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  1. Millennium2002

    2016 Skytrain Expansion

    From what I could tell, they might be using the ROW of the future Falcon Station for this expansion. I wonder how that will work if it is ever needed...
  2. Millennium2002

    Vancouver Special Sightings

    @KINGSTER200, just letting you know that your images suddenly became inaccessible...
  3. Millennium2002

    Victoria Regional Transit System

    Every system seems to do it differently... Vancouver - Single-line LED display with independent stop indicator integrated into one unit Montreal - Two-line LED display, separate stop indicator Denver, King County, and York Region - Single-line LED display, sometimes a separate stop indicator (depends on make or model of bus) Portland - Single-line LED display, separate stop indicator
  4. Millennium2002

    2019 Garage Transfers

    I think it was said somewhere that we spend several million each year maintaining the trolleybus network. It's not a trivial amount by any means, but a whole fleet purchase of ~200+ trolleybuses costing a million or two each easily dwarfs that by several orders of magnitude. And this is the tricky part... Because some people might look at that without seeing the whole picture and jump to the conclusion "THE COST OF NEW TROLLEYS IS TOO DAMN HIGH". And this is where the demolitionists would come in; they'll try to argue that we'd save over the long run by tearing everything down (demolition usually being cheaper than building) and buying a more conventional fleet.
  5. Millennium2002

    2019 Garage Transfers

    I sometimes question whether we should be replacing all of the trolleybuses at once, as it seems to enable messy public debates and recurring economic arguments for/against it. It'd give me peace of mind if we could somehow enshrine its continued existence in law or policy (e.g. historical status) like the recent movement to phase out fossil-fuel-only vehicles.
  6. Thanks for the update. I had a fantasy idea back when it was first announced that they were constructing a battery bus charger at Marpole Loop. Because only the 100 terminates there now, it's a very underutilized asset. The idea was to build something on top of the loop to generate property revenue for the system, like a hotel, office tower, or social / low-income housing complex. But when I walked past the loop about a month ago, I noticed the charger would be right in the middle of the lot, so I guess that rules out any chance of that happening for some time.
  7. All fun and games until someone doesn't pay attention at the fuel pumps... Having said that, that would only be a concern if the bus somehow made its way out to Hamilton, PoCo or Surrey... Speaking of which... D'aww... a look at what could have been our Mark II SkyTrain: https://buzzer.translink.ca/2019/04/translink-20-the-secret-mark-ii-skytrain-cars/ (Courtesy of The Buzzer)
  8. There's the plight of the residents... then there's the struggle of the commuters. WHO WILL WIN!? But serious, that is why I suggest them as ideas. Maybe they'll work, maybe they won't. I hate to repeat myself, but again the bridge itself will continue to be a stumbling block. It took me a little bit of time to realize we're currently funneling 6 approach lanes into 3. That's... going to be a stretch in terms of traffic management, no matter how you look at it. I mean, we could replace the median with a counterflow system like what they're doing on the Alex Fraser Bridge... but that assumes traffic is heavily skewed depending on what day and time it is. Perhaps @DarkKeyo can confirm that for me if that is the case or not.
  9. Here are some ideas... Add a bus queue-jumper lane on Cassiar northbound that flies over to join the existing one on the northbound McGill Street ramp. In this way, buses from Hastings St are not stuck having to compete with the traffic on McGill. Route the buses on a residential street nearby and add a bus-only ramp to Cassiar / McGill so that they aren't on Hastings altogether. Extend merge lanes for both McGill and Cassiar ramps and add ramp meters with transit pre-emption before they meet the highway.
  10. Millennium2002

    2018 Novabus LFS CNG Sightings and Deliveries

    I'm being picky here, but the ad-wrapping decals on these buses could have been done better... The white outlines make me cringe.
  11. Ahh... nothing dramatic from what I can see. Bummer. September is still many months away...
  12. I suppose it's a good start that they're working on the north half of the bridge already. As for the south half, what improvements were you thinking of, specifically? Are you saying that the merge lane heading north from Hastings should be extended? (Perhaps as a bus queue-jumper lane?) ADDENUM: Interesting tidbit - the 19 seasonal service is coming back on weekends, but will now run to a new terminus: Main Street (Science World) Station. I'm guessing a lot of people were surprised and confused at being dropped off in the middle of Downtown... Also, TransLink's Twitter department has teased about the impending schedule drop, but nothing new has been posted yet outside of the scheduler.
  13. As much as I like this idea, I don't think adding more buses to the bridge will help very much if an accident occurs. Ultimately, either the bridge has to be widened or some other solution (cough gondola or SkyTrain cough) should be found.
  14. Millennium2002

    Collisions and Incidents thread

    Off topic I know, but yikes... I was wondering what was behind that loud popping sound. I also found it quite unusual to not hear anyone respond to it after it happened. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/vancouver-bomb-squad-1.5085785
  15. I was trying to look up Mission council minutes and only saw a brief mention of it... If I recall correctly, the Fraser Valley - being a separate region of its own - doesn't participate in any of the taxes that are collected to fund TransLink... But of course, any losses or shortfalls that occur on a bus leaving regional borders has to be recouped somehow.... I do wonder if the change to the 749 will lower the cost of running this inter-regional connection. Instead of the 701 running non-stop to Mission, this new 749 route can now serve local Maple Ridge customers en route. And in addition to that, you can have one slightly fuller bus do the work of two lesser-used ones. (Conspiracy theory time: is TransLink secretly trying to help subsidize a link to Mission? Hmmmmm... But on a serious note, the regional boundaries are quite an artificial nuisance, so I personally wouldn't mind if TransLink tried to find some way of lowering the overall cost of getting outside cities connected to the region.)