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  1. Hamilton Street Railway

    Nothing has come in yet.
  2. Hamilton Street Railway

    Were some of the Novas ordered with different front door configuration’s? I ask, because bus 1636, when opening the front door it doesn’t make the (pssst) air noise when opening or closing. To me it sounds like an electric motor. Does anybody have any insight on this?
  3. Hamilton EMS/Police Discussions.

    Another engine arrived a few days ago. I saw it un-decalled heading west on cannon at James.
  4. Hamilton Street Railway

    Bus 1524 has new added vents on the exterior of the bus. (Left side rear) Also the engine door fan cover has been changed for one with more larger holes in it.
  5. GO Transit Bus Refurbishment

    Thanks for letting me know Articulated. I thought every bus was to be refurbished or repainted into the Metrolinx livery. I was wrong.
  6. GO Transit Bus Refurbishment

    I noticed 2317 hasn't been refurbed yet. I thought all 2300's were done already?
  7. Hamilton Street Railway

    No, not as far as I heard. They want to keep the Novas out as long as possible due to cheaper fuel cost and warranty.
  8. Oakville Transit

    Three of Oakvilles brand new Vicinity buses just turned onto Dorval Drive heading to the Oakville Transit Garage. They are ghost white, with white LED signage.
  9. Hamilton Street Railway

    I saw 1643 yesterday as well in service on the Jolley Cut. Anyone know why that particular unit took so long to hit the road? May there have been problems with it?
  10. Hamilton Street Railway

    The fan on the rear engine door blows air into the engine.
  11. Hamilton Street Railway

    Are you talking about the vents on the engine door of the Novas? They were delivered with the vents already. They suck air from outside to the engine for cooling.
  12. Hamilton Street Railway

    1643 hasn't been on the road yet. I don't believe it's left the shop since it's arrival.
  13. Hamilton Street Railway

    Bus 1104 received a full wrap for Osmos Mediterranean Restaurant last night. Darker blue in Color.
  14. Hamilton Street Railway

    1504 to 1524 and 1421 to 1424 have the passenger counting devices. I heard they are only temporary.
  15. Hamilton Street Railway

    Is the HSR testing new vinyl sticker advertisement for the inside of the nova buses? Unless this was a sticker that was over top of the panel when the bus was delivered, and they forgot to take it off.