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  1. Hybrid0920

    Burlington Transit

    Not sure if old news or not, but 7027-06 is up for auction at Bryan’s Auction in Puslinch. https://bryansfarm.hibid.com/lot/40490357/2006-gmc-24-passenger-bus?q=Bus&cat=0
  2. Here is a thread just for the Hamilton area EMS/Police/Fire service. You can report new vehicles, retirements, or odd sightings here. First of all, the only ambulances with the new Chassis is #216 and 232. But.. there are 3 ambulances sitting at the maintance bays on Bay Street with all the Hamilton EMS livery removed. Are there any new ambulances delivered?
  3. Hybrid0920

    Burlington Transit

    When are the new bt busses coming? Did anyone hear about what make and model they will get? thanks
  4. Here is an awesome thread all about the HSR. Report sightings, rareness, new buses, retired buses, etc! Enjoy..