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  1. A thought that I had just thinked about just now - remember my thought (a while back) on how a black customer (named Lisa Calderon) got racially profiled at an Old Navy many years ago and the store accused that person of stealing (but in reality she didn't)? Another instance happened - but this time at a Wal-Mart in Canada. To make matters worse - it was a family involving her daughter (who was young). One of the store employees accused the family's daughter of stealing but the mother told them that she didn't steal anything. Suddenly there was a verbal fight between the store and the
  2. This month is Fraud Prevention Month. There are a lot of endless scams going on out there - from phishing e-mails, smishing texts or even those calls claiming that "there is an arrest warrant against you, this list goes on and on. The hardest hit are seniors along with those with disabilities (seniors or not). My mom and dad got these types of nuisances all the time. As for my dad, he has a Google Pixel 3a smartphone and it is equipped with a feature that automatically screens calls - with the help of the Google assistant! It's like having your own secretary (but in a virtual form!
  3. Asking for a friend: a friend of mine wants to ask how they can obtain what's called a "High School Transcript"? She's planning to do some online courses in the future and one post-secondary institution (couldn't remember the name) requires a high school transcript (or in the case of the Canadian Province of Ontario, an OSSD Transcript). She once contacted ServiceOntario (a government agency that offers services for drivers licenses, health cards, etc.) to see if they offered it but they replied to her that "they're not in that area of expertise" and advised have to contact their high sc
  4. Coupled with the new Ontario Line Metro Line (I use the terms "subway" and "metro" interchangeably - the acronym MRT counts, too), both of which will not only create jobs but other tourism opportunities too. Currently, the Exhibition Place Grounds are served by the Lakeshore West GO Train line along with the TTC buses and streetcar routes. With the new Ontario Line being proposed (at the time of writing), it would make commuting to/from the CNE grounds much easier. Speaking of the CNE, I heard that the event is planned to be back this summer. Only thing that is concerning right now
  5. I was hoping that RideCo would be among those who wanted to get into the DRT OnDemand service. The similar case is true for some of the multi-billion ridesharing giants like Uber and Lyft. I have yet to try out the DRT OnDemand myself regrettably. Remember my thought about the DRT OnDemand service and the service to the ski resorts (i.e. Dagmar, Lakeridge - and another resort called Brimacombe) a while back? I actually inquired to one of the ski resorts about their say about DRT's OnDemand service - sadly, they turned a "blind eye" to my request (that turned into a sarcastic answer) stati
  6. After much speculation, Hudson's Bay (a popular department store chain in Canada) has partnered with a newbie fintech (Financial Technology) provider called "Neo Financial" for the new Hudson's Bay MasterCard. This happened after Capital One Canada has terminated it's contract with Hudson's Bay and Costco Canada (more on Costco in Canada later) back in late 2020. The bad news is - if people who have the Hudson's Bay MasterCard from CAP1C (FYI, CAP1C = Capital One Canada) and wanted to get the new card provided by Neo, they will have to re-apply. Regrettably, they won't be getting the simi
  7. Tried to upload this from my Google Chrome web browser on my Galaxy S20 smartphone but sadly, it encountered an "Error -200" error when attaching, but this is what me and my dad had for dinner tonight. Me and my dad went on a trek from Ajax, ON to Oshawa, ON to a place called "The Bollywood Tacos" and they serve Mexican/Indian fusion cuisine. A Facebook group called "Durham Region Eats" (in which I'm a member of) made a mention about this place, so that is what intrigued me to do. As for the "Error -200" issue, I hope that the admins/mods can fix this issue I encountered. Going forwa
  8. Paying off a mobile (cell) phone is like when you pay a car loan when you get a new car. Similar instances, similar payments - same principles. Still with financing, many retailers are nowadays offering in-store financing through a third party (one of the companies I know of out of my head is "Flexiti") - from electronic stores to furniture stores. When I bought a gaming laptop a whilr back, I used my VISA Infinite Credit Card that was provided/offered by my bank and it features purchase protection /warranty coverage. I also used one of my rewards points as well to offset the balan
  9. Something has brought me up just now and I've read an article that an animal rights group called "PETA" (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is telling people to stop using animal words as insults. Here's what I found from their Twitter page: This has brought my attention for quite some time because back in my elementary school days, my teacher discriminated me because my handwriting was (gulp) "chicken scratch". That "remark" really hunts me to this day. I told my parents about what had happened and sadly, they didn't do anything about it. At that time, I had no "means" on
  10. I heard in the news that the Gamestop stock - is the new oil. I don't understand why investors wanted to jump in and invest in the company and it's stock shook up! I would imagine if the investors of teachers pension fund - would like to jump into the game (pun intended).
  11. To anyone in Canada who plays the national lottery games of Lotto 6/49, Lotto Max and/or Daily Grand/Grand Vie (whether if you're a local or a visitor): please check your tickets in the province that it was bought. Even though that the aforementioned lottery games are national, you cannot check a lottery ticket that is bought in another province. For example, if you play a Lotto Max game in BC (despite being a national lottery) and happen to won a prize in that province, it must be claimed there. I have seen an instance of that issue earlier today at a convenience store when I was w
  12. ICAMI (In case anyone missed it), DRT is collaborating with Metrolinx on ironing out a solution for post-secondary students: Although there's little information to share, I'm hoping that this will overcome the U-Pass issues that post-secondary students are very upset with ever since the pandemic. In other news, many DRT bus announcements now have a statement add that "Face coverings or masks are required". For example: "Route 900 to Oshawa - Face coverings or masks are required" (or something like that).
  13. Poutine. Anyhoo, Soccer Team for Edmonton or Rugby Team for Edmonton? It would be a miracle if the former would be good (if the city joins the league in which the Toronto FC team or even the team in which the Hamilton Forge FC is in - no wait, Edmonton already has a team on the same league along with Hamilton Forge FC) for Edmonton.
  14. It seems that racism and discrimation will never end and will remain with us for the rest of our lives. There was one time that I was "unfairly stopped" by mall security a decade ago (2011). From what I had remembered, these folks think I was familiar to them (based on my similar appearance). Here's what I recall: 1) Mall security stopped me due to the fact that they (assumingly) think I know them based on my appearance. 2) I was then asked to provide ID (in which I was compelled to show). 3) Mall security relays the details to their management while at the same time asked me que
  15. 1 D40LF. Anyhoo, paper cup or styrofoam cup?
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