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  1. I saw an entire 6 car T1 train pull into finch and continue north. on each door window (not each doorset, each door) was a hand written note "TEST TRAIN"
  2. 49.9% of the population thinks that everyone is out to get their kids 49.9% of the population things that nothing bad will ever happen to their kids 00.1% of the population wants to get peoples kids and only 00.1% of the population is smart enough to realize its not a simple black-and-white issue, and that SOME people MIGHT be out to get their kids.
  3. what GO really needs is an extra track in places like the milton and georgetown lines, to allow for all day service at 1 hour headways like they curretly do on the Lakeshore line.
  4. yes, I reversed appleby and aldershot by accident no, this would be far too complicated. This only works because all trains start/end in union. the map also did not turn out as I wanted at all. what I had in mind was far prettier and worked far better. but computers dont like text written at 17 or 34 degree angels. Imagine elongated ovals radiating outwards from a central point.
  5. criminals these days dont care. its the slippery slope that starts with "here's a room of people who care" and ends with cold blooded murder. The world has lost it's respect for itself.
  6. yes it was metro.next fall sounds a bit early to me, but the idea is a good one nontheless. eventually add it back why dont they do this with VIVA's Pink and Green have it run from Finch to RHC out to McCowan, then back to Unionville, and down to Don Mills (picking up people), then back up, then out from Unionville (picking up people) back to RHC and Finch, in the mornings then in the afternoons, run it from Finch to RHC (dropping off people) to Unionville, then to Don Mills and back up to Unionville (dropping off people), then out to McCowan, before going back to RHC and Finch?
  7. I know you were probably tagging along with your parents. one of the benifits of living on your own is you never have to do that. if I had been in your situation I'd have stayed home.
  8. this is why I dont get on crushload vehicles unless I absouletly have to. that and I like sitting.
  9. it was a joke, as I doubt that's the only reason.
  10. it appears some of these are being blank/working depending on the time of the day.
  11. yes, but this does not normally happen on friday. there must be something special today. maybe its a full moon.
  12. first the subways were closed for a period of time, and now city news is talking about a streetcar-auto collision along college that might hold things up there. they also mentioned another of accidents blocking intersections causing delays for busses. before that they were talking about crash, after crash, after crash blocking lanes on all the highways. just in the morning alone there were like 5 crashes out in durham on the 401. its a bad day today. everyone seems to be crashing. I wonder why
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