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  1. YRT's new system map now shows all express routes - Also, starting April 30, 760 will use 400/Bass Pro Mills instead of Jane.
  2. 107/109 stops will be on Commerce at Skymark both ways.
  3. Barrie Line trains will be suspended and replaced by buses on April 22-23 and May 6-7, to accommodate installation of pedestrian underpass at Maple GO station. Of interesting note is the 68D service, which will run non-stop between Barrie (Allandale Waterfront, Barrie South) and Union Station. There will be a total of 3 inbound trips in the morning and 4 outbound trips in the afternoon. This will be the first GO bus route to run along Hwy 400 north of Hwy 9 in a very long time.
  4. ION 501 by, on Flickr
  5. 8354-25F York University
  6. Kenora Transit service changes - April 2017:
  7. GTFS Data for April 9 change shows a few new DDS designated runs on routes 25, 30 and on 407 East routes, but nothing for any routes to Yorkdale or York Mills.
  8. Brampton Transit 2017 Service Improvements: 6 James Potter - extended to Mount Pleasant Village (north side of GO station) 27 Robert Parkinson - new route from Mount Pleasant Village to new growth area to the north 58 Financial - extended to Lionhead Golf Club Rd 60 Mississauga Rd - extended to Meadowvale GO 104 Chinguacousy Express - new peak express service, every 10-15 min 501 integration with Spadina Subway extension - options: Existing routing 501 to Vaughan Metropolitan Centre / 501A to York University 501 to Vaughan Metropolitan Centre / 501A eliminated 505 Airport Rd extension - options: Bramalea GO via Steeles Ave Malton GO Pearson Terminal 1 Viscount Station
  9. I think what he meant was that since most routes in the East can use DDL's, they wouldn't need as many DDS (SuperLo's) except for a few on the 92 to Yorkdale.
  10. Cornell Terminal is expected to be ready by January 2018. 760 runs year-round but not 7 days/week during fall/winter (except during the Christmas shopping season). I couldn't find any routing information for UTSC service.
  11. YRT 2018 Service Plan: Routes 1/2 (weekend)/9/14/16/18/25/522 - modified to serve new Cornell Terminal early 2018 1 Highway 7 - reduced service weekdays and Saturdays 3 Thornhill - modified to serve Pioneer Village Station 10 Woodbridge - route shortened to end at VMC 20 Jane - modified to serve VMC, Hwy 407 and Pioneer Village stations 22 Keele-King City - combined existing 22/22A and TTC 107B/C and reorganized into following branches: 22 Pioneer Village - York U - Newmarket GO Bus Terminal (current 22A) - new service 7 days/week 22A Maple GO - Seneca King (current 22) 22B Pioneer Village - York U - Rutherford GO via Rivermede (current 107B) 22C Pioneer Village - York U - Teston (current 107C) 26 Maple Local - extended to VMC via Edgeley St (original plan was via Jane - possibly combined with 35?) 50A Sutton-Pefferlaw - modified to serve Georgina Island Ferry Dock 88 Bathurst - improved Saturday frequency 100 York University - new route replacing Viva Purple west of RHC (Pioneer Village Station - York U - Richmond Hill Centre) 105 Dufferin North - service assumed from TTC, extended to Major Mackenzie Dr at all times 165 Weston Rd North - service assumed from TTC, extended to Pioneer Village Station 320 Newmarket-Beaver Creek Express - modified to serve new 404/Major Mackenzie Carpool Lot 360 Vaughan Express - discontinued 760 Vaughan Mills/Wonderland - will be expanded to run 7 days/week, year-round (I guess this means Viva Silver won't happen yet... ) Viva Purple (phase 1)- shortened to run between Richmond Hill Centre and Cornell Terminal Viva Purple (phase 2)- new branch via Highway 7 Viva Orange - modified to run between Martin Grove and Richmond Hill Centre via Hwy 7 and Centre St. Extension to Hwy 50 and branch to Finch Station will start in 2019 Viva Yellow - reduced service on weekends Nashville DAR - new dial-a-ride service in Kleinburg area U of T Scarborough - new service to UTSC by September 2018
  12. Looking at the February 2017 GTFS data, there are some DDS runs on 407 East routes now (51A, 51C, 52) as well.
  13. Proposed STO network modifications for Le Plateau: Peak Map: Off Peak Map: New Route 28 (Labrosse - Tunney's Pasture via Rapibus)
  14. Rural transit pilot service to Campbellville has been approved and will run between April 3 and Labour Day. Buses will run between Milton GO and Guelph Line/401 via Campbellville Rd and 25/401 Carpool Lot 7 days a week, making it the only Milton route to run on Sundays. Report: Pilot Transit Service to Campbellville.pdf News:
  15. 20 is extended here probably to maintain Sunday service along Franklin Street and the Sunnyside Senior Home. Neither 2 nor 23 has (or will have) Sunday service.