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  1. Is GRT thinking of making changes to the 22? I understand why they'd want to conduct a survey on the 12, but the 22 caught me off guard.
  2. Its really weird to imagine that the 2002 flyers will theoretically be retired in 4 years (assuming the region follows the 12 year bus life). It doesn't seem real.
  3. Transportation. I can't see them taking buses off the 12 despite the introduction of the new express on F.H. The 12 is still a significant route.
  4. Not quite. Its only going to overlap with the 22 on Fischer Hallman from Highland Hills to Activa. It won't be travelling through the Laurentian West or Glencairn neighbourhoods. I'm also in WSPA.
  5. The only problem that I find with the system is that nearly all stops are called out just as they are passed.
  6. Waterloo residents are terrified that if they even start discussing amalgamation, their entire city will turn into a version of downtown kitchener (where tumbleweeds rule the streets, and the sun never comes out). Narrow-mindedness prevailed in Kitchener-Waterloo.
  7. Does anyone know if GRT will be doing any service expansion in the fall? Thanks
  8. I live within a 5 minute walk of Forest Glen Plaza.
  9. Regarding the downtown relief line, I think this proposal would work well, with a few modifications. DRL I'd extend the Pape portion to Don Mills (via Flemingdon Park), and Dundas West up to Eglinton.
  10. I was hoping that the 25 would become an express after Charles St. terminal.
  11. Very nice. How many of these 75 people got on at UW?
  12. Seriously? A Nightmare? As a Mary's student, chill out, and cooperate with the drivers.
  13. Can you recall the amount of people waiting at Charles St. Terminal & Hespeler/401?
  14. Does anyone know how much TTC Planners make per hour?
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