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  1. In the end, if they build the 9th Avenue station, they could use that as a temporary end of line while they extend the line north and grade separate 16th Avenue - or even use Eau Claire as the terminal. The BRT they propose goes into the core anyway, so closing the 16th Avenue station during construction of an extension wouldn't be out of the question. Ultimately, the 16th Avenue station will probably be there a while, just like 10th Street Station used to be the end of the line for the Blue Line before the extension to the west.
  2. Keep in mind, it’s probably likely that 16th Avenue will still be grade separated one day. The line will cross the river and stop short of the intersection at 16th Ave. Nothing so far has shown the train crossing 16 Avenue at grade.
  3. In all honesty, not trying to get the guy in trouble, you should call in a concern about this operator not using the bypass when it's like that during rush hour - hopefully then they can at least identify him and follow-up with him so he learns the proper rules. They promised the residents of Lakeview that buses would only use it during rush hour, or if directed by Control, so this operator should be using the bypass.
  4. Now that Spring Gardens is the only bus garage open on weekends, it takes a lot more work to use artics for these shuttles - Vic Park needs to be opened up to dispatch and support the buses. When VP was the 24/7 garage, it was much easier to send artics for CTrain replacement.
  5. It's a pretty slow week for riders and traffic since lots of people are still off work - might be better to judge starting next week when school and work is back on.
  6. I think the only way they'd ever use that emergency exit would be if there's literally no other way to exit the tunnel - they're not getting passengers to climb through there and up all those ladders...
  7. Only Cemetery Hill has an emergency exit - those buildings are strictly for tunnel ventilation.
  8. Yes, they do. But the repairs still need to be made, regardless of who pays.
  9. Nice that the schedule changes for the pickup bus are also listed there 😁
  10. Which solutions were you thinking? Any cuts will impact someone. CT basically had 2 weeks to cut 80,000 hours, so it’s hard to be too delicate.
  11. If you live in the City, I suggest you contact your ward Councillor. These service reductions are a result of budget cuts - they need to know the impacts it has on citizens so they can make more informed decisions when deciding on cuts in the future (possibly as soon as November).
  12. If that's the case, it again comes down to experience and practice - get that train out of there as fast as you can. Maybe this was done, but you get everyone off, close the door physically as much as you can, bypass the door safety loop (I'm assuming the Alstom LRVs have a bypass to move trains with doors open), and move the train out of the way with someone guarding the door to ensure no one gets on as it passes stations. Are there any sidings to park a disabled LRV out of the way quickly, or does everything have to go to the maintenance yard?
  13. What are the passenger loads like for ION compared to Ottawa? Most door problems don't occur until you hit near-crush loads. According to their schedule, ION LRVs also generally only run at most on a 10-minute headway. You've got lots of time to resolve and go around issues when you've got 10 minutes between trains. If trains are every 2 or 3 minutes, problems get bad pretty fast.
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