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  1. New and enhanced express service rollout plan until 2021: 2019 86E Scarborough Express - off peak enhancement 95E York Mills Express - off peak enhancement 186 Wilson Rocket - off peak enhancement 2020 52 Lawrence West - new (peak) express service 53E/F Steeles East Express - peak/off peak enhancement 84E Sheppard West Express (current 196B) - peak enhancement, extension to Weston Road 102 Markham Road - new (peak + midday) express service 190 Scarborough Centre Rocket - extension to Meadowvale Loop, conversion to artic buses 191 Highway 27 Rocket - conversion to artic buses 195 Jane Rocket - conversion to artic buses 2021 29 Dufferin - new (daily) express service 37 Islington - new (peak) express service 41E Keele Express - peak/off peak enhancement 60F Steeles West Express - peak/off peak enhancement, conversion to artic buses 89 Weston Road - new (peak) express service 199 Finch Rocket - peak/off peak enhancement, conversion to artic buses The report also hints the possible elimination of the premium Downtown Express routes by 2021, subject to capacity increase on Line 1 and streetcar routes.
  2. Schedule is now fixed with all 9 morning trains in place. Minister of Transportation is making the announcement at Unionville GO right now.
  3. Open House at the new STO Operation/Maintenance Centre, Saturday June 3rd
  4. Neither Auger Métropolitan nor Veolia used number schemes like that, and I think this is a 2016 model...
  5. Spotted CITSO/Transdev 8063-33-6 with another fleet number 6076 beside it... Anyone know the reason / history of this coach? It's not listed on wiki.
  6. A 2017 model Nova Bus LFSe demo was on display at UITP conference in Montréal. VIN 4RKYL82M66H9775900 2017-04
  7. YRT's new system map now shows all express routes - Also, starting April 30, 760 will use 400/Bass Pro Mills instead of Jane.
  8. 107/109 stops will be on Commerce at Skymark both ways.
  9. Barrie Line trains will be suspended and replaced by buses on April 22-23 and May 6-7, to accommodate installation of pedestrian underpass at Maple GO station. Of interesting note is the 68D service, which will run non-stop between Barrie (Allandale Waterfront, Barrie South) and Union Station. There will be a total of 3 inbound trips in the morning and 4 outbound trips in the afternoon. This will be the first GO bus route to run along Hwy 400 north of Hwy 9 in a very long time.
  10. ION 501 by, on Flickr
  11. 8354-25F York University
  12. Kenora Transit service changes - April 2017:
  13. GTFS Data for April 9 change shows a few new DDS designated runs on routes 25, 30 and on 407 East routes, but nothing for any routes to Yorkdale or York Mills.
  14. Brampton Transit 2017 Service Improvements: 6 James Potter - extended to Mount Pleasant Village (north side of GO station) 27 Robert Parkinson - new route from Mount Pleasant Village to new growth area to the north 58 Financial - extended to Lionhead Golf Club Rd 60 Mississauga Rd - extended to Meadowvale GO 104 Chinguacousy Express - new peak express service, every 10-15 min 501 integration with Spadina Subway extension - options: Existing routing 501 to Vaughan Metropolitan Centre / 501A to York University 501 to Vaughan Metropolitan Centre / 501A eliminated 505 Airport Rd extension - options: Bramalea GO via Steeles Ave Malton GO Pearson Terminal 1 Viscount Station
  15. I think what he meant was that since most routes in the East can use DDL's, they wouldn't need as many DDS (SuperLo's) except for a few on the 92 to Yorkdale.