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  1. True, but I'm talking from an out-of-towner perspective. As are probably the judges for this award. I'm not a regular visitor of Toronto, even though it's really not that far away to me, I've been there less than a handful of times in my life, and my transit experience there was that they have nice buses, but since there are no predetermined schedules, it's hard to know reliably when to wait for one, and what bus to wait for, since there are no bus numbers at any of the stops. Route #6 had 3 New Looks on that route when I was there, and I waited about an hour or so to see each one pass. I waited almost 30 minutes for one, then 10 minutes and then 15 minutes. The streetcars and subway system on the other hand I find run quite regularly and are pretty reliable, even if the streetcars are bumpy and stop abruptly and the subways are very noisy and fill the stations with smoke. I was fanning with a few friends and we made that comment regarding Montreal wanting to opt for steel wheeled trains over rubber. I like the NYC feel of the TTC subway though, and I'm really not too crazy about how Montreal has tried to super-modernize everything with new sound systems and huge screen panels and those yellow bumpy platform borders. But I believe that the selection committee took all of those advancements into consideration when selecting the best transit agency in North America. Heck, the TTC is using subway signaling technology from the 1920's, and there were times we had to stop mid-station at a red signal, which reminded me of how Montreal's metro used to be like 20 years ago. It was a very hot day and the trains were sweltering hot, they had fans blowing, and it was comparable to Montreal's metro, and I thought the TTC subways all had AC now. Anyways, I enjoyed the New Looks in service, but waiting 45 minutes for a bus that never showed with close to 100 people near Queen Street E, while about 5 passed on the other side reminded me of waiting for a West Island bus in Montreal, except there was no InfoSTM to contact to find out when the bus was supposed to pass, or if there were any delays in service, such as a detour or accident. Montreal has all of those creature comforts now that we didn't just a few years ago, and all of these latest investments and ideas have probably weighed heavily on the decision to choose Montreal as the best in North America.
  2. TTC bus service isn't terrible, but it's far from perfect. The streetcar and subway service I find is quite superior though. My main gripe about the TTC was that there was no visible schedule at the stops, infact, the stops are hard to find, especially when you're not from Toronto. The maps are confusing, and it's quite easy to get lost in the subway if you don't know exactly where you're going, because following the arrows will just take you around in circles. Montreal bus service on the West Island can be better, but if you're looking at downtown service with buses that pass every 2-5 minutes during rush hour, you really can't go wrong. And each stop has a schedule, it clearly states which bus goes where, and almost every bus route in Montreal will stop at a metro station, unlike Toronto, where the buses will follow the street they are on, and most don't meet at a specific central location to transfer to other routes. I see Montreal's improvements in service over the last few years, and they're constantly striving to get better all the time. They're also creating routes to appease the seniors, with the "Navette Or", and "10 Minutes MAX" service. As well as the reduced headway in the metro.
  3. I saw it, in service, just before 7pm at Monk heading towards Angrignon on my way to Longueuil.
  4. Mystic


    I saw it at 4:45 and again at 6:15 on St-Jean-Baptiste in Chateauguay.
  5. I guess they figure for what you use it for you can get a higher tram that will cover the STM, Train and SURF into a Zone 5 TRAM which will cover everything.
  6. Mystic


    They're really putting on the mileage for this bus. But it can take it, it's an MCI with a Detroit Diesel 6v92TA afterall! The last time I rode it a few weeks ago it had iirc 860,000km's on it. (It's quite possible that it has gone around the dial a few times though).
  7. Mystic


    The garage is very basic, which is why they have a large outdoor lot where they store their buses, and only bring them in for mechanical work, or cleaning, which they seem to no longer do. What's embarrassing now is that every bus that passed by me today was almost completely black with dirt! With one exception!!! 847331, which looked in immaculate condition, completely white and clean!!! Someone at the garage really wants to take care of this bus!
  8. Mystic


    Apparently there are photos, and the inside of the garage looks like the CITSO garage, but it hasn't entered service yet, and it hasn't been outside in the yard, since I haven't seen when I pass. On a dry, sunny day, I'll try and get a closer look to see if I can find out for sure if it's still there, or if it was just getting rebuilt here.
  9. Well, it's inside the CITSO garage getting prepped for something. I don't know more than just the photos that were shown on the net.
  10. I wonder what 18-091's seating will look like when they start using it in Chateauguay...
  11. This sounds like a very interesting idea, and I would like to attend as well. Saturday evening bus service is not a problem since my last bus picks up at 1am, so I have more than enough time to get back home. As for choice of bus. If not a 9-0xx MCI, I wouldn't mind a 9-4xx since it hasn't been chartered before, and they sound great!
  12. Mystic


    Instead of overlapping the 31/32 and 33 along Boul. D'Anjou from St-Joseph to Maple, the 33 bus now passes along the back road (along Prince and De la Verdure infront of the senior's residence and the new CLSC.
  13. Mystic


    LOL, that's not too bad, you should see what those stops look like after it rains!
  14. I saw a lot of different locomotives yesterday at Lucien L'Allier, including 310! Even one with a GO Livery! (And Quebec flags painted all over it)
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