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  1. Belleville Transit

    Update: apparently it was part of the Puerto Rico order
  2. Belleville Transit

    2011 LFS hybrid demo is on loan to Belleville Transit until delivery of the demo they purchased. I have not seen it yet I believe it was delivered on Monday
  3. Belleville Transit

    Interesting news
  4. Belleville Transit

    Yes they do get HST Rebate, and no it isn't an expansion bus. I heard it is a US bus, possibly a demo as Belleville was too late for a bus to be built this year
  5. Belleville Transit

    1370 went in to service today at 2:30pm
  6. Anyone recognize this antique bus?

    This may not be a bus it could be an old motor home . The turn signals on the buses were high on the front fenders not in the bumper, at least all the Oakville ones were. Do you know what the lettering on the front right says? It looks like "International".
  7. Belleville Transit

    The bus is not really a "Belleville spec" it has the green seats, a black steel Sportsrak, the small headlights, and a Recaro operators seat. It was originally built with a mph speedo for US use. Belleville did not order a bus until after I retired, and were lucky that Nova had one available. Maybe one of the board members will recognize if the spec is from a US transit
  8. Belleville Transit

    Having trouble uploading from iPad Hope this works
  9. Belleville Transit

    Nova LFS1370 arrived today, 2NVYL82U4D3000706
  10. Deseronto Transit

    I spoke to Susan from Deseronto at my retirement party. Due to a possible six month delay getting a new replacement, they puchased an almost new low KM Demo.
  11. The World's Longest Bus Seats 256 People

    The manufacturer is Goppel Bus GmbH http://www.goeppel-bus.de/.,eng.html They have some other interesting vehicles including MAN Lion City M
  12. Deseronto Transit

    They are celebrating the 5th Anniversary of the system next week, and the Intelligencer says they will introduce their new bus. So it looks like they got a replacement
  13. Deseronto Transit

    I understand it was destroyed by the delivery driver, they do not have a replacement yet
  14. Grummans in Ontario

    While cleaning my office in preparation for retirement I found the paperwork for our use of the Grumman 870 in July 2000. The VIN # 1GF4AC8K7AD092937
  15. Belleville Transit

    Yes, Route 9 Quinte Sports Center - Quinte Mall