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  1. Lately, every building I go into (in Canada), I found out that the "Green Running Man" Exit signs are an "emotional" fixture. I'm more used to those Red (and sometimes Green) EXIT/SORTIE (or SORTIE/EXIT) signs that are frequently common. What does everyone have to say about those? Any Thoughts?
  2. My local station in Toronto, Canada called 98.1 CHFI - has decided to play all Christmas (I mean, holiday) music today. At first, it may be too early for some but usually when the Toronto edition of the Santa Claus Parade takes place each year, the radio station has decided to get into the holiday spirit by airing Christmas music. Speaking of the Santa Claus Parade, many communities are planning to hold (or have already held) those parades already. Some have brought back the in-person events - others have scaled down to a drive-thru (drive up) format. Changing tunes (pun intended), FTX one of the cryptocurrency exchanges has (at the time of writing) filed for bankruptcy. Trading/selling crypto can be very risky (even with the regulatory insight).
  3. Does anyone ran in a situation - in which they mistake for someone familiar? This happened to me back in 2011 when I was stopped by mall security - unwarranted. At first, they assume that I was familiar to them but sadly, they mistake me for someone else. They ask me for ID which I had complied. From there, they relayed the details to mall security about if I'm in their "database". After a few embarrassing minutes, I was free to go. Fearing potential "retaliation" from the same security guards I had encountered, I left the mall. They would have issued a "notice of tresspass" - all because I have the same (or similar) appearance as someone else. I understand that they're doing their job, but creeping to someone who has the same appearance as me - that's shocking! I would have filed a complaint against the mall or their management company (that manages the mall) - even the human rights commission!
  4. Excuse for the misunderstanding, but - it's an (eventual) sign that the bank I mentioned may (at some point) one day, provide an offering to accommodate the users with non-Samsung devices. BMO is another bank similarly that doesn't over Samsung Pay (but still offers Google Pay).
  5. TD has (finally) phasing out their antiquated Mobile Payment app this month (for their customers in Canada). That particular app is designed for Android devices to may mobile payments linked to their TD Credit Card. To this day (and at the time of writing), TD is one of the last remaining holdouts - not offering Google Pay support (aside from offering Apple Pay and most recently (as of September 2021), Samsung Pay) for their customers in Canada. This brings me memories when the Canadian province of Ontario didn't offer (until 2011) a photo identity card for people who don't drive. Will the treatment of that will apply similarly for TD (eventually) offering an option for customers with non-Samsung (but Android-powered) devices? The simple answer to this is - I don't know.
  6. Lately, I've been receiving some phishing emails that "my account will be deleted if you don't change your password" and "your protection is about to end". Lucky for me (as being tech-savvy myself), I've immediately took action and delete (remove, discard) the e-mails!
  7. A follow-up from my last post, it appears that the person behind the "embarassing incident" (which deemed to be discriminatory) has finally made a follow-up video about the aftermath and what the outcome resulted (spoiler alert: the case of "human error" does not sit well with the person): https://www.tiktok.com/@lewis.chia/video/7158180365234900230?is_from_webapp=v1&item_id=7158180365234900230
  8. Recently, each time I hail an Uber ride - I get charged an "accessibility surcharge". Does anyone recall about that surcharge?
  9. Another thought that just came to me recently: Racial Profiling (coupled with Mistaken Identity and Discrimination for example) still continues to hurt everyone (and will be the norm) for the rest of our lives. I've stumbled to upon reading a BlogTO article in which it shows a customer at a Shoppers Drug Mart store - and the store (along with their "security guard") allegedly accused him of stealing from their store. Only problem is - that security guard misidentified that "Innocent" man as one of their own! Eventually, the store's manager intervened and apologized to the innocent customer - for simply a misunderstanding. Further reading: https://www.blogto.com/city/2022/10/shoppers-drug-mart-racial-profiling-toronto-store-reciepts/ This brought me memories in which mall security stopped me for an unexplained reason back in 2011. They literally thought that I matched their description and they asked me for ID (which I complied). After a few embarrassing minutes in which mall security relays the details to their management and advise if I'm on their "records", I was free to go. Fearing retaliation by the mall security, I left the mall - "out of abundance of caution" (they may eventually file a "notice of trespass" (or a "Trespass to Property" notice document) towards me - all simply because of mistaken identity). I would have filed a complaint against not only the mall, but the security guards and their management as a result of that ordeal. Sadly, I didn't end up filing one as it was a waste of time. Had I went through that route, I would have been persistent.
  10. Food For Thought (for hopefully as part of Toronto's New Year's Resolution -yes, I know it's early): I really wish that Toronto should bring back the "Taste of the Danforth" Greek Festival (I didn't attend the festival in the past). The organizers were forced to cancel the event due to the PatioTO program in terms of logistics and infrastructure issues. There was a letter to the editor stating that the festival would have go on - if (the late) Mel Lastman was the current mayor (sic)of Toronto, Canada. Still with festivals, the comeback of the CNE in Toronto this past summer got an opportunity for the city to recover from the pandemic. In a related nature, The Santa Claus Parade in Toronto is coing back as an in-person event. If I had the dream, I would imagine if that coverage were to be broadcasted in different languages - just like HNIC (Hockey Night In Canada) was broadcasted in Punjabi!
  11. If you folks ever tuned into some various news programs on Global TV (in Canada) recently - they recently updated their branding complete with new music. I really like the new branding for the TV network when it comes to newscasts. The old branding was navy blue and the typeface is serif. The new ones however is more uplifting with the use of Sans Serif and the graphics - they remind me of The Globe and Mail newspaper. Here's a comparison between the old graphics and new ones on what I'm talking about: https://youtu.be/zZgV95H-W1Q Compare with the newly updated graphics (and music): https://youtu.be/XCJd6KYUb5Y Which ones do you like best? The old graphics or the new graphics?
  12. Food for Thought (pun intended): Sobeys (along with their banners like Farm Boy, Freshco, IGA (in Quebec) and the Voila delivery service) is slowly introducing it's Scene+ (Scene Plus) rewards program across Canada replacing Air Miles. While the Air Miles rewards program has entered turbulence (pun intended once again) in recent times (the LCBO (aka the Liquor Control Board of Ontario) stores in Ontario (for instance) no longer offers Air Miles and now offers Aeroplan), it seems that the biggest loss is some older generation people who are used to collect Air Miles (some even don't have a credit card nor access to a smartphone or computer - just to check their rewards points/Miles). What does everyone have to say about it?
  13. I wonder what ever happened to Patricia Jaggernauth, the weather lady who does the weather on the CP24 channel in Toronto, Canada? Many fans here are wondering where she is... CP24 = Cable Pulse 24
  14. It's definitely should be the norm for sure. When I attended an e-sports event in Toronto recently, the announcer advises the attendees and those who attended to compete that "this event is proud to be situated in the lands of Mississaugas of the Credit, Aninshaasbe, Haudenosaunee and Wyandot" (or something like that).
  15. Sorry if this thread hasn't gone off the ground (pun intended) in years, but the airline has launched recently (with the launch/inaugural flight of YYZ-YYC): https://www.narcity.com/new-canadian-airline-canada-jetlines-first-flight-tickets-cheap
  16. "This radio station is acknowledged and proud to be situated in the lands of the.." This is what I have heard on the radio station in Toronto, Canada. in recent times. What does that mean?
  17. Regrettably, DRT was never in fact part of it. The UP Express was part of that pilot.
  18. When I rode one of the DRT buses not long ago (as I wrote this), one of the PRESTO Card readers interface has been updated to show the credit card (and mobile wallet) logos alongside the PRESTO Card and QR code symbol. If I recall, the bus was in the 71xx series running the 216. I have a feeling that the PRESTO Card software update is belling rolled and (hopefully) DRT can finally accept open payments! Any further insights/thoughts?
  19. In other transit-related news, the Lakeshore East and Stouffville GO Train Lines will be closed this weekend (from the evening of September 23, 2022 to the end of service on Sunday, September 25, 2022) and shuttle buses will run at certain GO Train stations along the the line. Sadly, the shuttle buses won't stop at the GO Stations where the TTC is readily available. I remembered the time when GO had "outsourced" the train shuttles to a private company (Coach Canada, anyone?) during the closure last year (November 2021).
  20. Sometimes, I tend to round up my final costs to either the nearest nickel, dime, quarter or dollar. That way, it is more even. Anyhoo, last weekend - I had attended an e-sports match in Toronto, Canada. The Toronto Defiant (one of the Overwatch League teams in the Western Region) has hold their Summer Showdown event last week in which teams (in the Western Region) that qualify to compete to win the summer showdown. While the Toronto Defiant had lost the 2nd-final match to the San Francisco Shock (and sadly, the San Francisco Shock had lost to the Dallas Fuel - which then become champions) , it really gives a sense that the team wanted to support their fans and so forth. As for where the event was held, it was held at the Mattamy Athletic Centre (the same place where the Maple Leaf Gardens used to be). Still with e-sports, I really wish that there should be more e-sports events and conventions. Before the pandemic, they were common.
  21. ICYMI (in case you missed it) and sorry if I'm late into this - the preferred bidders have been selected and awarded for the Ontario Line: https://www.railwayage.com/passenger/rapid-transit/preferred-proponent-teams-selected-for-ontario-line-south-and-rssom-contracts/ In the case of Exhibition Station, I'm not sure how the new e-sports venue (that will be constructed within the Exhibition Place grounds in the coming years) will play a role (pun intended) with the new station on the line?
  22. Who leaves a tip nowadays? Every time you go out to eat at a restaurant, take a taxi/rideshare ride or have food delivered to your place - you are obligated to leave a tip for the level service you receive. If you receive good service, you tip more. If the service is subpar, then you don't tip. Nowadays, leaving a tip is (nowadays) impolite (regardless on how good the service is). Further reading: https://www.thestar.com/business/personal_finance/advice/2022/09/15/now-15-per-cent-is-rude-tipping-fatigue-hits-customers-as-requests-rise.html
  23. ICAMI (In Case Anyone Missed It) and to coincide with the recent change to the display signs that some had discussed here, there's recently some announcements in which when the DRT bus routes that serve the GO Statiotn is about to arrive, it sounds like that, "Connection to GO Trains. Please leave through the back doors" (or something like that).
  24. "Watch it, Buddy!" Those were the infamous (and notorious) catch phrase by the late Peter Silverman, known for his segment in CityTV Toronto called "Silverman Helps". I really wished that CityTV in Toronto should bring back the consumer reporting segment on CityNews Toronto - but this time tailored for the new generation (and to carry on the "legacy"!). Right now, we're stuck with Sean O'Sea of Global News (for "Consumer S.O.S." ) and Par Foran of CTV Toronto (for "Consumer Alert". While the former has withstand the abuse by the "haters" (freedom convoy, anyone?), the latter had rarely seen confrontations. Speaking of CityNews, does anyone remembered the CityNews Channel back in 2011 to 2013? I found out that the channel has finally comeback - but under a new name: "CityNews 24/7" (or something like that).
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