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  1. Yeah, I remember that. At the beginning they were used exclusively on the B-Line, University and King on weekends but after a few years they started to make their way over to the 25/26 and 27. Now they pretty much go wherever they're needed so I guess the paint scheme doesn't really mean anything beyond only being on artics. When the 2008 D40LF's were first delivered, the first couple of them had gold paint instead of yellow but they dropped that idea before the rest of the order was even delivered and the gold ones were repainted. I doubt they'd be interested in changing things up at this point, at least until the LRT is running though I'd imagine it'll have its own Metrolinx paint job unless the HSR ends up operating it.
  2. 20 more XN60's are supposed to be delivered some time in the next year so if 0610 and 0615 do come back, I'd imagine it'll be the last time.
  3. Does anyone know whats up with the Vicinity's? I rode the 12 a week ago but got a 40 footer and noticed all the runs on the 6/7/8 on Wednesday were also 40 footers.
  4. How does Miway have anything to do with the HSR?
  5. I can still remember when the 08 buses were new and some of them were delivered with gold paint instead of yellow until the HSR changed their mind. I didn't think they were due for retirement until I did the math and realized that they're 14 years old now. Time flies.
  6. I've seen that before, I think its just supposed to come up when the unit is started or running in some kind of diagnostic mode? I've been on a few buses where it just displayed that the entire time and the announcer system wasn't working.
  7. The new garage at that site was funded by the federal government last summer. Here's the PDF from the public consultation event in 2019. You'll see on page 5 that they do point out the deadheading issue you brought up.
  8. Thats probably why they're replacement, not expansion.
  9. Salt and dirt accumulates much more on outdoor surface vehicles than it does inside subway trains since people are literally stepping right in off the street. Not really a fair comparison. Winter is just really harsh on buses, it doesn't help that Hamilton doesn't plow sidewalks which means even more salt, snow and dirt is pulled into the buses than in some other cities.
  10. Should probably keep in mind that theres also a driver shortage due to the vaccination situation. If runs are being canceled I'm sure there aren't butts in every driver seat.
  11. Wiki says it was retired 2 years ago.
  12. Awesome to see 0601 and 0602 coming back into service. I hope 0520 sticks around for awhile as well, its always a nice trip down memory lane seeing those brown seats.
  13. My guess is that there just aren't enough to go around now that the 51 is back in service.
  14. It's great to see how much train service will be coming into and out of Hamilton now that the regular service at Hunter will be restored, plus some of the Niagara Falls service restored to West Harbour. I plan to take both in the next month and I'm excited to see how the ridership looks.
  15. I'm happy to be corrected on that one, thanks!
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