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  1. I've been hoping that the HSR might be forced to press a few of the new artics into service because of the pan am games but so far the existing fleet seems to be handling the crowds well. Guess I'll have to keep waiting until September.
  2. I was at West Harbour today and the elevator was being used by someone, so it was working. The ramp also seems pretty gradual so I'd imagine anyone well seasoned in wheelchair use should be able to navigate it easily enough. I was also surprised by the big crowds that had gotten off the train, though GO seemed to have plenty of shuttle buses on hand to handle it properly.
  3. There are supposed to be shuttles from both West Harbour and Hamilton GO stations to the Pan Am soccer events in Hamilton. I believe these are being operated by GO Transit (or at least, using their vehicles) because I noticed temporary GO bus stops outside of Tim Hortons Field yesterday.
  4. Hamilton's Street Railway returns I'm beyond ecstatic about today's announcement. This is going to be a gigantic change for the city.
  5. If I had to guess, I'd say the Nova's will be in the 15xx series. I think the numbers are based on the year they are ordered, not delivered.
  6. Yeah, all of the forward facing seats is definitely a new thing for the HSR. I like the folded seats in the articulated joint as well. The double inward facing seats were always a passenger flow problem on the existing articulated buses, especially when tall people are sitting in them. Most transit systems seem to do away with the seats there entirely, but the folded single seats aren't too bad.
  7. Very much agreed. I'm with the employees 100% on this, even though if a strike does happen, I'll be incapable of getting around the city for the duration. This is a wake up call that is sorely needed.
  8. From what I've heard, nobody was seriously hurt, so thats good. It also doesn't look like the damage is too serious, I'd imagine she can be fixed up.
  9. I'm assuming it's still sitting there, 2 years later?
  10. Wonka

    CN Locos

    I've seen quite a few going along the Grimsby sub in Hamilton, I guess coming up from the states to Toronto. Nice and shiny.
  11. It comes down to the fact that more than half of the council table is suburban councilors, and their constituents are mostly people who use downtown streets as a bypass, and not a destination. They aren't willing to look at these improvements as "temporary inconvenience for the overall betterment of the city", a lot of them are also not very well educated on the rapid transit plan, which is largely due to the city closing the rapid transit office a few years ago and virtually killing all public engagement. It's incredibly difficult to champion a public transit vision when most of the people in the city aside from the actual transit users know almost nothing about it, other than "it'll close lanes down and I'll be a few minutes later getting to wherever I'm going". If the LRT plan ultimately fails, it's the city's fault for dropping the ball when they should have been pushing hard this entire time. Kitchener/Waterloo, Mississauga and Toronto having been doing exactly that for a long time now.
  12. I'm pretty sure all of that actually was done quite a long time ago and sent off to Metrolinx. The important thing that Hamilton is lacking is political championing of the LRT project. Last term's council and mayor did almost everything possible to spread misinformation and undermine the project which the province may use as an easy way out of their earlier promises. We'll probably end up with a "well you're getting 2-way, all day GO aren't you?". That project of course is already behind schedule and won't even be ready in time for the pan am games, neither will we see real 2-way, all-day service until some undetermined date into the farther future.
  13. How exactly would this gigantic GTAH transit system be funded, given the fact that Toronto and Hamilton (and probably many more municipalities) are already having trouble figuring out how to fund and plan their transit projects? How would this transit authority deal with the division between urban and suburban voters/taxpayers within those municipalities?
  14. I was kind of expecting a double decker when I saw the headline that a GO bus had rolled over. Really horrible.
  15. I feel that the term "cocked up" should really be used more often to describe Toronto transit planning and construction. It's incredibly appropriate. I agree re: the west donlands transit approach. Very cocked up.
  16. Uh, wouldn't the streetcar have to derail for this to happen? It's not like the wheels can really go anywhere other than the rails.
  17. Speaking of artics, I've noticed a few artics running on the Cannon route in the afternoon weekday rush a few times in the past couple of months. It surprised me quite a bit.
  18. I think they're planning to open the station in a bare-bones format in time for the Pan-Ams while the rest of the station amenities are finished off over the rest of 2015. So basically it would only be platform, street access, maybe some PRESTO machines, etc. The bus loop, concession areas, etc would be finished later. Could definitely be done in 9 months.
  19. I suppose all of this would depend on GO/Metrolinx ever being in a position where they could even sell any cars. Considering the era of rapid expansion they're in these days, I'd guess that they need every car that they have right now in addition to the ones they're receiving in the future.
  20. I noticed that the interior of the bus has pretty much everything in there still, including the surveillance cameras. I figured the TTC would have taken these out to use on something else in the fleet? Seems like a waste to just send them with the bus.
  21. The T1's began delivery in the latter part of '95 and throughout 1996 so given a year of date overlap from different sources, it's possible enough.
  22. Didn't they just build the existing terminal less than a decade ago?
  23. I had no idea that they were even interested in doing that in the first place. Doesn't seem like something the HSR would be interested in or have the money to pursue.
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