disruptions

    That linked article says no one was aboard the train....I find it very hard to believe there weren’t any customers, and even if it was empty, there was still a driver. That seems to missed in these things, sadly.
  10. Green Line LRT

    Edmonton’s problem is a poor performing vendor, and trying to integrate with an existing ABS system. Green line is a greenfield system, with vehicles designed to match the signal system, so will hopefully avoid integration issues. Theres nothing wrong with the current system, but the real advantage of more advanced train control is moving blocks and tighter headways - rather than long fixed blocks regardless of where the train is in the block, the system can allow trains to run closer together. Green line won’t ever have true driverless operation, but could have various levels of automation in tracking and speed control.
  11. Scout 2101

    The speedometers go up to 100km/h, as opposed to 80km/h on the rest of the U2 fleet, but the overspeed was still set at 80km/h. I used to drive 101 & 102 as a deuce on weekends back in the day - they had good zip, but very uncomfortable to drive. And they were the last ones in the fleet to have tape decks for announcements;
  12. General CTrain Discussion

    Definitely tends to happen when you have three collisions in one night!
  13. Garage Transfers

    Unlikely. Shuttles will all move to SG, and VP will be 40 and 60 footers only. You likely won't see artics moving until Stoney opens and they have proper maintenance bays for artics.