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  1. CTrainDude

    CTrain - U2 cars Retirement Watch

    Might be a good day to be at the ‘pad’. 😁
  2. CTrainDude

    CTrain - U2 cars Retirement Watch

    2066 is one of the U2s headed to Edmonton for parts. Likely by Rail car.
  3. CTrainDude

    Calgary Transit

    I believe that CT is planning to remove buses from 7th Avenue altogether over time. Not only does it get buses out of the way, but reduces detours required when there's 7th Avenue closures (unplanned, but mostly planned ones).
  4. CTrainDude

    CTrain - S200 (series 9) cars

    It may be an old one heading back to Sacramento for refurb - they just took it across today.