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  1. Coincidence... I was a passenger on a 430 bus that was passing by... the bus driver decided to pull over and assess the situation. Very bizarre...
  2. No... where I am it's usually too late to hop out of my chair and run to the front of the house to see what's passing by. I heard there was a S50 D40LF out for training duties though... I guess I just want to ride one again... like the one from the Transit Museum society.
  3. Heard the drone of a Detroit Diesel S50 passing by my house again... I miss that sound.
  4. Sorry for reviving an old thread. I was watching some YouTube videos recently for nostalgia and... am suddenly fixated on wanting to ride TRAMS / TMS 3334 - a Flyer D901A - at some point. While a diesel bus, it had a similar layout to E901A/E902. Does anyone know if or when that bus (or other historical buses) will be available for fan trips?
  5. I hope they're not leaving it painted white. The Mark IIs are already a good example of why not to do this.
  6. The fact that TransLink went ahead with 5 car trains without considering making longer 4-car consists from the current 2-car consists or even checking if the network could support them is... a mystery to me. I feel like we've thrown some money away on something impractical...
  7. Needs more bus lanes... The lack of integration between RapidBus and Scottsdsle Exchange is unfortunate... Perhaps off topic, but there was a news article today about having a fully air condioned fleet in 2028. I wish they accelerated that deadline by retiring the Olympics-era NovaBuses ahead of schedule...
  8. Interesting... battery bus service stopped since the 25th. Did I miss something?
  9. To be fair, the 430 is the ExpressBus after all...
  10. I think YVR actually ditched the fourth terminal idea (beside the existing International / USA Terminal) from their master plan for just existing terminal extensions. So it seems unlikely that it will ever get used.
  11. This sounds absurd to me... Now that Abbotsford has their new garage and the R3 is in place, I wonder... Does BC Transit have the resources to take over the portion between Maple Ridge and Mission? Or, will Mission ask for the trips to be moved from the 701 to the R3? I also feel like... the Albion area is missing direct service to Maple Ridge town centre... and it's weird that TransLink doesn't use the service to Mission to either party's advantage...
  12. Question 1. What are Translink's plans for garages in Pitt Meadows / Maple Rdige as well as Langley / Surrey / White Rock? Currently, Port Coquitlam services the former and Surrey services the latter... but both are kind of distant from the areas they serve, and there is also First Transit providing Community Shuttle service in the Langley area out of Cloverdale... Something tells me that a garage in the Port Kells area could service both regions as they grow... but that still leaves some questions, like: 1. What routes or equipment will operate from said garage? 2. Who will own or operate said garage? Question 2. Perhaps I missed it, but has Translink shared any site plans or detailed renders for either OMC4 (near Braid Station) or Marpole Transit Center? I know there was a preliminary site plan for OMC4 already...
  13. Still wishing we'd see some CNG artics... but battery-electrics is a start. The more variety the better...
  14. Does anyone know what happened to H19304 by chance?
  15. I still remember seeing them on the 49... and I know someone here made a joke back then about how students can sleep in it... those were the days...
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