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  1. Update for September 6th to September 19th, 2017 AC Transit Gillig Low Floor 25 Photos Calgary Transit C-Train Siemens S200 2002 New Flyer D40LF 2014 New Flyer XD60 2010 Nova Bus LFS 30 Photos Charter Bus Lines BC 1991-2007 Prevost H3-45 2011-2016 Prevost H3-45 20 Photos Santiago (Transantiago) 26 Various Photos Translink (Vancouver) GMC New Look 2016 New Flyer XD40 2016 New Flyer XDE60 30 Photos Winnipeg Transit New Flyer D40 New Flyer D40LF 19 Photos
  2. Update for August 23rd to September 5th, 2017 Calgary Transit C-Train U2 (1982-1985) 2001 New Flyer D40LF 2014 New Flyer XD40 (8220-8280) 30 Photos Edmonton Transit System 1998 New Flyer D40LF 2009 New Flyer D40LFR 2012 New Flyer D40LFR New Flyer XD40 20 Photos Laval (STL) Nova Bus LFS 20 Photos Red Deer Transit Nova Bus LFS CNG 20 Photos Santiago Metro Various Trains 11 Photos SF MUNI Historic Bus Fleet New Flyer XDE60 17 Photos South American Motorcoaches Motorcoach-->South America-->Other 17 Photos Yellowstone National Park Various Photos 15 Photos
  3. Update for June 21st, 2017 Calgary Transit C-Train Siemens S200 2013 Chevrolet 4500/Arboc2015 Chevrolet 4500/Arboc 2004 New Flyer D40LF 2014 New Flyer XD40 (8281-8354) 30 Photos Canada Coach Lines Various Photos 10 Photos Mendoza (Transit) 22 Various Photos Other Motorcoaches Motorcoach-->Other-->Prevost 18 Photos Prince Albert Northern Prevost H3-45 10 Photos SF MUNI Cable Cars Historic Bus Fleet New Flyer XT60 Neoplan AN440 30 Photos Translink (Vancouver) 2001 New Flyer D40LF 2006 New Flyer D40LFR 2014 New Flyer XN40 Nova Bus LFS Hybrid 30 Photos
  4. Yes as far as I can recall, all of the SCT units had washrooms. They have seen long distance charter service before too while they operated for SCT.
  5. #707 is a former Strathcona County Transit Prevost X3-45 (#1007-1010), not sure which one. It still has the SCT stripes, just with the Canada Coach Lines logo where the Strathcona County text would have been. All white front and rear.
  6. Update for May 3rd to May 16th, 2017 Brewster Transportation MCI 102EL3 MCI J4500 1999/2000/2005/Demo Prevost H3-45 31 Photos Calgary Transit 2001 New Flyer D40LF 2016 Grande West Vicinity 20 Photos Red Deer Transit New Flyer D40LF New Flyer D40LFR 14 Photos South American Motorcoaches Motorcoach-->South America-->Other 18 Photos Strathcona County Transit Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 23 Photos USA Motorcoaches Motorcoach-->USA-->Other 25 Photos Winnipeg Transit New Flyer D40LF New Flyer D40LFR New Flyer XD40 20 Photos Winnipeg Transit New Flyer D40LF New Flyer D40LFR New Flyer XD40 20 Photos
  7. Yes Indeed there is a 705 now. Taken in March of this year in Banff, AB.
  8. Stoney Bus Garage

    If these ZF transmissions were actually a problem that had a huge negative impact on costs, fleet maintenance or daily operations, then why would Calgary Transit place an order of 150 Xcelsiors with them after having 100 Nova Bus with a ZF transmission that entered service from 2010 to 2012? The point is that what you hear from drivers is not always the facts. In many cases it's a matter of opinion. Are you aware how many buses worldwide use ZF transmissions and on how many continents they have a market in? Yes they shift differently, so to some drivers that makes them a problem because they aren't as smooth as an Allison that we have been accustomed to in Calgary. I would suggest thinking a bit more about what is a driver's opinion vs. what is actually true. Don't believe everything you hear.
  9. 2016 Grande West Vicinitys

    1626 from a few days ago, sporting the black rear fleet numbers too of course. Taken in Evanston.
  10. Update for April 19th to May 2nd, 2017 Calgary Transit 1999 New Flyer D40LF 2003 New Flyer D40LF 2014 New Flyer XD60 New Flyer & Nova Bus CNG Test Buses 30 Photos Horizon Coach Lines 23 Various Photos Lethbridge Transit School Buses 21 Photos RTL- Longueuil Nova Bus LFS Nova Bus LFSA 19 Photos Santiago (Transantiago) 27 Various Photos SF MUNI ETI/Skoda Orion Bus Industries Streetcars 30 Photos
  11. Traxx Transportation

    Traxx has a very strong presence in Alberta. Numerous high end luxury tour contracts and has been operating since 1932. http://www.traxxcoachlines.com/about/
  12. Brewster Inc.

    Are you talking about me perhaps ? Brewster 321 in the blue livery. Taken in Banff a couple weeks ago. Followed by 323 in the white livery, also in Banff
  13. Update for April 5th to April 18th, 2017 AC Transit MCI D4500 New Flyer XD60 Van Hool 21 Various Photos Alta West Charter Prevost 4 Photos Beaver Bus Lines MCI Classic Orion 05.501 15 Photos Buenos Aries (Transit Buses) 30 Various Photos Charlies Charters 9 New Photos Excel Bus Lines 3 Photos Manitoba Transit Heritage Foundation 17 Various Photos Northeastern Charter 5 Photos Other-->School Buses Various Photos 36 Photos Traxx Coachlines Prevost H3-45 (#809-835) Prevost H3-45 (#886-907) 14 Photos
  14. Was fortunate to get some really awesome shooting conditions this morning with some fresh overnight snow, but a clear blue morning sky in Canmore. Some Route 5 Pictures here. But what was a bit more interesting in the day was what was at the garage in Banff. If you look at the attached photo, the Nova in the middle has been spotted before in service. However, I think the one on the left and the one on the right (without livery) are certainly not known. So 3 new diesel Nova LFS. This brings the LFS fleet total currently to 8 (3 2008 HEV units, 2 2012 Diesel units and now 3 2016-17 Diesel units).
  15. Update for March 1st to March 14th, 2017 Attridge Transportation Prevost H3-45 6 Photos Calgary Transit Grande West Vicinity 2001 New Flyer D40LF 2010-11 Nova Bus LFS 24 Photos Mendoza (Transit Buses) 24 Various Photos Other Motorcoaches (MCI) 25 Various Photos Other-->School Buses Various Photos 25 Photos Stagecoach Saskatchewan Prevost H3-45 4 Photos Sunshine Village MCI Classic New Flyer D40 12 Photos Transportation Charter Service Prevost H3-45 Van Hool T2145 11 Photos Translink (Vancouver) Community Shuttles 1991 New Flyer D40 2009 New Flyer DE60LFR 22 Photos