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  1. Here's another one that I found recently: There's also the one that feature the one in the patio and for the record, here it is:
  2. The radio ad for Ozempic! The song in that tadio reminds me of that AT&T TV commercial in the mid to late-1990s and from what I remembered it goes like "something something, it's magic..."
  3. If I was a politician (or a mayor for a city, or) for a government, then I would impose a special "surcharge" for all concerts/festivals that take place in the city. It would require the cost be embedded on the ticket/pass or paid upon arrival at the venue (think of it as paying the Airport Improvement Fee or a Departure Tax being leived at airports). That special surcharge would then support all entertainment development and oppotunities for the city. Only problem is - not all people aren't willing to pay extra for a concert/festival they wanted to attend. This reminds me about the "Tourism Improvement Fee" being leivied in the city of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. Many tourists complained it's another "nonsensical" tax!
  4. Today, I was at Union Station testing out the new PRESTO readers. I was very pleased with the new features and if I remembered correctly here are the ways with the "mode" button (if I'm not mistaken): Press the "Mode" 1x to "override" your trip To cancel your trip, you must press the "Mode" button 2x To check your balance, press the "Mode" button 3x What I like about the new readers - is a QR code reader (hopefully they will accept tickets (paper or paperless) with QR codes). I also saw a symbol with an "EMV Contactless" logo. For now, they can only accept PRESTO cards (eventually, they will accept debit/credit cards and mobile wallets). As a sidenote, I've found an "Interesting teardown" on what the new PRESTO readers (for the GO buses) are. The link can be founded here (DISCLAIMER: I do not own the links, etc.): https://fccid.io/2AGQIFX925F/Letter/The-family-Declaration-4525461
  5. Still with my thought on the OnDemand service in the northern part of Durham Region - if DRT wanted to invest heavily on expanding their OnDemand service boundaries to serve the "edge" of Taunton Rd., then they need to organize consultations. It would have been nice for me to organize a "petition" demand DRT to expand the OnDemand boundaries but sadly, petitions are often get "silenced". I always wanted to check out the Dagmar, Skyloft and Lakeridge ski resorts as part of my bucket list, but until DRT get serious about expanding the popularity of their OnDemand service, I will have to take an Uber/Lyft to and from the ski resorts (regrettably, not all the drivers aren't willing to take the extra length for the convenience of transporting someone with ski/snowboarding gear and so on...) or let someone take me there. Posted from my Samsung Galaxy S9
  6. "Love is a Liar's Game" by Youth in Revolt. One of the lead singer's voice (at the time when that song was released) is reminscent to Kellin Quinn of Sleeping with Sirens. Sadly, the original member of Youth in Revolt has since left the band and some of the band members changed throughout the years. There's actually a newer version of that song, but I like this one better: Also, this song reminds me about my trip to Ottawa, Canada many years ago and as I listen to the song, I can imagine seeing the residental neighbourhoods (as it transitions from rural) while riding along the Highway 416 towards Ottawa. I'm actually planning to head back to Ottawa in the future, but so far - nothing isn't concrete as of yet.
  7. I realized that there's one other provider that is a potential candidate - Via (not to be confused with the train). It wouldn't be ideal for someone with ski/snowboard gear to take the GO bus to Uxbridge and catch the meeting point for the 651 (and back)! Until DRT can offer "plans" for the future to expand OnDemand service south of Taunton, I guess that I have to Uber or Lyft to the ski resorts (or find someone to take me).
  8. Only problem is, those coming from the southern part (south of Taunton that is) are "so out of luck". Didn't know 651 Uxbridge serves that locale. As for the scheduling if the 651 operates on the weekends - I just don't know.
  9. Thanks for your reply. It would have been nice - if transit service was offered along Lakeridge Rd. That way, it would have made commuting to/from the ski resorts (i.e. Dagmar, Skyloft, Lakeridge) much easier. Until then, you will have to find an Uber or Lyft to/from the resorts. Only problem is, not all Uber/Lyft drivers aren't willing to take the long commute there (especially with someone with ski/snowboard gear). My only (hopeful) solution is this - post a ride using a service like Poparide or Kangaride. Which reminds me - for the "premium" OnDemand ride service pilot in Pickering, these are the potential "candidates" for the providers will be: Poparide Kangaride RideCo Facedrive I would have added Uber to the list (as they had a similar case in Innisfil), but I prefer adding something that is operated by a "local" and "all-Canadian" provider.
  10. That "Planet Fitness" commercial about "flipping truck tires"....
  11. Not sure which "partner" will be offering the premium OnDemand service. I'm hoping that Facedrive (which is sorta like Uber and Lyft) or RideCo (as it had a similar partnership with Grand River Transit) will offer such a service. As for 223 Bayly, I wonder how the Saturday service west of Ajax GO will play a role....
  12. I thought Xerox spun off it's fare collection/transportation solutions to a new company called "Conduent", no?
  13. I really wish that HNIC (Hockey Night in Canada) was broadcasted in Chinese? If we already have the games broadcasted in Punjabi, why not Chinese? Most recently (and for the first time), HNIC was also broadcasted in Cree (one of the Aboriginal languages). I would also imagine if the Blue Jays games were to be broadcasted in Punjabi. Reminds me when the Toronto Santa Claus Parade was not only broadcasted in English and French, but Russian: Any thoughts?
  14. (Below the age spectrum, pun intended....) Kelly Fraser, a well-known Inuk singer has passed away at the age of 26. Source: https://globalnews.ca/news/6339990/kelly-fraser-death/
  15. Don't forget that some of the routes are on a Saturday schedule for this Friday - meaning that some of the routes that normally operate on a weekday may either have hours reduced or won't run at all. This is only temporary (for this week) and service will be resumed regularly next week (December 30th and 31st (with special service that day after 7pm) and after new years day). Some passengers are not pleased with the sudden change for this week (they have to work) and as a last resort, they have to drive to the GO station or even take an Uber/Lyft to it!
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