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  1. Fantastic photos of the ferries. They're so photogenic. Yes, it can be aggravating having to wait for the ferry to completely unload before they can start letting anyone on, you're sitting there behind the door and you think huh, that has to be it, howcome they haven't unlocked the doors yet.. then there's some mother with 5 kids, or a group of elderly people bringing up the rear. As I recall when they were thinking about buying the first new ferry back in whatever year it was, the Christopher Stannix, they were tossing around the idea of buying boats that had doors on both sides, similar to the Translink system. But of course to take advantage of dedicated loading and unloading doors would require a complete rebuild of three ferry terminals, taking up quite a bit more waterfront space on the Halifax side, and they would've still had three (at the time) older ferries that couldn't take advantage of that setup. I imagine the Woodside I will still be around for a few years to come. And as stated above, they maintain their 15 minute headways just fine using the current setup, so it didn't make sense to change anything.
  2. Any idea how they're doing with the LRC rebuilds? Is that still ongoing?
  3. Anyone want to buy 1020? http://www.auctionad.ca/auctions/2017/06/governmet-and-etc-auction/ Click the link for detailed listing. Lot 134: 1 (One) 2002 NEW FLYER BUS, 36 PASSENGERS, ACCESS RAMP, VIN: 2FYD2LP1A2U024569 RUNS, BIKE RACK, WHITE, 1073 HRS, ENGINE/TRANSMISSION/FRAME REBUILT WITHIN THE LAST 3 YEARS, DIESEL, STOCK 1020
  4. So I was looking at the new schedules for the 56, 66 and 72. Now, I would've thought they would align the 66 and 72 with the 56 such that a person going from either Penhorn or Portland Hills could easily transfer to the 56 at Mic Mac, with a minimal wait. However, that doesn't seem to be the case... To Dartmouth Crossing only, all times based on mid-day schedules - not rush hour schedules. Route 56 departs Mic Mac @ :16 and :46 Route 66 arrives at Mic Mac @ :24 and :54 - 22 minute wait Route 72 arrives at Mic Mac @ :19 and :49 - 25 minute wait Yes I realize the 72 also services Dartmouth Crossing, but the routing via Highfield and Ilsley means it takes an additional 16 minutes longer to reach Dartmouth Crossing than the 56 when departing from Mic Mac. I have to wonder why they wouldn't try to make transferring from the 66 and 72 to the 56 easier at Mic Mac, especially the 66 since it would be the logical option to replace service to Dartmouth Crossing from Penhorn Terminal. The other option would be to transfer at the Bridge Terminal: Route 56 departs Bridge @ :06 and :36 Route 58 arrives at Bridge @ :50 - 16 minute wait Route 59 arrives at Bridge @ :05 and :35 - 1 minute wait Route 61 arrives at Bridge @ :22 and :52 - 14 minute wait Route 68 arrives at Bridge @ :12 and :42 - 24 minute wait Obviously the 59 is the best option, but with such little time between those time points any delay means a missed connection. The 61 and 58 would be the next best option with a 14 and 16 minute stop over respectively. That 61 by the way leaves Penhorn at the same time as the 66, and you end up catching the same 56 heading towards Dartmouth Crossing. So if you're coming from Penhorn it doesn't matter which way you go; unless you want to gamble on the 59 making its' connection. Direct service from the Bridge Terminal to Dartmouth Crossing is definitely a welcome addition, but it seems to be coming at a significant cost for people in the Portland Valley and beyond.
  5. It could've been worse. I don't know if you saw it or not, but in the original promotional material for the HRM rebranding to "H/\LIFAX", they showed a mock up D40LF with a proposed livery, much like what they ended up on but it had a third colour in the mix, purple. Unless they're trying to hearken back to the original Halifax Transit purple and orange days, I don't see where purple came from!
  6. Well, the coverings may be hard plastic, but at least they look like the same contoured seats on the other Novas, which I find much more comfortable than the more basic seats on the New Flyers and Classics.
  7. 2017/18 Electric Bus Pilot Project Anyone know anything about this?
  8. The CBC article indicates Via used the 2015 HRM report as its basis for its proposal. As a reminder, that report can be found here: http://www.halifax.ca/boardscom/SCtransp/documents/150924tsc913a.pdf If they're proposing service to Windsor Junction, and using that report as its basis, we can assume the same station stops are being considered: Halifax (train station), South End (looks like around Beaufort Ave and South St), West End (West End Mall), Rockingham, Mill Cove, Sunnyside, Bedford Commons (Rocky Lake), Cobequid. As well, new passing sidings near Rocky Lake, just before Cobequid Road, and in the rail cut. Presumably these sidings would house the stations at those locations. The 2015 report also talked about the possibility of extending service to either Elmsdale or Beaver Bank (or both). Beaver Bank would have little issues with regards to rail capacity, as the Windsor Hantsport Railway is not used. However the rail is in poor condition, and would need significant work to bring it up to standards. The issue identified in the report with service beyond Windsor Junction to Elmsdale is entirely scheduling and capacity, with the increased rail traffic coming off of the Dartmouth sub. As indicated in the report, there are daily freight runs from Dartmouth to Moncton heading out in the middle of the morning rush hour service. What should be interesting is to see what sort of rolling stock Via is going to propose. I can't honestly see them using the old Budd RDCs, I believe a lot of them were cut up for scrap a year or two ago. Should be interesting to see if they're proposing a traditional locomotive-pulled train, or perhaps something like the new DMUs being used by the Union-Pearson Express in Toronto could be interesting. I'm also interested to see what they come up with for park and ride service; Bedford Commons and Cobequid should have plenty of room, Sunnyside might be a bit difficult as it's fairly built-up behind the mall there. Not sure if they would put one in at Mill Cove. The other stations would not warrant park and ride as they would mostly feed destinations or passengers from transit.
  9. http://www.metronews.ca/news/halifax/2016/07/15/on-track-for-commuter-rail-via-eyeing-service-for-hrm.html This was unexpected.. and with Via Rail proposing it, this might actually go somewhere!
  10. So, I understand why the Halifax III and Dartmouth III weren't repainted in the new livery, as their days are somewhat numbered (although that hasn't stopped them in the past *cough* 512) but does anyone know why the Woodside I is still just plain white? It's been like that for probably close to a year, and as far as I was aware it's still got a few years left. I was just watching it come across the harbour, and it looks really.. plain.
  11. Well council debated the updated proposal today. I wasn't there nor did I watch any video of it, all I'm going by is the live tweeting in this CBC article: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/halifax-transit-new-plan-proposed-debate-1.3531617 It's been approved in principal, with 23 possible amendments going back for report. So what is the point in HRM asking Metro Transit to design a better and more efficient transit system, if council then sits there and asks that half of the proposed changes be rolled back to the status quo. All I'm seeing are councillors requesting to essentially have routes they've already asked to be streamlined, adjusted so they service everyone's front door. A few of the (sad) highlights: Councillor Adams seems adamant service should be maintained on Purcell's Cove Road (I thought the second draft addressed this??) and Sambro. Councillor Hendsbee wants the 370 to service Mic Mac Mall as well. Maybe someone should explain what a transfer is to him. Councillor Mancini seems to want a terminal built somewhere in the Main Street-Tacoma Drive area??? Councillor Johns keeps bringing up Lucasville And Councillor Mosher seems to just want nothing to change at all... she wants the current routes 5, 6 and 31 to remain exactly as is. The only nice thing to see is Councillors McCluskey and Mason both reiterated that service hours needs to be extended, either later at night or 24 hours for some routes. And there's a couple that I just don't even get: @pambermancbc Whitman: wants to extend hammonds plains Rd bus to Tantallon and vice versus 1:32 PM - 12 Apr 2016 @pambermancbc Whitman: consider crosstown rtes on the grid. Approved 2:30 PM - 12 Apr 2016 The only two who seem to have any sense: @pambermancbc Outhit: wants bus service from home in Bedford to cottage in Malagash, (sorry out of HRM borders) 1:33 PM - 12 Apr 2016 @pambermancbc Walker: disappointed not giving the plan presented a chance - too many amendments - not going anywhere. 2:45 PM - 12 Apr 2016
  12. First, I'm going to assume the 61/68 switch was a mistake. There's no real reason to swap route numbers of two existing routes, especially where it seems in this second draft plan they're making more of an attempt to retain existing route numbers. Just a few comments.. so glad to see the 100-series routes called express routes now. The only comment I sent in on the first draft was that the term "link" today has become synonymous with a premium service with a premium price. I could see that causing a lot of confusion. I found it interesting that the points that seemed to garner the most complaints (including a couple of petitions) boiled down to... a route I take is changing, I don't like it. Three of the top complaints was about changes to routes 1, 8 (80) and 9 (20), and the new plan essentially puts them back on their current routing. It does however highlight that the original plan really seemed to put too much focus on the downtown Barrington Street area, and didn't seem to realize that the hospitals, universities and Spring Garden are also major trip generators. I wonder how much research was really done on current travel patterns. I may not take it very often, but even I knew there was a lot of transferring to and from the 80 at Bayers Road. It makes sense that the 100-series express routes would focus on the downtown office area, and take the most direct routes. The only real disappointing thing I see is that they're not going to be doing two-way service on Gottingen on anything coming over the bridge. Somewhat related, I noticed the next stop signs have been replaced with LED matrix signs to make way for stop announcements. This may have happened a while ago, I haven't really taken transit in a while. Also some sort of...thing.. has been installed at all of the rear doors. Not sure if it's a motion sensor or light or something. Anyone have any info on that? There's two of them mounted on the inside, on either side of the door.
  13. Considering all of the issues that need to be fixed, I don't think a beach bus should be much of a priority..
  14. Indeed they did: http://haligonia.ca/halifax-ns-news/columns/halifax-shipping-news/12331-new-ferry-craig-blake-arrives.html Also, in that picture it looks like the same terribly uncomfortable bench seats on the upper deck...
  15. Great photos, thanks very much for sharing these!
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