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  1. Sorry to bring back a very old topic, but does this bus still exist?
  2. The damage on 0913 wasn’t actually too bad. I could see it being repaired for sure.
  3. Yes all 11 XN60’s are on property. I Havent saw any new vicinity buses yet though. Seems they are behind on orders again.
  4. Buses that have the screens are - 1001-1004, 1202 and artic 936. I did see 936 missing one last time though as it was vandalized.
  5. Buses 1102 to 1104 and 1420-1421 have onboard Free Wi-Fi. I heard they will be adding more shortly. Also Arboc 1022 apparently had a pretty serious crash most likely putting it out of service for good. I’m wondering if there’s any photos around of damage 1022 sustained?
  6. Does anyone know what the hold up is on the Vicinity buses? I remember on their press release it said delivery will happen in April. When should be expecting them? Edit: I also noticed the “rear destination signs” have been slightly changed between the 15/16’s and the 17/18’s. The 17/18’s have an updated smoother look to them, without the border sticking out.
  7. I heard a rumour that there is a shortage of vehicles come September, that even with the new ones they can’t meet demand. Therefore a few 0500s will be coming back on the road in September. Can anyone confirm or deny?
  8. Not sure if old news or not, but 7027-06 is up for auction at Bryan’s Auction in Puslinch. https://bryansfarm.hibid.com/lot/40490357/2006-gmc-24-passenger-bus?q=Bus&cat=0
  9. These screens are from Streetseen Media, they’ve been around for at least a year now. (Maybe more). Buses with ad screens are: 1202, 1001-1004, 936 (3 screens on 936). Yep 1202 would’ve had it last week when you rode it.
  10. I doubt it, but as Chris said, anything’s possible. Better than a Blue Bird that’s for sure.
  11. I’m guessing they will keep them longer since they aren’t regular service buses. Besides they only have roughly 80,000 KM on each. But good question What they will be replaced with when they are done.
  12. I have a strong feeling the first batch of 5 will be numbered 1720-1724 and the second batch of 6 be numbered 1820-1825. I’m just speculating here, but it doesn’t seem unreasonable considering the Arbocs being 1020-1024. Also, the 1700/1800 buses come with no engine door fan (vent in rear door), the fan has been moved to the driver side. Can be seen on buses 1618-25 ish as well, as they are retrofitted. (Door vent remains, but fan has been moved) Also my source told me that the new buses have USB charge ports through out the bus, even the front wheel well with the window seat has one. Lastly, interior advertisements can now be placed on both sides of the bus interior. Similar to the recent TTC novas.
  13. Just the older ones they say here. Surprised they didn’t use an 0700 photo.
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