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  1. Another thought that came into my mind and it may be a game-changer: one hospital in Canada has decided to unmask their Caller ID Display. The reason of that - they wanted customers (and patients) to be more transparent and have the right to now who's calling - either to book an appointment, share results and to follow up. While that may be good news to some, there are sometimes that people are afraid to pick up the phone - whether it's the school, a social services organization - you guessed it. Aside from that, I can't wait to get the Pixel 6 smartphone. The reason: I wanted to screen calls using the Google Assistant. While it may be a useful feature, it could hung up (pun intended) the caller! Source: https://muhc.ca/news-and-patient-stories/news/its-not-wrong-numberits-muhc-please-pick-phone
  2. Alexa McDonough, a former politician and leader of Canada's NDP (New Democrat Party) has passed away at the age of 77.
  3. Another thought that came into my mind recently - a while back, I used to deal with one hearing aid provider for my old hearing aid (that has since broken down and the warranty long expired). Unfortunately back then, my relationship with that hearing aid provider went out-of-tune (pun intended) for almost three years (and in fact, that "dispute" lasted three years). I was told that the hearing tests that was performed were inconsistent but it turned out that I was not impressed with the level of service they had offered for that reason. For almost two years, they kept telephoning me (and even left numerous voicemail messages) that I'm due for an appointment but sometimes they will get angry and accuse me for not answering their telephone calls. Since that time, I went to shop for another hearing aid (in which I was able to get with another hearing aid provider back in September 2021). While I was pleased that I was able to move forward with the new hearing aid provider, I had a concern that the old hearing air provider that I used to deal with - still have me in their file. If I were to follow up with that old hearing aid provider and advise them that I'm closing my file with them, I don't know what they will do. If they continue to brag me to stay with them, I would escalate this to their supervisor.
  4. Ontario Northland would have been a proper candidate to run the Collingwood-Barrie-Toronto run (with more frequent service of course!). If the Simcoe County Linx Route 2 only operates during the weekdays, then people who wanted to go on a weekend would (sadly) catch a taxi/uber to Wasaga Beach - just to connect with Simcoe County Linx route 4.
  5. With the new year coming, this is the time that tax season has finally kicked in. In Canada, the WFH (Work From Home) tax credit has been increased from $400CDN to $500CDN if you are using the temporary flat rate method. Still with tax credits, the Canadian province of Ontario has introduced a special tax credit called the "Ontario Staycation Tax Credit". This tax credit is crucial to support those working in the hospitality and tourism sector - especially those hit hard from the pandemic.
  6. I had been advocating for the same reason (for over a decade). I heard that the Simcoe County LINX bus offers bus service from Wasaga Beach to Collingwood - but it also runs on weekends. There's also another Simcoe County LINX bus route that runs from Wasaga Beach to Barrie - only problem is, it runs on the weekdays with no weekend/holiday service. That's one gap (and barrier) on getting to/from Blue Mountain for a weekend getaway. I actually found this video about two travellers who embarked a journey on getting to Blue Mountain (in Collingwood) by using public transit: Another thought: if Blue Mountain were to win a bid (one day) on hosting a winter sports event (like the X-Games or the Dew Tour), it would require a significant amount of investment on shuttling not only the athletes and representatives, but crowds as well!
  7. Banned for calling your most-hated teacher - a Karen.
  8. Candy Palmater, a well known indigeous comedian and broadcaster in Canada - had passed away at the age of 53. https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2021/12/25/beloved-indigenous-comedian-and-broadcaster-candy-palmater-has-died-at-age-53.html?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=SocialMedia&utm_campaign=GTA&utm_content=belovedcomedian&utm_source=twitter&source=torontostar&utm_medium=SocialMedia&utm_campaign=&utm_campaign_id=&utm_content=
  9. Food for thought: the other day, I witnessed one customer at the LCBO store (liquor store in the Canadian Province of Ontario) and that customer showed an Air Miles card to the cashier - not realizing that the LCBO's rewards sponsor is Aeroplan. While I loved when Air Miles is a well-known places to collect Air Miles reward miles at the LCBO back in it's heydays, it appears that Aeroplan is taking off (pun intended) to a new direction for the retailer.
  10. Speaking of shopping, the other day - I ordered a new gaming monitor on Amazon and it had arrived this week. This is what the monitor looks like. I realized that newer monitors nowadays have a HDMI (along with a Displayport) adapter. I remembered when monitors have a D-Sub (Super VGA) connector and a DVI connector. As for my new monitor, it's connected via HDMI - though I'm switching to Displayport to support my docking station for my work laptop and my personal gaming laptop.
  11. Lose, rather. Anyhoo, the Manulife "CoverMe" commercial resembles something from a newscast. Speaking of news, there was one time that when I saw that after the Manulife Commercial aired on TV, this one came up next and was in the (not necessarily) "unfortunate" side:
  12. Working out while posting this reply...
  13. Banned because you need your eyes checked!
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