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  1. It's even weirder considering that drivers barely ever use the front ramp. Probably only see it used once a year, usually if the rear ramp is blocked or not working.
  2. Officially, none of this has even been decided yet. The meeting a few days ago was just in regards to timelines, they have yet to discuss operation, maintenance, etc.
  3. There will also be a lot of service enhancements and extensions by the time electrification happens so even if MP40's are displaced by electrics, they will be needed in other places. I'm sure there won't be a surplus issue or anything.
  4. By the time that happens, they will probably be close to being due for retirement anyway. It would also be done in stages over most likely several decades, starting with the Lakeshore East and West.
  5. Looks like the security cameras are going into the budget: "Bus safety HSR drivers suffered close to 40 assaults in 2014, a five-year high. Troubling incidents in recent years included a driver beaten with a steel coil and another dragged off a bus by a group of teens. Council turned down a request for on-board cameras last year, but the $1.7 million in security spending appears set to be approved. "This is important for the safety of our employees and our customers. Hopefully, (the cameras) act as a deterrent," said HSR director Dave Dixon. http://www.thespec.com/news-story/6219694-hamilton-s-capital-budget-plan-your-summer-traffic-jams/
  6. I think that posting etiquette sticky needs to be a bit more prominent...
  7. So... what happens if you tap onto a streetcar with a PRESTO reader but then transfer to one without one? How exactly does proof of payment work then? Are we supposed to all just grab paper transfers all the time in case this happens or? Seems like this doesn't really speed up the system much if we have to keep grabbing paper transfers from the driver all the time anyway.
  8. The track between Aldershot and Hamilton (specifically the section from Desjardins to Hamilton GO) is owned by CP and is only one track through the Hunter Street tunnel before the station, meaning that there is very little trackage for GO to share with CP. There have been rumors bouncing around for ages about widening the tunnel to allow more trains through but it would be an incredibly costly project since apartment buildings and utilities have been located above and around the tunnel since it was built a century ago, a project that would cost a lot more than GO would be able to pay for and something that CP probably wouldn't be interested in doing.
  9. I believe I read that video surveillance was being looked into, however. I guess it'll depend on how hard ATU pushes for it.
  10. Shouldn't be an issue. I've seen drivers with full sleeves of tattoos, both male and female. They don't discriminate
  11. Conceptual Richmond Street LRT from Skyscraperpage forum.
  12. Still waiting... though I guess a lot of it will be getting sent back to the drawing board or killed off since the B-Line LRT was funded last spring.
  13. I was at the John Street terminal last Sunday and I'm pretty sure I saw a 2006 or 2007 D40LF there around 8pm. Most of the rest of the buses were XD40's and Nova's though.
  14. ^ Longest project ever. I don't even remember using the old bus loop any more.
  15. Probably just Ti-Cats Express buses being put onto the Barton for the remainder of the evening. They've done it quite a few times in the past that I've noticed.
  16. We need some of those PRESTO machines in Hamilton, at least one at each of the major terminals. The system was rolled out in Hamilton almost 5 years ago and there still isn't a single one. Then the HSR wonders why PRESTO usage hasn't really taken off...
  17. I was going to post "first time ever" but I didn't know if an ICTS mockup ever made it here in the '80s (though I guess if you want to get really technical, that's not really an LRT car either)
  18. Metrolinx brought their LRT mockup to Supercrawl this weekend. Same thing thats being shopped around across Ontario but it's still neat to see an LRT car in Hamilton for probably the first time in decades. LRT Display - Supercrawl 2015, Twitter
  19. A lot of the rear destination signs on the buses seem to be broken or missing pixels so it's not as if a regular rider gets accustomed to reading the rear sign anyway.
  20. According to the real time HSR transit map: 1421, 1425, 1428, 1431 and 1432 are on the B-Line today. Seems like they're pretty much all out there now.
  21. He was a funny driver. Saw his bus pull up to the train tracks near Gage once. He got out and put a coin on the tracks before the train came, then retrieved it after it went over it, smiling like a kid. I never spoke to him but he seemed like a nice person. Very sad.
  22. Wonka


    I was just thinking about this the other day when a friend asked if you can get to from Hamilton to Niagara Falls by local transit. It is kind of odd that Grimsby has never had it's own local transit, considering the suburban growth that has happened there in the last few decades. Hopefully they can talk to St. Catharines and Hamilton about linking up some routes in the future.
  23. I'm gonna guess that we'll be seeing them in service within the next 2 weeks if they're starting to be plated. I'm disappointed that according to the Fall service changes, they won't be deployed to the 2 Barton as was originally suspected.
  24. It's great to see the fleet number finally start rising instead of every year just seeing replacement buses. Things must be getting very tight at the MTC these days though.
  25. I think they already tested it some time ago. I remember seeing a photo of a 40 foot Nova demo bus at the garage back in the spring on instagram. I'd assume it was the CNG demo.
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