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  1. Millennium2002

    2018 Standard 40' Bus Procurement

    The new livery makes me think of West Vancouver Blue Bus... lol. I feel like they should have tried making the bottom blue stripe / wave all yellow.
  2. Millennium2002

    TransLink Future - Dream's and Aspirations

    Following the release of the "final" SWATP, I've looked at what things could be adjusted under this plan. Here is the result: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1sudK4_DMjHzejY7EWbi9DTURV1o&usp=sharing The main thing of note is the extension of the 401 to Bridgeport Station via the Garden City corridor for expanded FTN service. To compensate for it: The 407 is truncated to Brighouse Station In addition, instead of a "New B", the 407 is just bent to meet up the 403 at Steveston and No 3 Road instead. (The more I think about it, perhaps the 401 and 407 should trade their southern termini instead.) The 403 is truncated to Brighouse Station, as I couldn't justify having 3 to 4 FTN routes in close proximity Remove the C94 and C96 The idea here is to emphasize that by walking a little further, more people can get 15 minute or better service. Not something that comes by to the doorsteps of a few every half an hour or worse. In addition, the 404 is adjusted slightly to cover some developments that would be left out by turning short at Granville Ave. Finally, a long-term goal for the 609 is to have its northern terminus at Ladner Exchange.
  3. I wouldn't necessarily call the 301 a substitute for an express version of the 410e given the lack of transfers and the different destination... Part of me feels like the quick implementation of some of these proposals come this September means that the whole plan was possibly rushed to completion...
  4. The final SWATP has been released: https://www.translink.ca/-/media/Documents/plans_and_projects/area_transit_plans/southwest_area/final_plan/Southwest_Area_Transport_Plan-April_2018.pdf I have to say that I'm rather disappointed. They did not improve upon the worst aspects of the plan. Here are some examples... 410e - Missed opportunity for express service along Highway 91 corridor 430 - Longer-term goal should be articulated or FTN (but not necessarily B-Line) 609 - Missed opportunity to terminate north end at Ladner Exchange C88 - Debatable spaghetti C94 - Why is it still remaining in place after the 401w and 402 is improved? Ughhh.... New B - Essentially duplicating 403 and 407, just alternate destination. I don't get this New C - Choice of Scott Road Stn vs Surrey Central Stn as terminus is debatable, should be longer-term goal Under-served area bounded by Garden City Road, Granville Ave, No 4 Road, and Alderbridge Way
  5. Millennium2002

    2018 Standard 40' Bus Procurement

    Why do they still insist on that inferior Cummins B engine...
  6. This would, in some ways, explain the recent push for Marpole-Silvertree Transit Centre. Having all of those articulated buses deadheading long distances is a serious waste of fuel and cash unless they are interlined with other routes. Having said the above, I still find it surprising that TransLink has not put buses destined for the 49 in service in between the garage and the termini. Some extra 430 runs would be nice...
  7. What is happening to route 44? Because I saw something similar on Pender St.
  8. Pure speculation follows: Funding? Did TransLink or CMBC ever allocate them the funds to be trained on and use the system? Space? I think TMAC requires a sizeable amount of space, which might not exist at their current Cloverdale office. Unionization issues? First Transit is a CMBC contractor. I imagine Unifor would like everything to be done in-house and yet after a decade they're still hanging around. This could be one of the bargaining chips. Data isolation issues? IIRC, WVMT can see the operations of other CMBC garages due to the way the system is designed (and vice versa). If First Transit gains access to this data and uses it to lobby for more contracted work in the name of cost savings or efficiencies, that might ultimately imperil the existence of CMBC and Unifor.
  9. Honestly, with all the stupid fighting between TransLink and Burnaby, I'd rather see the 19 terminate at Joyce - Collingwood instead and have the 119 jaunt over from Metrotown to meet it...