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  1. Yet again, TransLink ends up showing that it can't think outside the box. Rather than divert 501 from the freeway where it doesn't really belong, there'll be a new 338 that will most likely end up doing very poorly because it heads nowhere... Ugh...
  2. Similar reasoning was used to justify the purchase of buses equipped with BAE hybrid propulsion systems... The rationale being that, because the axles are purely driven by electric motors, the mechanical work involved is simpler.
  3. This is partly off topic, but I would love to see all the buses older than 2012 (when air conditioning was introduced fleet-wide) to be put out to pasture as expeditiously as possible.
  4. I think it is. After April, drivers get a 5-minute mandatory break between runs: https://globalnews.ca/news/6261756/transit-strike-deal-vote/ Personally, I'm not a fan of TransLink scheduling runs every 35 minutes. That's such an odd number for everyone to deal with.
  5. Okay, never mind. I was confusing the start-of-service threshold (varies throughout the week) with the end-of-service threshold (all week). Somehow I thought the end-of-service threshold also varied throughout the week... EDIT: I wonder if the Sunday night threshold is too strict, given that most people go home early prior to the work week starting. For example, Metrotown already closes by 7:00 pm...
  6. How does the 240 lose its FTN status? Is there a mid-day period where the 15 minute or better threshold is suddenly exceeded?
  7. There were probably too many people hopping on-board at UBC that were hoping to get dropped off before the Lions Gate Bridge... It's weird, but as West Vancouver Transit is operated by the municipality, they definitely seem to be more focused on serving their own residents first. Had TransLink had its way, this route would have ceased to exist many years ago. But West Vancouver and its residents lobbied hard to keep the route alive despite the fact that it bleeds money.
  8. So far... In terms of keeping the RapidBus and normal fleets separate, it looks okay for the first morning out... I knew it. The skeptics are out in full force
  9. 18461, a suburban Nova, spotted on the 22 Knight just now. TComm says it might even be an all-day block. What on earth is going on...
  10. This smells funny. Especially when the original bid specifications referred to New Flyer. And this is coming from someone who is a fan of New Flyer products...
  11. Not so fast there buddy... https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/more-seabus-cancellations-expected-1.5346464 So the union had promised no disruptions and yet there *may* be a complete work stoppage by the end of this week. I don't know about you, but that is one shady deflection by the union. With my job now depending on a bus commute, I find myself on the side of TransLink. The union must have a willingness to talk about their grievances, or otherwise the provincial government should step in and legislate them back to the job.
  12. Don't forget the 146 terminating just across from the Burnaby-Vancouver border.
  13. The fact that they are considering the 31 without taking other routes into account is quite infuriating...
  14. Personally, I'm not a fan of Balios-Axion products... Also, it seems very unlikely that WVMT would dump money on an old, about-to-retire bus just so that a museum can own and run it.
  15. But I like them wires... I wonder if the LFSe that we have right now will be modified for longer range... or if we will get new ones from the factory to test. I also hope we will see more of them in service come December... Weekend runs seem like a good way to test all-day service...
  16. They should go the Toronto way and stick a Spectrum on it. After all, it won't be in revenue service anymore. Would make for good looking PR messages... And be a better match than what the TTC did to their GMC fishbowl.
  17. I am starting to wonder if the inefficiencies in this area are being driven by petty politics... 1. Burnaby keeps insisting on having local stops / service along Willingdon Diversion in both directions... This could be one way to make the 430 express again 2. By doing this, they could technically claim they've added service to the Champlain Heights area. Residents were rather vocal when they did away with the 49 diversion. 3. Are the service hours for the 26 exclusively for Vancouver? Or are the service hours for the 146 exclusively for Burnaby?
  18. How is 12024 a lemon? And also, is there a list of lemons? And if so, where is said list?
  19. That is ridiculous. So much switching. Did every other bus break down in sequence?
  20. Don't forget the recent battery-electric buses, which were also delivered via flat-bed tractor-trailers. I forget: are these buses being made in the US or in the UK? The long distance from East Coast ports might explain their choice to ship them this way; it saves the buses from incurring too much mileage prior to delivery...
  21. Having taken the 49 occasionally since September, I'm really wondering if the RapidBus introduction will fix the severe overcrowding and pass-up problem that exists between Langara-49th and Kerr. A lot of people are still heading to Langara College through the most frugal and convenient way possible, and the service increases on the 43 appear to have had little impact.
  22. It was mentioned some time ago that the reason for the buses' shorter lifespan is due to the amount of overhaul work and associated costs that are needed to keep them running past the 12-year mark. Part of this is driven by how the buses are designed to comply with - but not necessarily exceed - requirements for US FTA funding grants for US transit agencies.
  23. Ughhhh... This should have been thought out in advance. I personally hate how jerry-rigged it looks. Whyyyy...
  24. That is one bizarre retrofit... It reminds me of what Yellowknife did to its school buses back in the day... But then again, the grass on which this bus sits on probably deserves a break from the heat. I imagine they'll revert the change once the fair is done?
  25. White text on yellow decal. What could possibly go wrong? Sigh...
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