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  1. I would be surprised if they bought vicinity's, Airdrie had a vicinity demonstrator... And the wiring caught fire...
  2. High River, Black diamond, and now Okotoks, ditches the On-it pilot project... Complete wind-up of program by end of March http://www.westernwheel.com/article/Commuter-transit-pilot-ending-in-March-20180124
  3. Town (high River) to cease participation in On-It transit service http://www.highrivertimes.com/2018/01/11/town-to-cease-participation-in-on-it-transit-service This CRP doc from December is for their next board retreat. it has extensive details about a proposal to the Regional growth Board to continue the On-it Program http://calgaryregion.ca/dam/Website/reports/General/Agendas-and-minutes/2018-Board-of-Directors-Agenda/Jan-18-19-Retreat/2018-01-18-19-CRP-Board-Retreat-Agenda-Pkg/2018-01-18%3A19 CRP Board Retreat Agenda Pkg.pdf ( on the last line of the last page, take a look at t
  4. This has some of the proposed schedule and budget info for the project http://calgaryregion.ca/dam/Website/reports/General/Agendas-and-minutes/2017-Board-of-directors-agenda-and-meeting-minutes/April-2017/BoardApril272017-Tourism0/BoardApril272017-Tourism.pdf
  5. http://www.calgaryregionfocus.com/convenient-commute-coming/ Looks like this is going forward with Southland as the contractor. Article mentions use of coaches
  6. Whitecourt received Greentrip funding this week: http://alberta.ca/release.cfm?xID=386610C2D132B-C98C-F631-2E8019D35DB798B7 GreenTRIP supports transit expansion in Whitecourt Residents of Whitecourt will soon have four new transit buses and safer and more efficient public transit thanks to a GreenTRIP grant. The Alberta government’s commitment to affordable and accessible public transportation through the Green Transit Incentives Program (GreenTRIP) includes more than $1.2 million for new buses and capital improvements to existing transit infrastructure in Whitecourt. Grant funding will he
  7. Sep 17, 2015 http://alberta.ca/release.cfm?xID=385369BA00E0E-0FAE-F5A3-06821339AE6F17A3 GreenTRIP puts Peace River on the transit map Grant supports the introduction of public transit in Peace River. The Alberta government’s commitment to affordable and accessible public transportation is helping Peace River purchase new buses and develop dedicated transit infrastructure, providing residents with new options for getting around town. The $355,000 GreenTRIP grant contributes two thirds of the cost of a new public transit system, including two 15-passenger buses, fare boxes, transit stop sign
  8. The NOVA LFS has been in service for a couple of months now. I forget when it went into service but the 4th bus let them put a 4th run onto the schedule.
  9. The 2013 Western Canada Leading the Way Youth Summit on Sustainable Urban Transportation is a regional event is modeled after previous CUTA national and regional youth summit gatherings. The aim of the event is to provide youth with a keen interest in public transit and sustainable transportation the opportunity to gather to learn, share ideas, discuss issues, network and explore career paths. Participation is open to youth 18 – 28 years of age who are residents of BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon and the Northwest Territories. Delegates are selected by a merit based application
  10. here is the current shuttle schedule http://www.crossironmills.com/File/File/507/file.ashx
  11. I'm still unsure of where you mean. I work in the area and I know there are no townhouses or condos in the Balzac region ( currently it is acreages). There is still a lack of water supply to the Crossiron area so any moderate density residential in that part of Rocky View County is definitely a low priority. I see structures in your map to the east... they are the horse barns (by dwight mclellend trail) for the abandoned race track. www.uha.ca or search for United Horsemen of Alberta for the news stories about the projects demise. AFAIK immediately south of Xiron is another business park.
  12. I would forget about running out to the high school at all but loop to the south into Kinneburgh . A new health centre / urgent care centre is under construction in the kinniburgh area and it would sustain route 4. Meanwhile, the High School is in a different municipality and there is little support from the schoolboard to include travel on transit buses ( they get more transportation funding for Yellow bus)
  13. If that that area South east of MallZac is also South of Stoney trail... then the housing is in Calgary... . Once again you have the issue of Municpality A paing for services to be received by municpality B(there is a proposed housing project proposed to be Northeast of the Crossironmiills site). as was mentioned by someone else... Green trip is designayted for the Calgary region and the Regional plan has nothing for the Balzac area.
  14. Since the demise of the cochrane commuter bus, Cochrane has grown in physical area and so has Calgary. The geography has changed so that they now share a common border. In the Next few years, we will see the an extention of Calgary's BRT route out to chestermere. Chestermere has set aside the land for the bus stops... it's all about the regional transit effort via the calgary regional Partnership.
  15. lately I only see the yellow one. Maybe the white and black one is under repair. The simple answer is that Airdrie doesn't want to subsidize transit service to Rocky View County. In general, no municpality will provide transit in another municipality without some sort of reciprocity.
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