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  1. Millennium2002

    2018 Standard 40' Bus Procurement

    People make mistakes; let's move on...
  2. It almost sounds like they're ready to do the Canada Post re-development... Oddly enough, it seems like the Blue Buses are still laying over where they always have been...
  3. Millennium2002

    2018 Standard 40' Bus Procurement

    It's off topic for this thread, but is it really cheaper to use ZF vs Allison vs Voith? To a non-mechanic like me, the automatic gear shifting on the ZFs sounds like something that could be adjusted... Heck, I remember riding a D40 in Richmond that had come from North Vancouver whose transmission was tuned for hill climbing (at least, that was how the driver put it).
  4. Millennium2002

    2018 Standard 40' Bus Procurement

    If anything, the shifting on the ZF EcoLife transmissions need a tweak. They shift way too quickly from launch to fourth gear and then toggle back and forth between it and gear three in normal city traffic. It should be spread out more imo.
  5. Millennium2002

    Halifax Transit

    Something is amiss. Halifax Transit used to have a thread that was many pages long, but it has somehow vanished...
  6. Millennium2002

    Vancouver general sightings and notes

    Losing the WVMT would be a big mistake IMO. Sure, a full merger would lead to many efficiencies, but I feel that most of the differences (e.g. different hardware and maintenance) can be reconciled simply through better cooperation. I will hate to see the day the buses lose their top crests...
  7. Millennium2002

    Collisions and Incidents thread

    That video is not clear enough... That bus could have easily been just a witness of the actual accident who then pulled over for legal reasons...
  8. I can't help but think of all the promotional hypocrisy that's been jammed into one post. Cost efficient LRT along 41st Avenue? Hmm... we're already starting to have doubts about Surrey LRT being any better than improvements to road infrastructure in support of existing bus routes...
  9. TransLink consultation of late is pretty bad in my opinion. They're rushing to get projects through to implementation. Despite how good my suggestions are, if there isn't enough people saying similar, they're going to stick with their plans. No wonder people still grumble about TransLink to this day.
  10. I like variant 1 very much. Simple, yet it stands out. And because it's not yellow at top, there won't be complaints of it getting dirty too quick. The only thing maybe would be to tweak it so that it's more orange-y (and thus better match the orange B-Line branding). Actually, now that I think about it, variant 3 would look good if it were orange on top vs yellow.
  11. I have to wonder though: will buses wearing this livery be restricted to the highway routes? I have unusually strong doubts that they'll be able to keep that up in the long run, given how the B-Line branded buses can now be seen pretty much anywhere in the system. It really just sounds like a make-work project the more I think about it.
  12. 555 is technically the ExpressBus... Actually, I can't help but wonder if they could instead use: - Orange... Because all the B-lines are currently denoted as such on the maps. - Red... A former B-Line livery colour that isn't used for anything else at the moment. Perhaps neither of those are enough of a break from the old, though. I'llbe missing the good old B-Line branding if and when they phase it out...
  13. It's hard to sue imo when Vancouver Canucks, Metro Vancouver, and some other Pacific Northwest entities use the same colour combination... I agree with others that the livery needs some work. It's missing our beloved yellow and the two-tone green is just poor taste. In fact, I strongly think that the colour green should not be used for route branding at all; it should instead be applied on more environmentally friendly buses. Examples include our current trolleybuses and CNG buses, or the incoming BAE hybrids and battery-electrics.
  14. Millennium2002

    West Vancouver Blue Bus

    I'm being nitpicky, but that's odd... Who decided to pick those instead of bus 971 or in the range 703 to 706?
  15. Millennium2002

    2018 Standard 40' Bus Procurement

    I'm a bit surprised that TransLink did not optimize on the charcoal for aesthetic and maintenance reasons. Personally, I might have painted it so that the paint lines go around rather than through the various seams and joints of the bus... Now the website and bus labels on the sides are squished for no good reason...