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  1. Maybe everyone should keep in mind that the Wi-Fi was/is still a pilot project? They never made a commitment to roll it out system wide and while the decision to turn it off was probably COVID related, it was probably more of a financial decision since they're running a deficit from all those months where they didn't collect fares. I'm sure paying for the network maintenance and operations is a pretty low priority right now. Regarding the Grade West buses, I don't think the HSR is running any of them right now due to social distancing requirements but you can find BT's diesel version of them on the 4 Central route at Aldershot GO, the downtown terminal or Appleby GO.
  2. Passenger loads have also been increased to 2/3rd's and fare collection resumes on July 1st. Seems like most or all the fleet has driver shields installed by now.
  3. Thanks for correcting me. I was fairly certain I had seen some short turns in more recent years but I guess I was mistaken.
  4. Years ago, I believe the Barton used to occasionally short turn at Melvin and Talbot, similar to where the old Barton trolley bus used to end the line. I think they stopped doing that because ridership East of Parkdale has picked up a significant amount because of the new GO station at Centennial and some other new stores and destinations in the East end.
  5. Definitely not a thread I expected to see in 2020.
  6. I've noticed that 60 foot buses are being deployed to the Barton route today, I'd imagine to help with social distancing requirements. Probably also helps with the lower levels of service frequency.
  7. Thanks, it looks great to me on my desktop running Chrome.
  8. Good to hear they were able to fix it, it seemed like it was running fine otherwise for its age.
  9. I was on 0520 yesterday. When deploying the ramp for a customer, it basically just dropped to the ground instead of lowering and then refused to re-stow itself after the driver tried stepping on it for several minutes. Obviously it went out of service there at Barton and Ottawa. I doubt we'll be seeing it in service again.
  10. Damn near all of my yearly salary to replace some damn signs. How ridiculous.
  11. Kinda seems pointless to me when the regular route 12 already serves a stop at the Niagara College NOTL campus virtually across the street. It's $20 less if you don't mind crossing the street and walking across the parking lot.
  12. The last order of artics was already purchased out of consortium so I guess they're kinda edging towards it anyway.
  13. Don't even tease with that rumor. That schedule screw up has made me walk from downtown Hamilton to Barton and Parkdale at least half a dozen times when the last GO bus home from Toronto was my only option after getting out of a show at midnight. Last few times I made sure to have a few extra drinks before I left Toronto just so I could tolerate the almost 2 hour walk when I got back. It's a hell of a walking tour of the lower city at least.
  14. You don't need an inside source to figure that one out, both the riders and drivers have almost universally despised them since the first of the 2015's arrived. Aside from the lousy ride quality and useless air conditioning though, I don't know if they can convince council that it's worth pulling out of the consortium and paying more to return to New Flyer for regular orders again.
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