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  1. Sorry if this is a question that has been answered but whats the point of testing the electric bus if most of the busses are parked in the garage most of the time?
  2. Well I drove by 3 of them within 5 minutes on my way to work today! Was following right behind bus 329 while it turned right onto Young St, and passed it when it was pulling up, right behind bus 331. At 3:42pm. I turned left onto Ellice to head to work, bus 303 was driving the opposite direction 5 minutes later. 3 MCI's in 5 minutes
  3. Open on Thursday. Then close again until Sunday?
  4. So they have already picked the 20 best and brought them here?
  5. Those are the ones with sliding back door!
  6. Ottawa is about twice as large as we are. But now with 300 artics and we are just finally starting to plan to get 20 old ones.
  7. I thought the brown seats are gone! You mean it's still here? I remember a long time ago where there was a bus that had the aisle facing bench that was super long. From the back doors all the way to the end.
  8. At the WT garages, what are the three pronged things hanging off every garage door for As seen in this pic behind the bus http://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php?title=File:Winnipeg_Transit_360.jpg I guess to keep the garage door from closing on the bus.
  9. Auror

    Used Buses

    If only they will finish the second leg. W00t! Rapid transit! Oh wait, three stops. Then back to Pembina. I just hope that once it's up and running, it gives them more incentive to hurry up.
  10. Auror

    Used Buses

    I don't buy that. Don't Edmonton have them? And they're no worse than we are. And look at Saskatoon!
  11. I don't drive through that area. But I guess one day I'll go and take a look.
  12. Auror

    Used Buses

    Everyone is getting articulated busses. But us.
  13. What sign? Isnt Osborne sign already there?
  14. Orange! Look at other cities they all have nice designs or decorations. Ottawa has maple leaf, for example. I remember before that the reason we went with all white is because it's cheaper. But I think the figure given wasn't that much. Maybe the same amount as it would be to buy one single bus.
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