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  1. Via Rail has purchased the 28km Brockville subdivision from Brockville to Smith Falls : http://www.viarail.ca/en/about-via-rail/media-room/latest-news/99672/23-november-2015-via-rail-expands-its-rail-network-acqui
  2. Via Rail takes 3 hours and 15 minutes from Montreal to Quebec city yet there is significant ridership in-between those two cities. Add to those the people from Gatineau that cross to Ottawa to take another 2 hours to travel to Montreal. This would also only happen if Mirabel were to re-open to the airlines so there would be travellers from Gatineau/Ottawa and Trois Rivieres. Grade separations are a major problem in the current Windsor-Quebec City corridor as well. That's why I think it will never be used for high speed rail. And the Quebecois studies point towards the use of lands north of the St. Laurence instead. Mirabel is currently being used by courier services so I doubt it will go back to farmland.
  3. Well, i'm not talking either-or here. The provincial government of Quebec appeared to want to go forward with high speed trains north of the St. Laurent whilst the Federal government did not, so if they can find a private company to invest they could try to do it with little federal investment. Calgary-Edmonton is a no brainer but they're dragging their heals whilst the Feds are slowly trying to position Via Rail for sale, delaying Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal. It's a shame they couldn't have done it earlier to save the historic Michigan Central train station in Detroit. But yes, I think Detroit would need to be serviced on top of Windsor. They're extending the Orange line north according to the AMT : https://votrenouveau.amt.qc.ca/en/news/projects/metro-extension
  4. So Mirabel's terminal will be levelled next month because it would cost cheaper to just build a new one. Who here thinks they should take the opportunity to also build a high speed train station, for a line servicing Gatineau to Quebec City ?
  5. Definitely. When I first looked at their plans I knew there would be bottlenecking along Maloney, from Greber to Paiement. They did trench under Greber but reduced their expenses by going with level stations from there, which was a mistake IMO. They should have gone under Paiement, Cite, l'Hopital and Bellehumeur.
  6. Apparently lots of people are disatisfied by the Rapidbus system in Gatineau according to Radio-Canada. And although the STO claim that OC Transpo had to struggle two years to get the transitway to work I think they should consider negotiating with OC Transpo to get the O-Train across up to the Lac Leamy Rapidbus Station. Unfortunately the track appears to merge with the Rapidbus roadway on the bridge over the Gatineau river so they would likely stop at the Leamy Station to keep costs low. They could extend the existing platforms at the five existing stations or they could just have an independent terminus south of the Tache-UQO station or hopefully near the Terrasses de la Chaudiere. The ideal location for a station would have been the Eddy Buildings just south of the Terrasses but it is currently occupied by heritage buildings according to Windmill Developments, who want to create a plaza there. I'm guessing that if a terminus would be build near this complex it would be over Brewery Creek, where rail still exists, although I think the current bridge over that creek would need to be re-enforced for the platform.
  7. Added another railroad modeling video on my channel, this time from the It's also in HD but 720p and 19 minutes long.
  8. This is a 34 minute HD video I just posted on Youtube. Hope you guys like it.
  9. Quebec's provincial government should just partner up with private and get high speed rail going north of the St. Laurent from Quebec city to Gatineau.
  10. Let's face it. The government likes airlines because that's what the rich people use. If you can't afford to fly and pay all of the associated taxes and fees, they don't give a damn about you. The consistently refuse to fund high speed rail and make rail less viable every day outside of the Windsor-Quebec corridor.
  11. The track in question is in-between Nelson Junction (just south of Bathurst) and Nepisiquit Junction (just south of Newscastle) so all traffic from Montreal or Quebec would probably end in Bathurst. Additional information can be found on a Unifor Press Release. If the Gaspe route were restored then I'm sure they could continue splitting the trains in Matepedia to service Bathurst as well. The train up to Matepedia would be significantly shorter though. If they dropped Campbelton to Bathurst, they could have a station at the end of the Boulevard Interprovincial in Pointe La Croix. But that option would be preferable if a pedestrian ferry were added in Dalhousie, so they could board at Nouvelle.
  12. So I guess it's game over for The Ocean via Campbelton/Bathurst. But do you think they might continue some kind of service up to Bathurst from Montreal or Quebec City ?
  13. Depends on the speed of the bus and it's preferable to keep buses from being impacted by moving trains, whose momentum is added to the equation. Thanks. Interesting videos. Hmm. I'd say an overpass is in order now. An underpass at that crossing was estimated to cost over $110 million in the early 2000's. It was quite devastating in this case. Yes, the estimate was $111 million at the time. It had ballooned from $40 million because of the probability of flooding. I guess a six lane overpass was much more expensive ?
  14. Is there any level crossing barrier technology out there that would have halted the bus before it could cross the tracks ? Or do you think isolation is in order for the Transitway/Woodroffe Avenue ? A six lane bridge, four to accommodate Woodroffe Ave and two to accommodate the Transitway, could be a solution if stronger barriers are not feasible. The land surrounding this crossing is farmland and already owned by the Federal government so an overpass could be constructed with minimal disruption to both the rail and vehicular traffic by adding temporary roads with level crossings while the bridge is being constructed. The underpass option would not be viable because of the flooding issues and related expenditures mentioned in this Ottawa Citizen article, which also discusses the unfortunate opposition to an overpass a decade ago.
  15. Looks like they're going to be trying out a service to northern New Brunswick for three months according to Radio-Canada. They're going to try out round-trips inbetween Campbelton and Moncton and if they get 20 regular passengers and 15 parcels they might make it permanent. Hopefully they're going to be smart and run the busses on days VIA isn't running. And preferably to the airport as well as Moncton's core. PS. This service starts August 19th, 2013
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