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  1. Pretty sure they're all like that. There's another stop request sign in the middle facing the rear as well.
  2. This terrible sideways photo of the cameras on 1503 is the best I can do. Took me a few days to figure out how to even upload it. Anyway one on the windshield facing ahead, one above it facing back, another one in the middle and one at the back left corner. D40LF's that I've seen with cameras have the same layout minus the windshield camera. No idea if any of them are activated yet.
  3. Its for the tall ships event at Pier 8. There'll be even more artics down there tomorrow for the fireworks.
  4. The few times I've seen the 12 in service in the past year, it has always been using regular 40 foot buses. Still seeing Arboc's on the 18 however. Not sure if that's a reflection of the 12's increased ridership or if the HSR was having problems with the Arboc's.
  5. I saw 1643 on the Barton about a week ago. It's been around. There are also a few beat up '05 D40LF's around, 0508 in particular I seem to have gotten a few times in the past week. I guess the '04s are all gone now.
  6. Isn't "not doing anything" exactly what the HSR has been doing for the past 20 years though?
  7. Common sense says to me that the biggest improvements to service can't happen until a new garage is built. There is literally zero room for expansion buses at the MTC. I'm going to guess thats why more of the 04 and 05 D40LF's were retired than anticipated so the new Nova's are replacement instead of expansion.
  8. Just noticed these two seats on bus #1005. I'm guessing these were a pilot that never caught on. Anyone know why? They look much more comfortable than the existing ones.
  9. The current A and B Line routes are more like BRT-Lite since they don't have stations or travel in their own dedicated lanes. I'm gonna assume the new A-Line will have stations but will probably run in mixed traffic in spots North of Mohawk College/Road.
  10. They should tell the drivers that, then. I've had a few drivers from both agencies tell me that I won't be able to use a paper transfer "next time" and have seen a few straight up refuse to accept them from other passengers. The BT website also says that it went PRESTO only.
  11. Yep. Seeing as its a Saturday as well, there's not as much of a reason for the artics to be out anyway. Was talking to a driver on the B Line the other day about it and he said he gets terrified when he's assigned an artic in/after a snowstorm. Said there's usually a 50/50 chance of the thing jacknifing on the hill approaching Queen on Main West. Takes some really careful driving to keep the thing under control.
  12. I'm surprised that the HSR is still able to allocate some expansion buses. They must be parking them all over the place up there. Almost 250 buses at one garage is pretty crazy.
  13. I'm guessing the 04 and 05's were retired as they went down with service issues. I'd imagine the rest will be kept for as long as possible until the 1700s arrive next year, since the HSR needs every bus on the road that it has to maintain service levels.
  14. I think they probably will if a new garage and funding for new BLAST routes comes through, in which case I'd imagine they'll go for CNG LFS buses through the consortium order. Without a new garage though, nothing will be happening in terms of expansion buses or BLAST routes.
  15. Keeping the buses for more than 12 years requires major overhauls, which isn't really cost effective when you have a smaller fleet of buses like the HSR, and can get a consortium price discount on new ones. Pretty sure the HSR always scraps old buses, with exception to the few Novas that were sent or sold for refurbishment years ago.
  16. A 16A route seems pretty pointless to me. There's already 2 different ways between Hamilton and Toronto and if there are no delays, they take about the same amount of time to make the trip anyway (though in rush hour the train is usually faster). GO would be better off allocating resources toward all day service at West Harbour. There's always the 47 bus as well which makes stops in pretty much every city from Hamilton to Toronto.
  17. 0616 was retired after the hybrid battery fire.
  18. I think the main problem with keeping any of the buses due to be retired has nothing to do with their condition but more to do with the fact that the HSR just doesn't have the physical space to keep them, as more of the new buses would then become expansion buses. I'd imagine that right now every 1600 series Nova that goes onto the road can only do so once an 0300 or 0400 bus is taken off. Basically every bus that is kept past retirement right now will become an expansion bus, for which there is neither the room nor the money to hire a driver to operate it.
  19. I highly doubt the HSR is going to be ordering any more artics seeing as the B-Line bus route won't exist past 2024. With space severely limited at the mountain garage, there's probably no room for any extra 60 footers anyway. Once the LRT is up and running and a new garage is constructed, I could see them looking at purchasing some for new mountain express routes, but thats about it. In Nova news, got 1605 on the Parkdale route to Burlington yesterday and the A/C was about as crappy as the 1500's. Really unpleasant with the humidex into the mid 40's.
  20. The 1600 Nova's are starting to enter service. I just got 1607 on the Barton half an hour ago. Nothing visually different inside or out but the air conditioning seemed a bit better than the 1500's. Nowhere near as powerful as the XD40's however.
  21. XD40 #1103 seems to have a different stop request tone installed. Noticed it a few days ago. Not sure if its a one-off or a pilot test.
  22. Probably the first New Look to go across that intersection in almost 20 years...
  23. The parody video is even more pointless seeing as you wouldn't get data or a GPS signal to even play the game in the subway anyway (unless you're with WIND, I guess, but it's still probably not fast or reliable enough to play)
  24. Looks like there will be a ton of double deckers running around Hamilton, come September. Should be interesting to see, given how frequent the 16 runs.
  25. Once the LRT is up and running, there will be no more B-Line bus route so the majority of the articulated buses won't really be needed any more. By then, only the XN60's will still be around and they could probably be deployed to the rest of the routes that currently get them. I doubt they'd be looking into purchasing more unless new express bus routes are introduced on the mountain. Before any of that can happen, I'd imagine they will need to construct a new bus garage anyway. Regarding Nova #'s, I'd imagine next years delivery (if it happens) will go into the 1700 series since the rest of this year's are going into 1601-1641 (which to me, seems to be the largest bus delivery the HSR has made in decades).
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