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  1. The other day, I attended the "Food & Drink" festival down at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC) in Toronto, Canada. When I went to check out the various vendors and stands, I found out that all of the vendors that took part in the event - don't accept cash. They only accept debit/credit cards (mobile wallets too) that you can tap on or insert/enter PIN with. There's even a special "app" that you can link your credit/debit card to a QR code and you can pay using your QR code (sort of like AliPay ro WeChatPay). A lot of places have decided to stop accepting cash ever since the pandemic had began. Most recently, a popular concert venue in Toronto, Canada is going cashless: https://www.blogto.com/music/2022/04/danforth-music-hall-cashless-venue/ Aside from Canada's Wonderland (from my early post), the only concern now is that festivals (like the CNE in Toronto or the PNE in Vancouver - or even the Calgary Stampede) will eventually follow suit. Only barrier is - some people don't have access to credit/debit cards - even bank accounts...:(
  2. I was attending a festival down at the nearby Metro Toronto Convention Centre on Saturday (I too, took the shuttle bus from the Ajax GO station to the Union Station Bus Terminal) - the same day which the basketball game was happening. When I took the shuttle bus from Ajax to Union Station Bus Terminal - it was nearly a full house. However, when I came home from the Union Station Bus Terminal to the Ajax GO station - it was a quiet ride. The good thing is - only about a few people were on the lower deck and three people (including myself) were on the upper deck! There was one lady who "tagged" me along to the bus terminal at the same time (she was heading to Ajax as well) and she was lucky herself! Had I stayed a bit longer in downtown Toronto - I would have to invoke an alternative route! Aside from that - remember the announcement that the GO-On-Demand pilot is coming to Northumberland County last week? I found one update: https://www.thepeterboroughexaminer.com/local-northumberland/news/2022/04/25/update-new-on-demand-pilot-shuttle-service-will-connect-northumberland-to-go-network-says-mpp.html As for what platform the new service is going to use - hope it's more reliable that Durham Region Transit's software for this On-Demand service...
  3. GO Transit's new "on-demand" pilot service - is coming to Northumberland County, Ontario, Canada for the first time starting this summer. It will serve parts of Northumberland County (like Port Hope, Cobourg, Brighton, Trent Hills) and will link up with the Oshawa GO Station. The information is very scarce to share at this time, though: https://www.thestar.com/local-northumberland/news/2022/04/19/new-on-demand-pilot-shuttle-service-will-connect-northumberland-to-go-network-says-mpp.html https://northumberlandcountybreakingnewsfeed.ca/2022/04/19/go-on-demand-shuttle-service-is-coming-to-northumberland-county/ https://www.gonorthumberland.ca/2022/04/19/563942/
  4. At first, I thought it was for a new destination, but go figure! Anyhoo, I wonder what would it take for WestJet - to "fill its hunger" on offering service (one day) to Asian destinations like Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong - or maybe Beijing or Shanghai?
  5. ICAMI: The Company is under scrutiny - in terms of ownership. https://kitchener.ctvnews.ca/federal-review-threatens-flair-airlines-licence-1.5841596 ICAMI = In Case Anyone Missed It
  6. Canada's Wonderland - one of the popular theme parks in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada (near Toronto) is making the move towards the cashless-era. In the past, cash was still king at the park - then came covid. When the park opens, they (the park) will advise their guests to use cashless (and contactless) methods to pay stuff while at the park (I.e. Food, Novelty Items, etc.). At least people who still rely on cash will be accommodated - with one condition: they must load their cash into a special payment card. Sadly, you cannot reload your card on the fly. Further reading: https://www.canadaswonderland.com/cashless
  7. (excuse for not posting this in the right thread, but) The other day, I was a video from Gatineau, QC, Canada (from the TV station's Facebook page) and to my own eyes - I saw a brief shot of a (retired, possibly) Niagara Falls Transit Orion VII bus - parked at an unknown place in the Aylmer sector of Gatineau. I wasn't able to record what the fleet number was sadly. The brief shots of that retired bus (in the background) is at 9:20, 9:40 and 9:49: https://fb.watch/c0DUJ1ZhVE/
  8. While I may be pleased that FlixBus is setting up shop in Canada, I'm hoping that this new player in the intercity bus market in Ontario - will be competitive. I'm hoping that if FlixBus is successful in Canada, I'm hoping that the company will fill the voids left by the now-defunct Greyhound in Canada - especially the Toronto-Collingwood (Ontario) bus route once operated by Greyhound.
  9. Another commercial that I wanted to add that I discovered: the guy who complained about his landlord in the Sportsnet Now (SN Now) sports subscription service. In addition, there's that commercial from a company called Nesto that features the janitor (this is one of them): The song that I heard in the background reminds me of another commercial from CIBC and Journie Rewards - something about saving 3ยข off /litre when you use your CIBC Debit or Credit Card....
  10. It's been three (3) months since the new morning hosts down at 98.1 CHFI Radio (in Toronto, Canada) took over the reigns. ICYW, the new morning show hosts are Pooja Handa and Gurdeep Alhuwalia (both of whom were formerly from the CP24 TV channel in Toronto, Canada). There is that game on the CHFI radio station called "Can't Beat Gurdeep" and it's purpose is simple: Pooja will ask 5 trivia questions and if you get more rigtht than Gurdeep, you win $100CDN. If there is a tie, Gurdeep keeps that cash (sadly, there's no tiebreakers). While there has been one instance in which a contest beat Gurdeep, sadly - the radio station host tries to make the trivia questions harder! Still with broadcasting, when me and my dad went to stay at our hotel room in Ottawa last summer of 2021, we saw Leslie Roberts and Rosey Edeh (both of them formerly worked for Global Television) appear on a morning show on TV on another TV network. Anyone up to speed about that?
  11. Don't forget the French Fry brand named Cavendish Farms (excuse for making you hungry). Anyhoo, after two depressing years - live in-person events are coming back to Toronto, Canada (especially the CNE - or Canadian National Exhibition). The CNE is one of my favourite events in Toronto as a way to top off the summer holidays. My favourite thing of the Canadian is not just the food, shopping and games/rides - but the transit commutes to/from it. Don't forget about that there's a hotel at the Exhibition Place grounds (aka "Hotel X") too - super useful for tourists who want to check out the CNE and book a room - all in one place! Aside from that, I'm looking forward on seeing that new E-sports Venue being built - coupled with the new Ontario Line Metro Line (yes, I use "subway", "metro" and "MRT" interchangeably) to supplement it. Back to my topic about the CNE, I'm hoping that the food building can be adapted and their vendors can support cashless transactions (where available) or even better: offer patrons to order food in advance and pick it up when it's ready (a la Ritual, Uber Eats, Skip, Doordash, etc.). Only problem is - not everyone likes technology.
  12. Sorry to hear about what happened to your father's experience, but - fraud can affect everyone - from seniors, people with disabilities and (wait for it) those who are "tech-illiterate" (yes, you got that right - tech-illiterate). Sometimes, "swatting" could play a role on being a victim of fraud..
  13. On the first of Fraud Prevention Month my dream come true to me...a phishing text that looks real... Excuse my singing but, lately - there have been some phishing texts claiming to be from Service Ontario regarding the refund for the license plate sticker renewals but in reality, that organization will never send a refund through texts and to a lesser extend, by telephone calls (boomers, you're not alone). Fraud is no joke nor laughing matter for sure.
  14. To my Toronto, Canada pals: I don't know what's wrong with Flow 93.5FM recently..... This is what fans of the Flow 93.5FM radio station felt....
  15. Very surprised that no one hasn't posted any information about this new airline called "Lynx Air". This new airline was formerly known as "Enerjet". Anyhoo, this new airline will commence operations this April 2022 and the first Canadian cities that will be seriving at launch time are YYC (Calgary),YLW (Kelowna), YVR (Vancouver, BC), YWG (Winnipeg) and YYZ (Toronto). As for the aircraft, they will operate the Boeing 737 MAX 8. The airline's goal is to compete with the other airlines such as Flair Airlines and Swoop (in the ultra low-cost category) but will compete against the big players like Air Canada and Westjet. Further reading: https://www.flylynx.com
  16. Banned because..... By the way, this feature (and/or sound) only appears on certain Clover POS (Point-of-Sale) terminals. Some Square payment terminals feature the sound variant.
  17. The other day, me and my dad were going along the Ontario Highway 401 and I saw a sign that "emotionally" caught my attention: there's a picture of a tow truck and contains the words "Authorized Towing Only" (or something like that). This somehow triggered my flashbacks when that reminds me of something based during a road trip to Montreal last summer (2021).
  18. Another thought: I'm thinking of migrating one of my email addresses that I use (I.e. Gmail or Outlook) to another privacy-centric service like ProtonMail. Thesedays, I don't want one of my email addresses to be hacked to some extent (even with a strong password and 2FA-enabled). Anyone here uses ProtonMail or a similar service?
  19. (cues the "I know you something you don't, I know something that you never know..." meme from Tiktok) This is what I had discovered recently (by the way, he's my favourite snowboarder): Here's another commercial that I also like (spoiler alert: he also featured on the TV shows "Blood and Water" and "Kim's Convenience"):
  20. I never had an issue with Skip, Doordash and Uber Eats - either for delivery and (to a lesser extent) "order for pickup". Speaking of the latter, I used another service that does that called "Ritual". Back in the days that I used to work downtown (or during a Saturday outing), I order food from a place on the Ritual app, confirm my payment details and once my order is ready - I tell the people that "I'm here for my Ritual order" (or something like that). They ask me my name and I got my order in no time. Anyone here remembered an app called "Foodora"? Their Canadian operations folded back in 2020 (likely during the start of the pandemic - mostly) but their operations have been acquired by an under-the-radar company, Facedrive (which later rebranded the Foodora's Canadian operations as "Facedrive Foods").
  21. Another thought that came into my mind and it may be a game-changer: one hospital in Canada has decided to unmask their Caller ID Display. The reason of that - they wanted customers (and patients) to be more transparent and have the right to now who's calling - either to book an appointment, share results and to follow up. While that may be good news to some, there are sometimes that people are afraid to pick up the phone - whether it's the school, a social services organization - you guessed it. Aside from that, I can't wait to get the Pixel 6 smartphone. The reason: I wanted to screen calls using the Google Assistant. While it may be a useful feature, it could hung up (pun intended) the caller! Source: https://muhc.ca/news-and-patient-stories/news/its-not-wrong-numberits-muhc-please-pick-phone
  22. Alexa McDonough, a former politician and leader of Canada's NDP (New Democrat Party) has passed away at the age of 77.
  23. Another thought that came into my mind recently - a while back, I used to deal with one hearing aid provider for my old hearing aid (that has since broken down and the warranty long expired). Unfortunately back then, my relationship with that hearing aid provider went out-of-tune (pun intended) for almost three years (and in fact, that "dispute" lasted three years). I was told that the hearing tests that was performed were inconsistent but it turned out that I was not impressed with the level of service they had offered for that reason. For almost two years, they kept telephoning me (and even left numerous voicemail messages) that I'm due for an appointment but sometimes they will get angry and accuse me for not answering their telephone calls. Since that time, I went to shop for another hearing aid (in which I was able to get with another hearing aid provider back in September 2021). While I was pleased that I was able to move forward with the new hearing aid provider, I had a concern that the old hearing air provider that I used to deal with - still have me in their file. If I were to follow up with that old hearing aid provider and advise them that I'm closing my file with them, I don't know what they will do. If they continue to brag me to stay with them, I would escalate this to their supervisor.
  24. Ontario Northland would have been a proper candidate to run the Collingwood-Barrie-Toronto run (with more frequent service of course!). If the Simcoe County Linx Route 2 only operates during the weekdays, then people who wanted to go on a weekend would (sadly) catch a taxi/uber to Wasaga Beach - just to connect with Simcoe County Linx route 4.
  25. With the new year coming, this is the time that tax season has finally kicked in. In Canada, the WFH (Work From Home) tax credit has been increased from $400CDN to $500CDN if you are using the temporary flat rate method. Still with tax credits, the Canadian province of Ontario has introduced a special tax credit called the "Ontario Staycation Tax Credit". This tax credit is crucial to support those working in the hospitality and tourism sector - especially those hit hard from the pandemic.
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