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  1. Orillia Transit

    Orillia Transit to add a sixth route starting January 2018: http://www.orilliapacket.com/2017/10/03/new-route-to-come-online-in-january-due-to-419k-in-pre-budget-approval
  2. GO Transit

    GO Buses will continue to serve York University Bus Loop after Line 1 subway opening, for the time being: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/york-university-ttc-station-changes-1.4344711
  3. York Region Transit \ Viva

    A couple of things re: 2018 Service Plan. Viva Purple will still serve York University on weekdays but only during a transitional period. The long-term plan is still to replace it with conventional Route 100. There is no mention of how long the "transitional period" will be. Originally included in the Spadina Subway Transit Strategy, the launch of Viva Silver has now been pushed back to 2022. There is no mention of how often Viva Orange will run between RHC and VMC. If frequency will remain the same, this will mean a dismal 45-minute frequency on weekends - a significant service cut from the 15-minute frequency offered on Viva Purple. Riders may be in for an unpleasant surprise... For those curious about the proposed UTSC route, it will originate from Cornell Terminal (subject to further analysis). https://view.publitas.com/york-region-transit/2018-transit-initiatives/page/94-95
  4. York Region Transit \ Viva

    ...or take Orange to VMC then Subway (or 501 or 20)?
  5. MiWay

    MiWay service changes for 2018: https://www7.mississauga.ca/documents/miway/miwayfive/MiWay_5_Fall-2017-PICBoards-WEB.pdf February: 38 Creditview streamlined routing between Meadowvale Business Park and Dundas/Erindale Station 42 Derry will travel on Derry Road instead of Old Derry Road. 57 Courtneypark will travel on Old Derry Road instead of Derry Road, and terminate at Renforth Station. 61 Mavis all trips extended to Sheridan College 142 Derry Express will be introduced, running 7 days a week, with 15-minute peak service. July: Frequency improvements on 15 Drew, 22 Finch and 23 Lakeshore September: 100 Airport Express will be introduced between Winston Churchill and Pearson Airport Terminal 1 via Transitway, with service every 15 minutes all day every day. 101 Dundas Express will have more frequent peak service and new Sunday service October: 19 Hurontario will be modified due to planned LRT impacts
  6. Collingwood Transit

    710 and 711 have both entered service. 700 was recently refurbished and was out on the Blue Mountain Link. No Xcelsiors were out - now that there's enough reliable "short buses", one wonders if the Xcelsiors will be used less often, given that no route in Collingwood really seems to need them...
  7. Future TTC Bus Orders

  8. Grand River Transit

    GRT Business Plan 2017-2021 Update - there have been some significant changes to the 2018 Transit Network since the last business plan update: 200 BRT will run between Fairway Station and Ainslie Terminal 201 extended to Conestoga College via Block Line Station, Manitou Dr and Homer Watson Blvd 205 new iXpress route between Sunrise Centre and Ottawa/Lackner *2 redesigned to run between Westheights and Stanley Park Mall via Stirling Ave and Ottawa St N *3 redesigned to run between Grand River Hospital and Sunrise Centre via Margaret St, Downtown and Ottawa St S, replacing section of 8 4 shortened to end at Grand River Hospital 7 streamlined to one branch, between Conestoga and Fairway Stations via King St and Connaught Ave 8/12 redesigned: new 12 will run between University/King and Fairway Station via Westmount Rd and Bleams Rd new 18 will run between University/King and Fairway Station via Weber St and Downtown 9 split into two routes *new 9 will run between UW Ring Road and Conestoga Station via Hagey Blvd, Cedarbrae Ave and Northfield Dr *new 19 will run between UW Station and St Jacobs Farmers Market via Hazel St, Albert St, Weber St N and Kumpf Dr 10 streamlined to run on Homer Watson between Pioneer and Conestoga College 14 streamlined to run between Conestoga Station and Bathurst Dr *16 extended to Grand River Hospital via Highland Rd and Belmont Ave, replacing section of 8 *22 redesigned to run between Block Line Station and Sunrise Centre, via Rittenhouse Rd and Activa Ave 26 new route connecting Block Line Station and Huron Business Park, replacing 33 via Trillium 27 two-way service on Morgan Ave, extended to Chicopee Ski Hill *28 new route connecting Stanley Park Mall and Fairway Station, via Franklin St S and Wilson Ave, replacing section of 7F and 8 29 extended to Conestoga Mall via Lincoln Rd and Davenport Rd, replacing section of 12 *33 redesigned to run between Block Line Station and Sunrise Centre, via Strasburg Rd, Parkvale Dr, Huron Rd and Fischer-Hallman Rd S *73 redesigned to run between Northfield Station and Sir John A Macdonald HS via Northlake Dr, Lake Louise Blvd and Conservation Dr Frequency improvements on routes 10, 13 and 14 Routes 1 and 204 will no longer enter Charles Terminal Routes 7B/D/E/F, 8, 92 and 116 are cancelled As a result of these significant changes, a new transfer facility will be required at Sunrise Centre for routes 205, 3, 22 and 33. 2019 service changes will see bus network redesigned in Cambridge, including the 200 extension to South Cambridge Shopping Centre and new 206 Coronation iXpress between Fairway Station and West Galt, via Sportsworld and Preston. http://calendar.regionofwaterloo.ca/Council/Detail/2017-08-22-Planning-and-Works-Committee/Agenda to Print.pdf#page159
  9. GO Transit

    GO Transit September service change highlights: Barrie Line one new train round trip (Bradford - Union), two morning trains from Maple (7:15am, 7:45am) extended to start at Allandale Waterfront (6:05am, 6:35am), certain trips have increased train length to 12 coaches 12 new 12C branch (Burlington GO - St Catharines), providing combined (12/12C) half-hourly service during weekday peak 19 route revised to operate via Dixie and Renforth* Transitway stations 25 earlier weekend service (first bus from UW at 4:55am), more 25F service on Fridays and Sundays 29 weekday service increased to every hour 34 new 24-hour service (two additional round trips) 40 route revised to operate via Dixie and Renforth* Transitway stations. Weekday midday service increased to every 30 minutes (from every hour). New 24-hour service (one additional round trip) 48 new 48F express branch (York U - U of Guelph) replacing Sunday 48 service 63/65 trip cancellations, replaced by new Barrie Line trains 66 extended to East Gwillimbury GO to connect with 68 68 weekday service from Barrie will now terminate at East Gwillimbury GO instead of Newmarket Bus Terminal. Weekday peak service reduced to every hour. *Temporary stop until Renforth station opens later in the fall http://www.gotransit.com/public/en/updates/schedulechanges.aspx
  10. GO Transit

    While GO has not posted service changes for September, YRT has unintentionally announced an additional 8th train round trip on the Barrie Line, approx. 20~30 minutes later than the current last morning/evening train. https://www.yrt.ca/en/schedules-and-maps/service-changes.aspx
  11. Oakville Transit

    Route 14 will be modified September 2017 so that every 2nd bus travels via Burloak Drive (14A) instead of Great Lakes Drive (14), during weekdays before 7pm and Saturdays before 8pm. No words on changes to route 17. http://oakvilletransit.ca/tsu-17aug02.html
  12. Société de transport de Montréal

    STM Boutique is now selling authentic 2013 Réseau du Métro map, currently used onboard MR-63 and MR-73 trains (limited quantities): https://www.boutiquestm.com/en/affiche-officielle-plan-du-metro-2013.html
  13. Société de transport de Montréal

    In addition to more service on 747, there are two more new service offers for the Summer: 419 Express John-Abbott will now provide weekend service to Zoo Ecomuseum from 10h to 15h, every 30 minutes. Weekend service will be extended to start/end from Terminus Macdonald instead of John Abbott College. 711 Parc-du-Mont-Royal / Oratorie will run between Snowdon and Mont-Royal Métro stations via Oratorie St-Joseph, Parc du Mont-Royal and boul. St-Joseph. Buses will run every day, approx. 8h to 20h, every 20 to 30 minutes. 11 Parc-du-Mont-Royal / Ridgewood will continue to run approx. every 20 minutes.
  14. GO Transit

    Metrolinx is proposing a 3% fare increase for all trips currently more than $5.65. Also, new fare zones will be created for Dixie and Renforth Transitway stations - looks like we'll see GO buses on the Mississauga Transitway very soon.
  15. TTC in the news

    New and enhanced express service rollout plan until 2021: 2019 86E Scarborough Express - off peak enhancement 95E York Mills Express - off peak enhancement 186 Wilson Rocket - off peak enhancement 2020 52 Lawrence West - new (peak) express service 53E/F Steeles East Express - peak/off peak enhancement 84E Sheppard West Express (current 196B) - peak enhancement, extension to Weston Road 102 Markham Road - new (peak + midday) express service 190 Scarborough Centre Rocket - extension to Meadowvale Loop, conversion to artic buses 191 Highway 27 Rocket - conversion to artic buses 195 Jane Rocket - conversion to artic buses 2021 29 Dufferin - new (daily) express service 37 Islington - new (peak) express service 41E Keele Express - peak/off peak enhancement 60F Steeles West Express - peak/off peak enhancement, conversion to artic buses 89 Weston Road - new (peak) express service 199 Finch Rocket - peak/off peak enhancement, conversion to artic buses The report also hints the possible elimination of the premium Downtown Express routes by 2021, subject to capacity increase on Line 1 and streetcar routes.