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  1. I'm well aware of how Presto works, thank you. Accenture, as you said, is the contractor, not the developer, which is what the original post said. Accenture does what the MTO, and later Metrolinx, tell them to.
  2. The 'private company' you are thinking of is the MTO...
  3. According to the press release below, CIT Roussillon will be moving their operations contract back to Limocar in July after having been with La Quebecoise since 2003. Based on some of the words in the release, it sounds as though the quality of the equipment has been an issue, although I'm sure that the strike last year didn't help either. Limocar, of course, had this contract up until 2003, having acquired it after taking over Autobus Monette in 2000.
  4. The three bus routes on the Lakeshore West corridor/timetable will be numbered beginning January 5th.
  5. It had a St. Catharines Transit logo on it, and it had their name on it, so I'd say that the odds are good that it came from St. Catharines.
  6. You're right, sorry - I was thinking of something else. I like to think that TTC is aware of the existence of these buses, but you never know...
  7. Not possible - MT's Orion IIs aren't wheelchair accessible.
  8. Arrow has buses there in the late evening, as the route interlines with the 37.
  9. Seeing as how there is no connection there yet, I can't see that happening. As for connecting to Viva at Richmond Hill GO Station, there are several routes there that will take you over to Yonge Street to connect with Viva, so you're not out of luck.
  10. Did someone else used to post with 9402 in their nickname? If so, it may have been that person.
  11. I've finally had a chance to read through the report, and it not only mentions that the next order of Wheel-Trans buses will replace both the ELFs and the Orion IIs, but it mentions higher capacity vehicles as well, so it's possible that all of the new Wheel-Trans buses will be 26-30' rather than the current 22', which would make it a lot easier to designate a handful for Community Bus use.
  12. It was at Finch Station a couple of years ago. You were there with someone else, but I've forgotten who it was.
  13. Richard

    GO to barrie

    Yes, last week. Barrie/Bradford will probably see additional service sooner than Georgetown will since so many of the improvements on the Georgetown line are still stalled in EAs. The first step will be longer trains, as the Barrie storage site will be able to hold ten car trains, and additional service is being planned for within the next five years, including a second track between Bradford and Barrie. Grade separation at the Davenport Diamond is also a capital project. Stouffville trains should all be ten cars by the summer also. Additional improvements on the Lakeshore East and West lin
  14. I went through the list of members, and I think I got everyone: 2020 6688 9430 A. Badaraco a.dicion BBC 9197 Belleville 0457 Bentley Bernie buschic CLRV4037 D40LF David D. Ed Drass F.Tse general682002 gmc new look gmnewlook huz66511 J. Boic J. Kerim jamesmoon JCL Kevin_N lilgopher M. Boone M. Parsons Mark Walton Matt Matt Demers MCIBUS Mike mrsgmnewlook Mystic Neil Nick C. Orion #1029 Orion VIII Pyerre Rob H rocketdriver2019 smallspy SMS stm_5307N Sutharsan toefoo21 Tom1122 tristan Not as many as I expected...I guess a lot of people I know eithe
  15. Richard

    GO to barrie

    It's been changed to December 17th. The trains will depart from Barrie in the morning at 5:43, 6:15, 6:45, and 7:15, with the departure times from Bradford adjusted by 4 minutes. All other times along the line will remain the same as now.
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