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  1. Update July 21st, 2021 Calgary Transit 2018 Chevrolet 4500/Arboc community shuttle 2002 New Flyer D40LF 2019-2020 Nova Bus LFS CNG 27 Photos Canada Coach Lines MCI J4500 Prevost H3-45 Prevost Le Mirage XL-II 12 Photos Luxembourg Mercedex Benz Citaro G/Citaro G2 20 Photos Portugal- Sightseeing Buses Various Double Deck Open Top Buses 26 Photos Porto, Portugal- STCP Caetano CSV MAN Caetano Electric Bus Mercedes Benz Citaro 0530 15 Photos
  2. Update July 8th, 2021 Airdrie Transit New Flyer D60LFR/XD60 Nova Bus LFS 7 Photos Edmonton Transit System New Flyer D60LFR 2019-20 New Flyer XD40 Siemens Duwag U2 30 Photos European Motorcoaches Mercedes Benz Van Hool 18 Photos Hong Kong Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 (MTR Bus) Volvo B9TL (KMB/NWFB) 30 Photos Paris (RATP) Irisbus Agora Irisbus Citelis Iveco Urbanway Articulated MAN Lions City 30 Photos
  3. As part of the summer service changes, the new NW communities of Carrington and Livingston are getting some service with the 124 making more stops. Twining of 144th Avenue NW is currently in progress from 1st Street NE to about half a km short of 14th Street NW. From CT's Website- Route 124 – Evanston Addition of stops along 1 Street N.E., 144 Avenue N.W., Carrington Blvd. N.W., and 140 Avenue N.W. Removal of one stop at Symons Valley Parkway and 14 St NW. Attached is an email I got, interestingly it sounds like OnDemand Transit for Carrington and Livings
  4. Update May 24th, 2021 Barcelona TMB Irisbus Cityclass-Noge Cittour Irisbus Cityclass-Castrosua City Versus MAN NL222F/NL223F/NL283F-Sencar 23 Photos Calgary Transit 2008 New Flyer D40LFR 2019-2020 Nova Bus LFS CNG 30 Photos Paris (RATP) Heuliez Bus GX337 Irisbus Citelis Iveco Urbanway Articulated Scania Omnicity 28 Photos Quality Time Holidays Prevost H3-45 1 Photo Red Arrow Motorcoach Red Arrow Motorcoaches (5700 Series) 3 Photos Rider Express Ford Transit 300 Prevost H3-45 1 Photo Stagecoach Saskatc
  5. Update April 25th, 2021 Beaver Bus Lines MCI J4500 2 Photos Charlies Charters Prevost H3-45 2 Photos Edmonton Transit System 1993, 1994 & 2002 New Flyer D40LF 2012 New Flyer D40LFR 2019-20 New Flyer XD40 30 Photos European Motorcoaches Mercedes Benz Neoplan 25 Photos Lisbon 2006 MAN 18.280 - Macropolo Viale 2008 Mercedes Benz 0530 Citaro G 2005 Volvo B7RLE - Macropolo Viale 20 Photos Transport for London (England) Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 Miscellaneous (Wright Streetdeck & Van Hool A330) 200 Volvo B5LH W
  6. Update April 5th, 2021 Calgary Transit C-Train 2006-07 Siemens SD160 2014 New Flyer XD40 (#8220-8280) 2019-2020 Nova Bus LFS CNG 30 Photos European Motorcoaches Caetano Other (Yutong) 19 Photos Hong Kong NWFB Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 MMC Volvo B9TL (KMB/NWFB) 30 Photos Luxembourg Mercedex Benz 0530 Citaro/Citaro C2 Setra Transit 23 Photos
  7. Update February 16th, 2021 Absolute Charters MCI J4500 3 Photos Caitanya Coachways Prevost H3-45 MCI 102A3 7 Photos Edmonton Transit System 2005-06 New Flyer D40LFR New Flyer XD60 Proterra Electric Bus 25 Photos Midnight Madness MCI MC9 3 Photos SMART (Wilsonville, OR) Bluebird TMC RTS 3 Photos Transport for Greater Manchester Alexander Dennis Envrio 400 Hyrbrid VDL SSB200 Volvo B7TL-Wright Eclipse Gemini Volvo B7TL-Wright Eclipse Gemini II Volvo B9TL-Wright Eclipse Gemini II 35 Photos Other Motorco
  8. Update January 20th, 2021 Barcelona Other Scania K360UB-Castrosua Magnus 16 Photos Barcelona TMB MAN NL273F- Noge Cititour 12 Photos Calgary Transit 2001 New Flyer D40LF 2014 New Flyer XD40 (#8281-8354) 2019-2020 Nova Bus LFS CNG 24 Photos Photos Coach Canada Van Hool TD925 4 Photos European Motorcoaches MAN Lions Coach Other (Sunsundegui) 30 Photos Strathcona County Transit Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 Nova Bus LFS HEV Other 14 Photos
  9. Update for December 24th, 2020 to January 5th, 2021 Canada Coach Lines MCI J4500 Prevost H3-45 Prevost Le Mirage XL-II 3 Photos Canada West Coach Lines Prevost H3-45 2 Photos Exclusive Bus Lines Various Photos 8 Photos Frontier Bus Lines Prevost H3-41/H3-45 5 Photos Hong Kong Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 Citybus Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 MMC 37 Photos Mountain Pacific Motorcoach Prevost H3-45 3 Photos Porto, Portugal- STCP Trams (Historic) 23 Photos St. Albert Transit BYD K9S Dodge ProMaster/
  10. Update for November 4th to November 17th, 2020 Calgary Transit 2008 New Flyer D40LF 2014 New Flyer XD40 (8220-8280) 20 Photos Photos Coach USA Van Hool TD925 4 Photos London Sightseeing Transit Buses 23 Various Photos Paris (RATP) Irisbus Citelis MAN Lions City Articulated 32 Photos Tours Irisbus Citelis Scania Citywide Van Hool A330 18 Photos USA Motorcoaches Motorcoach-->USA-->Other 8 Photos
  11. Update for October 22nd to November 3rd, 2020 Autocar Preference Various Motorcoaches 7 Photos Edmonton Transit System 2007-08 New Flyer D40LFR Proterra Electric Bus Siemens SD160 30 Photos European Motorcoaches International Motorcoach-->Europe Irizar 13 Photos Hong Kong Kowloon Motor Bus (KMB) Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 MMC 20 Photos Luxembourg Iveco Crossway MAN Lions City Mercedes Benz Citaro 30 Photos
  12. 5734 to 5737 are Red Arrow Motorcoach (Prevost H3-45) units in Alberta.
  13. Update for September 23rd to October 6th, 2020 Barcelona TMB MAN A37 Lion's City NL253 Hybrid Solaris Urbino 18 Volvo 7900 32 Photos Lake City Coach Prevost H3-45 3 Photos National Motor Coach Miscellaneous Prevost H3-45 (100 & 200 Series) 13 Photos Other School Buses Other-->School Buses 11 Photos Phillipps Bus Serivce Prevost H3-45 4 Photos Red Deer Transit New Flyer D40LF New Flyer D40LFR Nova Bus LFS CNG 20 Photos Strasbourg (CTS) Alstom Citadis Eurotram Mercedes Benz Citaro G Solaris Urbino
  14. I would be interested, Saturday preferred, but could also do Friday.
  15. Saw 3 Arbocs today north of Calgary. One under its own power at the Esso on the QEII near Crossfield. Another two on a flatbed at the weigh scale/inspection station just south of Airdrie. The one at the Esso and one of the trailered units were in livery, but no numbers. The other trailered unit was all white.
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