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  1. Ughhhh... This should have been thought out in advance. I personally hate how jerry-rigged it looks. Whyyyy...
  2. That is one bizarre retrofit... It reminds me of what Yellowknife did to its school buses back in the day... But then again, the grass on which this bus sits on probably deserves a break from the heat. I imagine they'll revert the change once the fair is done?
  3. White text on yellow decal. What could possibly go wrong? Sigh...
  4. Right... let's veto the bus garage, but not the sewage treatment plant... Because reasons. This kind of disruption is why I strongly argue that the local routes should not be interlined with cross-bridge work...
  5. It appears to be a bad day to transit on the North Shore according to TransLink's Twitter feed...
  6. Was there? I didn't catch word of it, then... Speaking of which, 994 made it out just now. I have a feeling it is subbing for a bus that broke down mid-block...
  7. This is more of a T-Comm spotting, but I also want to gather some opinions on an idea that I have. I've noticed that West Vancouver's 1999 D40LF 994 has not been out since July 23rd... Its sibling, 995, was out yesterday on an all-day 250 block, but I was unable to catch a ride due to scheduling issues. Today, neither bus is out... These two buses, while operated by West Vancouver and not CMBC, are basically the last two transit buses operating in Vancouver with Voith transmissions. The idea I had was this: should we schedule a farewell charter before they vanish?
  8. Honestly, I would have preferred an LED-driven next stop display that displayed either minutes until next bus arrival OR both current clock time AND estimated arrival time.... Also, what's with the non-uniform route label? I would have preferred something like... R3 Lougheed Hwy RapidBus to Coquitlam Central Station
  9. Question: will drivers be forced to wait for their bus to charge up during their layovers? I ask because it doesn't sound like it would be a prudent use of financial and manpower resources if the drivers had to wait for their buses to charge for 10+ minutes at a time.
  10. In other words, the official launch is now delayed until September... Thanks, TransLink... /s
  11. I'm not sure what the shiny rims obsession is all about, but I'm looking forward to riding these soon...
  12. That is... quiet. I wonder if they will be compelled to install a noise-maker at the front like what was recently agreed to in the EU...
  13. I wonder if someone decided that there needed to be two digits after the R rather than just one...
  14. I'm frankly starting to get impatient (sorry) at how long it is taking for this trial to get started. Does anyone know the inside scoop on the latest happenings?
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