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  1. Heard the oddly familiar (and nostalgic) sound of a Detroit engine passing by me around 1:00 am tonight along Knight Street in Vancouver... TransLink doesn't run any of those old beaters anymore, do they? I wonder who owns one now... I still hear the Cummins engine sometimes... They seem to frequent the 22.
  2. This one makes no sense... It should have been 10 GRANVILLE TO WATERFRONT STN or 10 GRANVILLE TO DOWNTOWN...
  3. Those are some... bizarre destinations. lol. Someone's having fun...
  4. I don't think our dollar has been doing too well of late, which might explain the sudden price jump.
  5. I'm pretty sure the 501 is not saturated to the same point as the 99 B-Line... If the 501 is busy, then we can add capacity by: Boosting the frequency to compensate, or Use articulated buses for more capacity with each run And here's another way to look at it: if you boost the frequency of the route, then it becomes much more convenient to use because you can worry less about missing the bus that comes only every half hour.
  6. I'd also grumble at how they couldn't redesign Champlain Heights / Sincerest / River District service in one go and using existing routes because "we didn't want the return trips of the 116 and 146 to take a different path"... Like, aren't the 337 and 338 in a worse position because their termini are giant loops??? At this point, it's a lost cause. All I can do now is sit back and laugh at the dark comedy that occurs when the investigative journalists eventually find and call out TransLink's wasteful spending to the general public.
  7. Yet again, TransLink ends up showing that it can't think outside the box. Rather than divert 501 from the freeway where it doesn't really belong, there'll be a new 338 that will most likely end up doing very poorly because it heads nowhere... Ugh...
  8. Similar reasoning was used to justify the purchase of buses equipped with BAE hybrid propulsion systems... The rationale being that, because the axles are purely driven by electric motors, the mechanical work involved is simpler.
  9. This is partly off topic, but I would love to see all the buses older than 2012 (when air conditioning was introduced fleet-wide) to be put out to pasture as expeditiously as possible.
  10. I think it is. After April, drivers get a 5-minute mandatory break between runs: https://globalnews.ca/news/6261756/transit-strike-deal-vote/ Personally, I'm not a fan of TransLink scheduling runs every 35 minutes. That's such an odd number for everyone to deal with.
  11. Okay, never mind. I was confusing the start-of-service threshold (varies throughout the week) with the end-of-service threshold (all week). Somehow I thought the end-of-service threshold also varied throughout the week... EDIT: I wonder if the Sunday night threshold is too strict, given that most people go home early prior to the work week starting. For example, Metrotown already closes by 7:00 pm...
  12. How does the 240 lose its FTN status? Is there a mid-day period where the 15 minute or better threshold is suddenly exceeded?
  13. There were probably too many people hopping on-board at UBC that were hoping to get dropped off before the Lions Gate Bridge... It's weird, but as West Vancouver Transit is operated by the municipality, they definitely seem to be more focused on serving their own residents first. Had TransLink had its way, this route would have ceased to exist many years ago. But West Vancouver and its residents lobbied hard to keep the route alive despite the fact that it bleeds money.
  14. So far... In terms of keeping the RapidBus and normal fleets separate, it looks okay for the first morning out... I knew it. The skeptics are out in full force
  15. 18461, a suburban Nova, spotted on the 22 Knight just now. TComm says it might even be an all-day block. What on earth is going on...
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