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  1. This one: To my Quebec pals on this board, can you identify the businesses mentioned in this video?
  2. I also downloaded mine as well (along with same thing for my dad) recently. Even though that I have two (2) separate proof of vaccinations for the 1st and second doses respectively, it'll make things simplier with the QR code. I also have the minitaure copies that I was given during the time in which I got the doses this year. The other day, I stumbled to find these videos from a company formerly known as Gemalto (now known as "Thales") and it features these two document readers - it would be very ideal to see if the identitiy documents could link up with the proof of vaccinations: Anyhoo, I went to a food court at a mall and there were security guards asking the patrons that if they wanted to sit down and have something to eat, they must show proof of vaccination along with a piece of government-issued identity (they might have a right to refuse entry if the customer "clandestinely obtained" fake ID from an "illegal" source). That brings me a question, what happens if a teacher happens to see a student (that they known) at a food court and tries to rush and see them? Will they need to show their proof of vaccination and ID - just to see that student they know in the past? I could imagine if this were to happen to me.
  3. Out of curiosity (and sorry if this has been mentioned recently), but it is uncommon to see a non-Pulse branded DRT bus - to operate the 900 and 901 bus routes? Also, I was wondering if the OnDemand services will be expanded to serve the other areas where the pre-pandemic routes used to operate (notably the (theoretically) terminated 225 Audley North for example)?
  4. ICAMI (In case anyone missed it), contactless debit card payment is being rolled out on the UP Express for the first time: Further reading: https://dailyhive.com/toronto/debit-card-tap-up-express It's worth note that not only contactless domestic (Canadian) Interac debit cards are accepted, but contactless International Debit Cards (providing if they bear a Visa Debit or Debit MasterCard logo) are accepted too!
  5. Todays the day is when the all-news radio stations owned by Rogers - have all been rebranded to Citynews Radio. I remembered the time in which 680 News in Toronto was (you guessed it) "680 News". The same goes for News 1130 in Vancouver, BC; 660 News in Calgary, AB and 1310 News in Ottawa, ON. Those station names mentioned have all been renamed to "CityNews XXX" (or XXXX CityNews). What does everyone have to feel about the change of "naming"? Reminds me when a similar rebranding took place for Sportsnet Radio many years ago.
  6. Don't forget about those so called "prepaid credit cards". I have a few of those with me and while some of them offer rewards, there are sometimes drawbacks. I have the KOHO Prepaid Visa Card and their premium plan (which is $9CDN per month or around $84 per year) offers 2% cashback for transportation, groceries and restaurants (along with .5% cashback elsewhere). Their regular plan is about .5% cashback. I also have the STACK Prepaid MasterCard too. While they don't offer cashback, they offer some promotions in which you can earn a dollar-value cashback (i.e. get $1 cashback for buying gas, groceries, alcohol and other stuff). Most recently, I have the Wealthsimple Cash product that offers a prepaid Visa Card. That card allows you to earn 5% at restaurants, food deliveries and some convenience stores - but during the weekends (from Fridays to Sundays). They also currently doing a promotion in which you can earn 1% cashback (for a limited time - when this post was added).
  7. Radiant. Anyhoo, if anyone had passed through Union Station in Toronto recently - they have removed the seating areas (at the York Concourse) as per this tweet (sorry if I had difficulty putting this here): From what I had heard, they're replacing with some newer, softer seating.
  8. Michael Stockley (known by the gaming community as "KiXSTAr"), one of the former gamers who turned professional for the video game "Rainbow Six" and later as a commentator - had passed away on October 11, 2021 at the young (yes, young) age of 24. Source: https://www.dexerto.com/rainbow-six/rainbow-six-caster-kixstar-dies-aged-24-1674834/
  9. Still reeling in the news about CIBC (one of the Big Five (plus one) banks in Canada) being awarded the "contract" for the Canadian Costco cardholders' portfolio from Capital One's Canadian operations. The good thing is that CIBC will "preserve" the customers and being converted to the new Costco MasterCard that CIBC is going to launch in future. As for the card design - it has yet to be seen. I remember the time that some banks in Canada were restricted to one credit card product (i.e. RBC offered Visa, BMO offered MasterCard). Nowadays, all banks in Canada can now offer both Visa and MasterCard (and to a lesser extent - American Express) products. If my memory serves me right, (for example) RBC offers both Visa & MasterCard, while Scotia offers not only Visa & MasterCard - but American Express. Most recently, BMO has launched their VISA card product. There was a time that CIBC offered American Express about 20+ years ago, but it has been long gone. The similar case is true when CIBC once offered MasterCard products too (after acquring the credit card portfolio from Citibank's Canadian operations back in the early 2010s.
  10. His catchphrase, "Watch it, Buddy!" is still a fixture in Toronto culture. Defend in Peace, Mr. Silverman...
  11. On this National Teacher's Day today, it is sometimes appreciative to honour a teacher that you know in the past (either currently teaching, retired from teaching - or sadly, passed away). For my entire life, there are some teachers I like and some I hate (it still haunts me to this day) but it's always an honour to send their token of appreciation. Sadly, some teachers can act a bit serious (and some of them went beyond the line). There was a time that I didn't have the "means" on how to file a complaint against a teacher back then but as time had passed - this still haunts me. My takeaway advice: if you have a child who is being picked, yelled or being abused (verbally and physically) by a teacher - you have the right to file a complaint against a teacher. Only problem is - will that teacher counter-complain (is there such a word for this?) against a student/parent (in retaliation) who files against them?
  12. This Uber Eats commercial featuring synchronize swimmers: Reminds me of the commercial from Clarica (the company which was acquired by Sun Life Financial in the early 2000s):
  13. Another thought that I had been thinking recently: It's been nearly 5 years since I had saw one lady who works at a mental health organization (I utilised their services many years ago but stopped using long after I got a new career) and I dropped in to talk and to socialize. I haven't talked to that person (or persons) for that period of time and while I may be still on their file (and got a contact to that worker), I had a concern that person won't even recognize me (or my voice when I had left a message - in fact, I've left that voicemail message back in June 2021 - in which my call was never returned). There's also another person I used to deal with - but while she's within company, her direct phone number was taken over by another worker within it. To summarize: I really wanted to follow up with those people to tell them how I've been doing with my life thesedays, but (even though I have my file with them) they might turn a blind eye.
  14. Just to r-e-i-t-e-r-a-t-e on what the OP says, many municipal transit systems in the GTHA (Greater Toronto and Hamilton) area offer Monthly Passes loaded on PRESTO. To my knowledge (and if I had predicted) , you can load as many monthly/weekly passes as you want (i.e. A Durham Region Transit monthly pass and a TTC Monthly Pass) on a single PRESTO Card but for an e-purse, it is usually around $1000CDN as the maximum limit. this reply was sent through my Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone
  15. I'm feeling emotional (in a good way) that a new logo is unveiled by CIBC (one of big five banks in Canada). It reminds me of one of their old logos from the late 80s: As for the new logo, it reminded me of a car company that has a similar logo....
  16. Allan Slaight, a well known broadcasting mogul and philanthropist in Canada - had passed away on Sunday, September 19, 2021 at the age of 90.
  17. Banned for [off the hook sound plays]
  18. One random thought to add: TD Bank (in Canada) has recently enabled Samsung Pay for customers who utilize a Samsung Device (Galaxy Smartphones, Galaxy Watch). Up until recently, TD (in Canada) was the only bank not offering Samsung Pay or Google Pay for its customers (forcing them to use an unreliable, in-house mobile app solution). It also offers Apple Pay as well. While offering Samsung Pay is a good start for TD, I believe that TD (in Canada) should do more to offer it's solutions for other Android users (not using Samsung Smartphones, etc.).
  19. This is what I had earlier - when I went to an in-person (walk-in) ribfest in my hometown since the pandemic began (up until recently, the ribfest was downsized to a drive-thru version - but this time they've started to offer a walk-in version for the first time in a while). ICYW (In case you're wondering), it's a jerk chicken burrito with fries.
  20. I totally agree. If the current Ontario government were to remove "provisions" that if a holiday falls on a weekend (i.e. Boxing Day), then people will have to go to work! Many people believe that it should return to a normal weekday (even if a statutory holiday falls on a weekend). If i were, then Ontario would be like the rest of the province (or even being "Americanized"! sorry that I have to add some insulting points.) Anyhoo, I really wished that the Ontario government should do more to loosen rules for intercity bus travel. My dream is that I have a bus link from the Allandale Waterfront (or Barrie South) GO station to Collingwood. The Simcoe County LINX offers such service but on a weekends, you have to transfer to two different buses (or something like that). Aside from what I had discussed, many live venues are losing a lot of money to stay afloat due to the pandemic. Many venues have decided to improvise - charging an entry fee (or even a recovery fee) for patrons who go to concerts/festivals. Reminds me of paying the so-called Airport Improvement Fee (at Canadian airports) or even the departure tax (elsewhere). Thesedays, those fees/charges are now embedded on the price of a plane ticket.
  21. I wonder how everyone feels about "Truth and Reconciliation Day"? ICAW (In case anyone is wondering), it's a new statutory holiday in Canada and this new holiday reflects the emotional trauma caused by the residential schools of yesteryear and to honour the survivors and families who grieve those who died while serving in those residential schools (or something like that). This new holiday - applies to people who work in a federally-regulated sector (i.e. banks, credit unions (not sure if they are regulated federally) federal government departments, etc.). Still with statutory holidays, Ontario is the only province in Canada that recognize Boxing Day as a statutory holiday. While it may be understandable that people may have to work the next day (even if the holiday falls on a weekend and observed on an alternate day - or something like that) during those times, it is the employer's responsibility to see if their staff should work on the day after if Boxing Day (or even Christmas) falls on a weekend. Sorry if I tend to confuse anyone on this post.
  22. I've stumbled to upon to find this particular story and I hope that something that happened in it - shouldn't happen to you: a blogger has to pay a huge sum against a doctor for defamation - all for a simple blog posting (and even leaving a negative review from Google Reviews) about a business' poor treatment against her. Further reading for some context: https://globalnews.ca/news/8147217/bc-blogger-defamation-suit/ This brought me memories when I had received bad advice from a social worker that I used to dealt with (and although I didn't made any negative reviews on my own personal blog which has since been shuttered years ago - it did had a negative impact in my life) many years ago. It also reminds me that I used to boycott against a now-defunct music store 20 years ago (they thought I stole something - all because of mistaken identity/misunderstanding from what I remembered back then). I really wished that people who are employed as "loss prevention officers" - should be offered training (which includes but not limited to) in: racial sensitivity, accessibility training and other topics relating to what I had discussed. As for how often that training should offered, it should be offered on a yearly basis just to make sure that their "skills" are "fresh" and "relevant". In other news, CIBC has recently gobbled up the Costco contract in Canada - which results in acquiring the Capital One Costco MasterCard portfolio. That marks the end of the Capital One saga in Canada. Unlike the situation in which former Capital One Hudson's Bay MasterCard cardholders have to re-apply for the new MasterCard powered by Neo Financial, the cardholders' portfolio for the Capital One Costco MasterCard gets transitioned to CIBC.
  23. Well....it's not something that I (or someone else would consider launching - reminds me when I did a grassroots campaign for the Ontario government demanding to offer a non-drivers photo ID card in the form of a Facebook group (which has since been shuttered) coupled by a petition launched by a former MPP (Member of Provincial Parliament) of Ontario. My campaign along with the other remains separate for unrelated reasons - please leave your political opinions where they belong). on another note, GO Transit is (somewhat) restoring (though extending) their operating hours at train ststions/bus terminals this week (for buying train tickets, reload presto cards, etc.). The station hours will be extended to now close at 8pm.on weeknights and weekends. This will take effect this upcoming labour day weekend.
  24. Remember my thought about my wish that the Global Television Network in Canada - should air a local newscast for Ottawa, ON? Currently, CIII-DT (which is based in Toronto) has a transmitter that serves Ottawa (technically, that transmitter is in the Gatineau Park in Quebec), but they only air news stories based in Toronto. I would wish that Citynews should offer that same treatment - offering television newscasts for viewers in the Ottawa area that are relevant to the city. ICYW, the only radio station in Ottawa that bears the Citynews branding is on the radio dial on 1130AM (they recently broadcast an FM station on 101.1FM). I really wished that Citynews should expand its brand to radio stations. Instead of the presenter saying "680 News time - 7:45", they should say "Citynews time - 7:45".
  25. Unfortunately, I haven't passed through that area during my recent weekend outing to Toronto a few weeks ago. However, it is likely that there will be a reduction of tracks along that area - unless someone launches a petition to restore the LSE express trains!
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