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  1. I certainly hope so. I can't stand those blue filmed windows.
  2. Glad to see that the A/C issue wasn't just in my head. I've noticed drivers opening the windows in the rear of the Nova's even with the A/C on because it basically does nothing back there. Get on a Nova from an Xcelsior with the A/C on and you'll notice a huge difference throughout the bus.
  3. I like the styling of the Nova's over the Flyer's and the interior seems to be wider and more accessible but the build quality seems to be really inferior. They ride incredibly rough and rattly, I can only imagine how they'll sound after they're 10 years old. The '97s were absolutely terrible for that as well.
  4. Is it just me or is the air conditioning on the new Nova's very weak compared to the newer orders of Flyers? It seems to be especially weak or almost non-existent in the rear section, to the point that you can't even feel it blowing down on you from anywhere.
  5. They should be out, pretty sure I saw a few last Sunday. The Flyers will still kinda dominate the fleet until the next 30 Nova's arrive later this year.
  6. I can't imagine how they're fitting all these expansion buses into the already overcrowded mountain garage.
  7. If I had to guess, I'd say the size of the station might be why Islington and Kipling don't have Wifi yet. Some of the other biggest stations in the system (Eglinton, Kennedy and Wilson come to mind) have large bus terminal facilities and multiple levels so that probably complicates the process of installing wifi with a reliable signal throughout.
  8. One of the '06 DE60LFR's caught fire on Upper James today. Looks like it was overheated batteries as the damage was mainly to the battery compartment on the roof. Not sure if this'll be an early retirement or not, given the age of the bus. video from twitter
  9. 2206 was wandering around East Hamilton today with a training thing on the back. No idea why.
  10. Something that I couldn't find an answer for on the HSR site: If you have an HSR pass loaded onto your PRESTO and your tap onto a Burlington Transit buss, will it process the transfer based on the last time you tapped your pass onto an HSR bus? Does it just keep resetting the 2 hour transfer period every time you tap onto another HSR bus? Or does the system not know what to do when a pass is loaded and I'll need a paper transfer?
  11. I hope they don't arrive for a long time, I enjoy being able to actually see out of the window. I kinda liked the blue film strips with all the route names on them at first but now I find they're more of an annoyance and kinda make you feel caged up since they cut a lot of the natural light at the back of the bus. The Nova's windows already have clear, anti-vandal film applied as it is.
  12. The logging out thing is happening to me as well, though sometimes it logs back in by itself as if there's some kind of delay with the site showing that you're logged in/automatically logging you back in.
  13. Easiest thing is to is check the real time map when you get here. It'll give you all the numbers of the buses on whatever route you choose so you'll know exactly where to go. For XN60's you'll want to be somewhere along the B-Line route, probably Main and John or Main and Macnab. The 51 University also gets them at Main and Macnab or the GO Centre. C40LF's are mostly rush hour service now and they can be nearly anywhere, you'll need to use the map to find them. I'd suggest checking the 12 Wentworth, it sometimes gets the old stuff since it only runs at rush hour on weekdays. Everything else just kinda goes places randomly, though the new LFS buses seem to make their way to the 5 Delaware a lot.
  14. Wonka


    I've seen people go between cars on the metro many times, seems to be a common occurrence that the STM doesn't really care too much about. Theres only a very small sticker telling you not to. The doors between cars on the older subway trains in Toronto are unlocked as well for emergency egress reasons but there's huge warning stickers telling you not to cross between cars. I've never really seen anyone do it in Toronto. The guy must have had a key for the operator's door though, I believe those automatically lock when they close.
  15. Got 1204 while it was on the Cannon today, nice ride. The driver's PRESTO unit is positioned about where the ranger unit is on the flyers, not sure if this was because of difference of design on the LFS or if they put it there so that passengers can't force a transfer out of the machine, jamming it up. Seating arrangement seems about identical to the '97 Novas as well, complete with the awkward single seat behind the driver.
  16. There was a post a few pages back that said they would be released in batches instead of all at once. Not sure why, probably equipment installation.
  17. saw a photo of 1503 on the 34 today as well, gone now though according to the real time map. I'd imagine a few will be back on in a few hours for the afternoon rush.
  18. Wrong forum, but yeah, it went out of service in 2002 because it just wasn't safe any more. The site has been waiting for development mostly due to complications with the Eglinton Crosstown LRT. The details are in the second transit toronto article linked above but more than likely it'll sit as is at least until the Crosstown LRT is in service. I really miss the old terminal and the shops, though. Eglinton was my home station when I was a kid taking the subway and bus to school and I have a lot of fond memories of it. The new/temporary terminal just isn't the same
  19. If working for the TTC is like any other job, you don't actually get any "free time" and if you do, you'd be expected to look busy anyway. Wandering around the garage taking roster shots of buses would probably piss your supervisor off, I'd imagine.
  20. I like the work they've done with other agencies and the farmers market signage is pretty nice, but I still wish they'd leave the Hamilton Street Railway name alone. I always thought a more "vintage style" rebranding would be the best option, given all the renewed interest in Hamilton's history and heritage lately. I guess we'll just have to see how this plays out.
  21. I don't think any of them were out today. I walked along most of the Delaware route in the East end and was at the GO Centre for half an hour and didn't see one. If you want to check from home, the real time map on the HSR site has the bus numbers listed for each bus. I check the major routes (King, Barton, Delaware) for em every once in awhile. I was on 0207 a few days ago on the Barton, could be retired by now though. It definitely drove as if it was on it's last legs. Very rough ride.
  22. I'm really hoping this will allow for a proper Hamilton-Guelph-K/W bus service in the future.
  23. A few different 14xx artics jackknifed on Main Street last night during the storm. One of them looked like it had contacted a hydro pole so it might have been damaged. The Main Street hill at Queen always seems to be hell for artics during winter storms...
  24. I haven't seen a bus anywhere with a telescopic ramp since the '97 Novas. Those were an odd bunch.
  25. I'm happy to hear of the frequency enhancement on the Barton. Much needed!
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