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  1. I honestly have no idea why many of our drivers do not announce the stops. There really is no excuse in most buses because there are microphones. The same thing goes for North Bay. I was there 2 weekends ago and I noticed that only 1 driver was calling the stops. I guess they think that the labels that they put on bus sign posts at each stop suffice. I wonder what would happen if either one was audited. I know that Sudbury got in quite a bit of trouble when there were drivers who did not announce the stops. Maybe we should invest in the automatic station announcements like Sudbury is getting. Then again our city would never invest the money in that.
  2. You're probably right. I think that bus has been off the road for a little while so that must be the issue. I prefer them to the standard bell anyways.
  3. I took #85 (2006 Nova LFS ex-demo) home tonight from work and noticed that it has a new bell to match the two new Nova LFS's we received this year. I wonder if Timmins Transit plans to change all of their buses to that electronic bell (or at least the Nova's).
  4. Yeah it's not a beep sounds. It's close to the one in the video link. I personally prefer the new sound over the traditional bell.
  5. No the sound is a single beep.
  6. I noticed the different bell today. I rode 10-95 on the Schumacher and then right after 10-96 on the Howard / Brousseau. The seats are the same and the bell sounds like the one they use on TTC vehicles. I personally like the new bell. Not sure if the drivers would because it sounds softer than the classic bell tone.
  7. Yup and both were in revenue service today (and I believe today is their first day out). I saw 10-95 on the 7:30am 16 South Porcupine and I saw 10-96 on the 4:30pm 31 Howard / Brousseau run. This is all we are getting for this year. According to the purchase agreement we get 2 each year in 08, 09 and 10 and 1 next year and 1 in 2012. They look exactly like last year's 09-93 and 09-94 on the outside. Didn't get a chance to ride them, not sure if they are exactly the same on the inside. From a quick glimpse of 10-96 I think the seat backs are different from last year's.
  8. That's the one that I would say would be the other bus. There are no fishbowls in service in Timmins anymore. Only 1 GM Classic in service (87) and not sure what happened to 88. All the rest are low floors.
  9. No it doesn't have backward seating. It has seating that is in a horseshoe. That seating configuration actually gives us about 2 less seats. Oh well, if I don't like it, I don't have to sit there.
  10. 09-93's partner 09-94 is now in service. It's nice to have the two new Nova's in service except I don't like the seat configuration at the back. It reminds me of our Thomas SLF's.
  11. Nice shots! Makes me miss my university days at Nip and riding some of those buses!
  12. Not surprising since they received 91 and 92 recently but I know that they are also short buses which is probably why 34 is still in service. I assume that 34 will be the next one on the chopping block once the 2 2009 Nova's arrive.
  13. I saw the notice on the bus today regarding the 16 South Porcupine route not serving Schumacher westbound when the 9 Schumacher route is running. It makes no sense to me as to why it won't be serving Schumacher. I can understand not serving Extendicare when going eastbound, but what are people going to do if they want to go from S. Porc. / Porc. to Schumacher and get off near Aura Lake Rd or the old St. Alphonsus church. They have to walk like 5 or more extra blocks and cross the busy highway by getting off at the Mac. I think it's a ridiculously stupid idea somebody had to save 1 minute of time. The S. Porcupine route is rarely late running so something like this is unnecessary. And as a sidenote, I wonder if the person who typed the notice proofread it first. There is something like 10 mistakes / typing errors that I noticed. The teacher in me wanted to correct it. I would be expecting more from an official notice released by the City of Timmins.
  14. The problem is that the route name is almost completely obscured by the word "FULL" referring to the fact that the pass is a full adult fare and not a reduced pass.
  15. The closest city that that livery fits with is Brockville but it's not enough of a match to be 100% positive. I looked through photos I have gathered over time from the net but I haven't seen any other bus in that paint scheme. This is one of the only months this year where I have not been able to figure out for sure where the bus in the background comes from. We've had a Chatam, Calgary, Brantford, Victoria, GO Transit, Guelph, Halifax, etc... but as far as February, I don't know. Does anyone at dispatch have any clues? I don't even know who is responsible for choosing the photo / making up the pass each month.
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