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  1. Some food for thought at hour: I don't know how people in Indonesia - say "Penetanguishene" or "Simcoe" in Indonesian? Not meaning to be racist though.....
  2. It would be nice and convenient for those commuting to the Blue Mountain ski resort on weekends! If a big-scale winter sports were to happen at Blue Mountain one day (I.e. X-Games, Dew Tour, etc.), then I would imagine if the organizers could partner up with the transit authority! Also, the GO/Ontario Northland partnership could be strengthened!
  3. The Credit Karma commercial that features a mother and daughter in a crammed up apartment. The daughter checks her credit score and when the credit score increases, she and her mother turns from a small apartment to something more vast. Shortly after, the credit score increases and then that vast apartment turns into something big. What's more the mother then turns into a dog. Confused? Here's the video: I would imagine if there was a commercial like that that features myself and my parents in economy class. When my credit score increases, we go into premium economy class. After that, with my credit score goes up, I then go into first class all by myself, relaxed. Apart from that, what does every have to say about those scratch and win commercials that feature a giant? My favourite ones are for ULTRA and (most recently) the 1 Million Royale. I also like this one for a Scratch n win game called "Multi Millionaire": Imagine if I was that guy playing that lottery game at a concert with crowded people and when I found out that I won- it turned into a scene that features a very fancy restaurant that features me winning! The people in the restaurant were surprised to see me, but the waiter asks me this: "your dish, sir.". I replied, "is this chicken?".
  4. It does, but you have to transfer to two different buses. Also, one of their routes only operates during the weekdays (IIRC, the Barrie-Wasaga Beach bus). Posted from my Samsung Galaxy S9
  5. I would agree! Not many people who don't have a car (and wanted to hit the slopes at Blue Mountain ski resort in Collingwood) really wanted the Ontario Northland/GO Transit partnership to continue! As for Uber from the Barrie South and/or Allandale Waterfront to the ski resort, the cost can be very prohibitive. It would be nice if the Blue Mountain ski resort should offer bus trips through bus.com to shuttle the winter sports revellers from the Allandale Waterfront (or Barrie South) GO station. That's my wish list - unless I launch a petition demanding such a service to be offered!
  6. Korean Chicken Dumplings. This was from a food truck at the CNE IN Toronto.
  7. This is from last weekend - I went to the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) in Toronto, Canada and this is what I had. country style-tater tots with sausage and bacon. Posted from my Galaxy S9
  8. When did the local CTV stations for its local newscast changed its font for its news reports? For me, I like the new typeface for its news stories and reports. It's much more clearer. anyone notice?
  9. I am in the working world , but I'm not on the phones - I usually deal through IM (instant messaging) e-mail and texting. Still, as I said before (depending on the caller), that wouldn't deter them from leaving me a voice message.
  10. I think I should consider advising my callers - not to leave me a voicemail (who uses voicemail thesedays?) and instead - direct their matters to another number. That too won't deter them from leaving me a voice message!
  11. I've decided to bring this matter back and - Just now, one company (that I had used to deal with them) telephoned me several times on my phone line. I was not pleased with the level of service they had offered to me back then. To make matters worse, I have to pick up and hang up on them and all of a sudden, they tried to call me back (all with the same number)! Even though that I wasn't please with the level of service, they still kept calling me! Who should I complain to this matter to? I had a concern that they will pursue legal action against me (just for a simple hang up among other stuff).
  12. I also joined online as well - also making a mention about the PRESTO deployment for the TTC as well (although that has little relevance of the town hall meeting, but it somehow got covered). I also heard that the residents of Bowmanville really needed to have that GO train extension to that area. Infrastructure challenges are a major hurdle right now.
  13. Since this thread hasn't been updated in over a year, I've just wanted to follow up with some of the observations while at the UP Express platform at Union Station: The standard PRESTO readers (the green ones that are used elsewhere on the GO Transit network have been covered up, no word on when another silver reader will be coming back). This is to reflect GO 10km or less fare change (if I'm not mistaken). If a user who tapped on a standard PRESTO reader and then boards the UP Train off-peak, what is going to happen? How will the attendant knew if the rider is travelling on the UP but tapped on the green devices? Also, I believe that the TTC/UP (and TTC/GO) co-fare for PRESTO users will remain unchanged. I'm not sure if I had given accurate information, but please advise. posted from my Samsung Galaxy S9
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